Thursday, 4 May 2017



The English Language Society has recently visited an orphanage as part  of the social responsibilities of the society.
You being the Secretary of the Society is required to write  a detail report to the Advisor on the outcome  of your visit.
Use the following notes to assist you in your preparation of the report.

*Date of visit/Students involved/Accompanying teachers/Purpose
*Programmes conducted
   a)introductory speech/ cheque presentation
   b)gotong royong/cleaning up
   c)talentime show
   d)friendly games/telematches
   e)group tuitions
   f)photography and souvenirs session
   h)closing speech

When writing the report, you should remember to:
address your report to the Advisor
provide a title
use all the information given
If you wish to provide other suggestions on the programmes,you may do so.

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