Friday, 5 August 2016


The teacher walked into the classroom and abruptly the class turned silent.The class monitor, Haziq stood up and ordered the class to stand up.’Good morning teacher Rozita’.The same greeting  was followed by 36 students who started to show some nervousness and uneasiness.Then teacher Rozita’s  voice crackled with anger.’Everyday when I passed through this class,I can hear laughters,giggles,shoutings  talking and nothing else but full of noises,this is worse than Selayang wet market.’The class turned into a cemetery,not even a sound until you can hear a pin drops.An angry frown creased from her forehead and she began slowly walked to the class monitor.Haziq’s face pointed to the floor.He stood rooted to the ground,not even a word coming out from his mouth.Frightening thoughts raced through his mind.He was completely speechless.

Suddenly,teacher rozita lost her senses. She knew that Haziq was behind all the messes she had earlier. Her car was scratched and somebody purposely threw some bad eggs  on her car's roof.Her face was contorted with rage and fury.She had enough of Haziq's nonsense. Then she ordered everybody to get out of the classroom.She ordered the males to stand up under the blazing of the sun. The females to carry the chairs and sit in rows under the same heat. She wanted the male students to tell her who scratch her car and who threw the bad eggs on her car's roof.An hour has passed and still not even one student admitted the offence. One of the female students,Dayana could not take it anymore sitting under the blazing sun, she has passed out and  was carried into the classroom.

Two hours has passed and still none of the boys admitted. Teacher Rozita ordered the female students to carry the chairs into the classroom. She has totally lost her patience. Finally she called Haziq, Mat Jawi, Jali and Stopa to move further to the middle of the field while the rest proceeded walking back to the classroom.She told them if any one of them admitted the offences, then all of them could  go back to the classroom.

Suddenly teacher Rozita's name was announced through the paging system. She was asked to report to the Principal's room.She walked briskly to the Principal's room while the four boys went to the parking bay and searched for her car.They took out two long nails and pierced into the two front wheels. They hated teacher Rozita for her ego and  no nonsense atittudes. Then they walked back to the classroom pretended nothing happen.

The bell shrielled and teacher rozita's teaching period was over. The whole class clapped in joy as almost every student in the class did not like her presence.Mat Jawi  saw  teacher Rozita drove out from the parking bay. She seemed to be in a hurry. He slowly whispered to Stopa beside him and pointed at the moving vehicle driven by teacher Rozita. Apparently, their maths teacher, Puan Sabariah told the class that she had to rush to PPD Kota Bharu meeting  an officer in charge of  examination. She has to drive fast because she has to be at the office within one hour.

Soon the bell rang and everybody was dismissed. Haziq and his friends were at the cybercafe when Farini came in and told them that teacher Rozita was in coma. Her car went out of control and burst in the middle of Salor -Kota Bharu highway. She is now at Intensive Care Unit at USM,Kubang Krian. Her condition was serious.
Haziq and his friends were speechless and all of them went home feeling quilty and regretted for their stupid actions.

They were not sure of their next of action tomorrow morning but the four of them were speechless and hiding in fear. They were thinking of probable consequence the next morning.




  1. I love these!! I can't wait to try this on my own. Such a fabulous idea!!!

  2. I do save lots of essays from this blog..hopefully the owner give the permission..thank you.. i do appreciate your kindness..wish me luck..iwill face the big examination(spm) next year :)

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