Friday, 5 August 2016


Write a story about a young girl whose house was on  attempted robbery.

Begin your story :Lina was nervous when the door opened…
Lina was nervous when the door opened . She decided to crawl and hid behind a wooden cupboard. . Panic started to engulf her . She felt a wave of fear rushing through her . Somewhere upstairs a hinge creaked as the door opened . Then came the sound of walking boots on the wooden floor . She felt a chill ran dawn her spine . Her parents and siblings were not at home as they were at grandma's home attending a 'tahlil feast' . In fact Lina's mum just call and told her that they were on the way home and would be arriving  in  half an hour time . Beads of cold sweets . started to drip from her forehead as she caught a glimpse of two dark skinned and tall  intruders were trying to enter her parent's master bedroom . How Lina wish her parent are here . The cold black night pierced her very nervous bones.She was paralysed with fear.She could not commands her leg to move .
Lina desperately searched for her handphone . She look at every nook and   corner but was unable to locate it.She recalled  vividly and finally she remembered her handphone was o the top of one of the drawers in the kitchen . It was somewhere on the cabinet near the sink. The question is how can she walk slowly downstairs grab  her mobile phone then  open the main door and scream for help . Her fingers trembled  and she could feel the drumbeat of her heart . She was at loss for words . It is a matter of life and death for her . Without tinge of doubt , she sprinted downstairs opened up the main door and scream for help.The two  intruders were busy ransacking the room.When they  heard the scream, they were panicked . Fortunately Lina saw flashes of light from  a vehicle that she was familiar with. Lina knew it was her father's mercedes . She quickly ran to her mum and hugged her while her eyes were puffy and red . She told her dad about the intruders . Her dad quickly called  the police and at the same time alerted the neighbourhood . Within minutes the house was blockaded with many neighbours,rest of the residents  and friends .

The intruders were holding bags of cash and jewelleries . The blood drained from their face when they heard the siren from the police patrol cars. Their eyes flashed with anger and resentment recalling how could they failed in this robbery .  Their hair stood on end thinking how they could escape . The police use the loud-hailers directing the intruders to give up and showed themselves . There were many onlookers waiting to have a glimpse of these intruders …….

Please continue the ending by using  appropriate colourful phrases,idioms and strong vocabulary.


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