Thursday, 4 May 2017


It had been raining all day over the last two weeks. Sometimes I heard roaring thunder and I saw flashes of lightning. I remembered vividly when I was 12 years old, this similar rain caused a heavy flood. My heart was palpitating wildly as I looked out on the incessant rain. Deep in my mind, there is a strong possibility that the  traumatic experience which I suffered 10 years ago,I would be facing it again.
On that fateful day, the rain was raining like cats and dogs. After 8 hours of staring  sharply at the rain pouring out of  my window, a revelation hit me that something was not right. The drains were soon clogged and  the water overflowed  into the house, causing panic to all of us. At that point of time, my two years old baby sister was almost out of sight. Luck was apparently on our side as my mother managed to rescue her in the nick of time before anything  worse could happen to her.
Despite the chaos occurring around us, my father managed to gain control and in a loud and  firm voice, he asked all of us to carry our important belongings upstairs to the first floor of our double-storey house. My room was  unfortunately downstairs so I had a hard time as I needed  to move things upstairs. Hundreds of my treasured books which I bought using my own money were lost in the water. I could not save all of my private things and my heart sank as each one of the stuff I lost in the flood had sentimental value to me. Hiding my disappointment, I went on carrying the electronics upstairs.

The whole family went upstairs waiting patiently for the water to recede. Fortunately for us, the water level was not higher than the first floor as it only rose as high as two metres in the house. In spite of the relief,I was still upset over my books getting destroyed as reading was my leisure time.We spent the entire night uncomfortably waiting for the water to recede.

After what I  felt like an interminable situation, the rain finally stopped pouring and the water had eventually receded, so we  began our  cleaning up. It was a tedious job, but thankfully everyone lent a hand. Everybody in the  family helped out cleaning the mess in my room. For days we spent most of our time mopping and cleaning the house. Aside from losing a lot of our precious things, some minor renovations and repaintings were required. We were not born with a silver spoon in our mouths, but my father had to spend a lot of money just to make the house return to the way it used to be, if not even better.

Ten years had passed since then, but it was still as traumatizing as the first time it happened. I could not get over how scary the experience was for me and for everyone in my family. I felt as if I had been on the brink of death on that red-lettered day and I would not want to experience the same thing all over again. And although a decade had gone by, I was reminded of it on every rainy day


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