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You recently participated in a 3-week study program at a Japanese school Write a report to your teacher describing vividly your experience there.

To: Teacher,Puan Hajjah Norani bte  Hj Jumali

From:Saibun Bin  Shamsudin

Subject: A report on the study programme in Osaka,Japan

Date:26TH July,2016
I was one of the 30 Malaysian  participants who were selected to participate in a three-week study program in Osaka. Japan. The selection criteria were stringent. In fact I had to sit for an oral test. Luckily, I was coached by my teachers to prepare for it. The questions basically tested our general knowledge.The program was organized and funded by Mombusho, the Japanese Ministry of education. The Ministry sponsored our return airfare, food and provided us with a generous living allowance.We were grateful for their generosity as Japan is among the most expensive countries in the world.This was my first ever trip to Japan. I have read about Japan in books and heard about their amazing culture from relatives who had visited the country. But nothing prepared me for the fabulous experience I had there.

Each of the participants stayed with a Japanese family throughout the duration of the program. The family I had stayed with was very kind, generous and humble. I was treated like a prince literally ! Their son was studying at the same school that I was attached to for three weeks and we took the train daily to our school. The public transportation is very efficient though rather expensive. I did not experience any traffic jams or congestions on the road.

It was a splendid learning experience for me at the school. I picked up basic Japanese language skills which allowed me to converse with the pupils without much difficulty. The students there were ever ready to help me with studies especially with complicated mathematical problems. The average Japanese student is well rounded. He or she is also good at sports and able to think and write creatively and critically. Many of them also work part time for pocket money.They are well mannered, well dressed, always polite and humble even though many of them hail from rich families.They treated me very well and of course whenever we go to the restaurants, they always treated me !One very interesting and peculiar habit of them which I have acquired is bending the upper body to acknowledge the other. I think it is a good custom that shows respect for the other.

The food is another experience. Japanese like sea food and that explains why majority of them are slim and health. They also eat lots of vegetables and I actually picked up the habit of eating more vegetables from them. The tempura and other sea food dishes ere heavenly !But their peculiar liking for raw fish and prawns is something I do not share ! However, I noticed there is an increasing number of  western fast food restaurants which are gaining popularity among the younger Japanese. I guess it would not be long before they too battle obesity problems like us !

I had experienced lots of memorable events there. There was once I was lost in a shopping complex. My Japanese hosts were in a boutique nearby and I could not find them. A kind elderly old man actually helped me to find them. In fact, he even treated me lunch despite  my refusal !

My experience in Japan had been invaluable. My only hope is more Malaysian  students would be given the opportunity to experience the culture and school environment there.

*Credit to Teacher,Puan Hajjah Norani Bte Hj Jumali.

Saturday, 6 May 2017


Write a story about a father who was engrossed with his bad attitude of gambling but in the end has repented.Begin the story “I did not bother to pursue the discussion anymore......"

I did not bother to pursue the discussion anymore.I knew my big brother,Daniel, was very disturbed.He was so disappointed  with dad's latest development.Dad  has made umpteen promises to Daniel,me and my mum  that he would not touch those gambling cards anymore.Yet he did and continued with his disgusting attitude.He would be engrossed at the gambling table for hours.He did not bother his lunch and sometimes even dinner.His disgusting attitude made our blood boiled.I noticed that mum could not take it anymore.I guessed she has reached her maximum patience.She had been crying over the last two weeks and is still crying now.I  was on the brink of tears when I looked at mum.Mum was very certain that dad would not change after that tragic retirement.
Dad  took an early retirement  as he was involved in an accident.One  of his legs was badly injured and has to be cut.So dad used a stick.He was very much slower.He made a lot of complaints unlike those days when he had his two legs.While on retirement,he befriended an old primary school colleague. They picked up new hobby-fishing.Soon,the group expanded,after a month,they already had eight anglers.
They decided to go fishing  at an island off Besut,about 3 hours  from Besut Jetty.Their mission is  to bring back laden of fish,prawns and crabs.They are  supposed to be back home after 2 days.We are at home doing our usual routines.So the next morning,dad suppose to call us.We should be picking him up at the jetty.The call didn’t come through.I was particularly worried. The cold morning pierced my bones. How I missed dad now? I saw mum rooted to the ground and a haze of fear surrounded her. While  my brother and I sat on the sofa,the  call finally came in. My mum picked up the call.Tears welled up in her eyes and began rolling down her cheeks like rivulets. Panic started to engulf me and my brother. We could not  do anything because we didnt know what actually   happened. I saw my mother listed something on a piece of  paper.Then mum sounded that dad and a few others were hospitalised. After a while, she was busy packing my father belongings like clothes, tooth brushes and towel. Within  minutes everything was ready.Soon my aunt dropped by  and cooked for us.
We were  still speechless and dumbfounded. "What really happened?"Danial  asked with curiousity.My aunty bravely explained the situation.Paralyzed with fear, she could not arrange her words nicely.Then she broke the silence."Your dad was badly injured,beaten by other gamblers while fishing at the island"My aunt dropped the bombshell..She could not  command her legs to walk anymore.Then she added,"I think your dad needed you all  badly".We quickly jumped into Danial’s car and headed to the hospital.
 Weeks passed by,I was at lost for words when dad came back and he was sitting on the wheelchair. His whole body was swollen including his bluish eyes and cheeks.My brother lost for words too. My mum eyes were puffy and red after all the crying. With those signs very clearly shown,I knew that my dad would take probably longer time to recover.
Dad never changed.I felt utterly disappointed. My blood boiled because I thought my dad has changed. Danial didn’t say a word.I guessed he too was extremely disappointed.
Months passed by,dad sounded to us that he wanted to change and this time,he meant what he said.He had a hard time eversince.,He was fighting his ego.Now he tries to be a better husband and father to us. Tears of joy streamed down my cheeks.My mum too.I always thought mum as a superwoman.She deserved all the credits.Her loves towards dad never changed.I wondered whether i could be like mum,so patience,loving and having a strong personality.I wish I possess half of mum’s  characteristics.

Thursday, 4 May 2017


It had been raining all day over the last two weeks. Sometimes I heard roaring thunder and I saw flashes of lightning. I remembered vividly when I was 12 years old, this similar rain caused a heavy flood. My heart was palpitating wildly as I looked out on the incessant rain. Deep in my mind, there is a strong possibility that the  traumatic experience which I suffered 10 years ago,I would be facing it again.
On that fateful day, the rain was raining like cats and dogs. After 8 hours of staring  sharply at the rain pouring out of  my window, a revelation hit me that something was not right. The drains were soon clogged and  the water overflowed  into the house, causing panic to all of us. At that point of time, my two years old baby sister was almost out of sight. Luck was apparently on our side as my mother managed to rescue her in the nick of time before anything  worse could happen to her.
Despite the chaos occurring around us, my father managed to gain control and in a loud and  firm voice, he asked all of us to carry our important belongings upstairs to the first floor of our double-storey house. My room was  unfortunately downstairs so I had a hard time as I needed  to move things upstairs. Hundreds of my treasured books which I bought using my own money were lost in the water. I could not save all of my private things and my heart sank as each one of the stuff I lost in the flood had sentimental value to me. Hiding my disappointment, I went on carrying the electronics upstairs.

The whole family went upstairs waiting patiently for the water to recede. Fortunately for us, the water level was not higher than the first floor as it only rose as high as two metres in the house. In spite of the relief,I was still upset over my books getting destroyed as reading was my leisure time.We spent the entire night uncomfortably waiting for the water to recede.

After what I  felt like an interminable situation, the rain finally stopped pouring and the water had eventually receded, so we  began our  cleaning up. It was a tedious job, but thankfully everyone lent a hand. Everybody in the  family helped out cleaning the mess in my room. For days we spent most of our time mopping and cleaning the house. Aside from losing a lot of our precious things, some minor renovations and repaintings were required. We were not born with a silver spoon in our mouths, but my father had to spend a lot of money just to make the house return to the way it used to be, if not even better.

Ten years had passed since then, but it was still as traumatizing as the first time it happened. I could not get over how scary the experience was for me and for everyone in my family. I felt as if I had been on the brink of death on that red-lettered day and I would not want to experience the same thing all over again. And although a decade had gone by, I was reminded of it on every rainy day


TO: Teacher Advisor,English Language Society,Puan Hajjah NorAsyikin Bt  
        Haji Ismail

FROM: Secretary of English Language Society,Ahmad Kamil Bin

SUBJECT:A report on the visit to Seri Kasih Orphanage

DATE:   10th April, 2017
The first week of the last school holidays was a memorable and meaningful moments for the members of the English Language Society of SMK Kampung Laut.The society has organized a special trip to Seri Kasih Orphanage,The Home of the Orphans  on March 31st, the first day of school holidays at Kampung Delima,Batu 8, Pasir Putih.There are a total of 75 students involved  comprising  of 40 form 5 male students and 35 form 3 and 4 female students There 4 accompanying teachers are Sir Rosdi,teacher-advisor of SMK Kampung Laut  English Language Society,Teacher Madihah,our senior science teacher,Puan Marini,our Bahasa Melayu teacher and finally Mr Toh  Bee Seng,our Physical Education teacher.We started our 65 minutes journey with two special chartered buses sponsored by YB Dato Hj Ismail Bin Haji Ibrahim,the chairman of PIBG of SMK Kampung Laut.We reached the orphanage at about 9.15 a.m.

We were greeted by the matron of the orphanage,Puan Seri Hajjah Maimunah and her delegations.The cheerful and estatic feelings of the orphans really touched our hearts.Puan Seri started with a welcoming speech.All eyes were on her and many wiped their tears at the end of her speech when many tragic stories of the orphans were revealed.We could see that there were a strong unity among the 95 orphans and they were really superb on their manners and etiquettes.We just loved the ways they behaved and lived within their circles.Sir Rosdi reciprocated with a short but very meaningful speech and then presented  a cheque of RM1000 donated by the students of SMK Kampung Laut.

The morning activities started with a gotong royong project viz cleaning-up of surau and the main hall. The students were made up of 15 groups of 5 students each while some senior orphans also lent their hands.Then we proceeded to outdoor programmes  such as telematches held for the female students.The male students proceeded with a friendly volleyball match.We stopped for  a short break at around 11.30a.m and later were  served with a light refreshment.

The next programme was  when all the students and the orphans were requested to assemble  at Seri Kasih main hall for the talentime show.We were entertained by the hidden talents of the orphans particularly on the group singing of nashid and coral speaking.Some of our students also joined them by presenting some classical and malay traditional songs aided by 3 plus one music.
We then had our lunch and dzohor prayer at around 1.30 p.m.We were served with very sumptuous and appetizing toasted fish mixed with  beryani rice.
Our next programme was an hour tuition sessions.Our own form 4 and 5 students willingly broke up into small groups assisted  the form 3 orphans mainly on Mathematics and English essays.Then our form 3 students had a study group with form 1 and 2 orphans discussing on some school works and assignments.It was indeed a short but very meaningful and helpful sessions.Most of the orphans are  very hardworking and dedicated students.Some of  them have  topped the classes.Some even managed  flying colour results.

Our last programme was photograpy and souvenirs sessions.We brought beautiful souvenirs and presented to each and every orphans.They were beaming with joy and many had willingly treated  our senior students as their  adopted brothers and sisters.Besides we also presented  to them with large hampers which consisted  of chocolates,biscuits,nuts and fresh fruits.The matron,Puan Seri Hajjah Maimunah presented her closing speech and invited all of us to come back again  next year for another great programme.

We left Seri Kasih Orphanage Home at about 5 p.m.Many of us had cherished the good memories and glad that we had performed our social responsibility with the orphans  of Seri Kasih Orphanage.We certainly  would love to come back next year with more great programmes in hand.

Thank you.



The English Language Society has recently visited an orphanage as part  of the social responsibilities of the society.
You being the Secretary of the Society is required to write  a detail report to the Advisor on the outcome  of your visit.
Use the following notes to assist you in your preparation of the report.

*Date of visit/Students involved/Accompanying teachers/Purpose
*Programmes conducted
   a)introductory speech/ cheque presentation
   b)gotong royong/cleaning up
   c)talentime show
   d)friendly games/telematches
   e)group tuitions
   f)photography and souvenirs session
   h)closing speech

When writing the report, you should remember to:
address your report to the Advisor
provide a title
use all the information given
If you wish to provide other suggestions on the programmes,you may do so.