Friday, 5 August 2016


Write a story about a conflict in friendship which ended with a tragedy.
Begin your story as follows: I saw the car rammed her on the left side.She fell down motionless….. 

Then, I tried to get closer and closer and my eyes laid head over heels into her eyes. I was drowned into her pain and agony. I grabbed her into my warm hug with the slightest hope that it would help to soothe the pain, agony and hurt that she has suffer.I did not realize a  few droplets of my copious tears  rolled down on her cheeks. She picked up all her strength to open up  her exhausted eyelids and her weaker hands  reached my cheeks slowly wiping  away my tears.Anna was really hurt and honestly her pain was excruciating.  

The public was stunned and nobody wanted to interfere on  this tragic moment.I sounded to her ‘ You are thick headed  Anna ! How could you just turn back?’That burly beast tried hard to snatch the handbag but was in vain.That left Anna sinking in her boots bearing all the head and body injuries. She was dumbfounded. She  just held tight the handbag  when that  burly beast with that sinister disposition wanted to pull  the beautiful handbag that dangled  on her shoulder.

I saw Anna lost her breath.My heart was palpitating wildly and I could feel the adrenaline was rushing through my veins. I screamed at the top of my voice yelling her name and I could feel my fingers trembled.The ambulance finally arrived after that long wait.Then, my family and I dashed to the hospital.I checked thoroughly all the  phone numbers available  in my handphone.I was desperate and hoping that her parents phone number would appear. ‘I got it!’ Those three words which  came out from my mouth unexpectedly. Without any further hesitation, I called the number. I could hear her mother Mrs. Edward cried her heart out.

Soon,,I noticed a woman walked briskly with her distressing face headed  towards me. I guessed  she was Anna’s mother. I totally hit the nail on the head.It was her . Again, she was sobbing her heart out. My tears also dogged to stop. Hours flew by, I could feel the drumbeat of my heart. The doctor came out from the emergency room and told us the news finally.  Anna was in comatose situation.There was too much blood drained out.Her inner strength was superb.  ‘Oh, thank God,at least there is a miracle .’Mrs. Edward exclaimed. I could see mountain of woefulness were taken off from her back. She  hugged and thanked me for umpteen times.
Both of us proceeded to the emergency room to have a glimpse  on Anna. ‘I am sorry Anna’ I asked for her forgiveness. I could see her bright smile although her eyes were closed tightly. My instinct told me that Anna was so fortunate.When I left Anna at the roadside after our argument,she was speechless and dumbfounded.

Then came this burly beast on a motorcycle and snatched her handbag. Without caring for her safety, she crossed the road without looking left and right. Unfortunately  a speeding car rammed her and left her in haste.She  was in excruciating pain and nobody could hear her scream at that time. Anna was bed-ridden for a couple of weeks but our friendship  grew stronger and became everlasting.I had learnt a very valuable  lesson, never ignore a good friend if you have such a small argument.

Months flew by, her laughed and smiled suddenly put an end to the agony that she went through.Now Anna……  

*The ending part is for you to juggle up…..

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