Friday, 5 August 2016

Write a story about a pensioner who discarded his family, picked up bad habits and damaged his family relationship.
Begin your story as follows: Eric was very disturbed with his  dad’s latest development of playing those gambling cards despite his umpteen promises not to….. 

Eric was very disturbed with dad's latest development playing those gambling cards  despite his umpteen promises not to.His latest attitude made our blood boiled. Then I noticed that my mum was on the brink of tears.She knew that dad would not change after that tragic retirement.Dad was asked to retire early as he was involved in an accident where one of his legs was badly injured and has to be cut.So dad use a stick to assist him walking but he was very much slower.He made a lot of complaints as he found his  manner of walking was  very much slower.Then he befriended an old primary school colleague.They picked up new hobby-fishing.Later they formed a bigger group,eight of them from nearby villages.

 So one evening the eight of them left Besut Jetty at about  6.30p.m.Their mission is  to bring back laden of fish,prawns and crabs.They were supposed to arrive early this morning. The cold morning pierced my nervous  bones. How I missed dad now? I saw mum rooted to the ground and a haze of fear surrounded her. While  my brother and I sat on the sofa, the phone rang. My mother got a call from someone. Tears welled up in her eyes and began rolling down her cheeks like rivulets. Panic started to engulf me and my brother. We could not  do anything because we didnt know what actually   happened. I saw my mother listed something on a piece of  paper.Then mum sounded that dad and a few others were hospitalised. After a while, she was busy packing my father belongings like clothes, tooth brushes and towel. Within  minutes everything was ready.Soon my aunt dropped by  and cooked for us.

We were  still speechless and dumbfounded. "What really happened?"Eric asked with curiousity.My aunty bravely explained the situation.Paralyzed with fear, she could not arrange her words nicely.Then she broke the silence."Your dad was badly injured,beaten by other gamblers".She could not  command her legs to walk and added,"I think he needed you all  badly"

 Weeks passed by,I was at lost for words when dad came back and he was sitting on the wheelchair. His whole body was swollen including his bluish eyes and cheeks.My brother lost for words too. My mum eyes were puffy and red after all the crying. She seemed guilty for leaving us. With those clear signs,I knew that my dad has been beaten by the gamblers. He never changed My guess  was totally true. He had been beaten after gambling by his mean and unfriendly friends. I felt utterly disappointed. My blood boiled because I thought my dad has changed. After that incident, my dad repented. Now he tried to be a better husband and father to us. Tears of joy streamed down my cheeks as my mum always supported him.Credits to my mum because she was such a strong woman and never changed her compassionate feelings towards dad.I wondered whether i could be like mum when i start my matrimonial life later.How I wish I possess mum’s patience characteristics.

Declan Chow


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