Friday, 5 August 2016


Write a story about a single mother who faced misfortunes in her life.

Begin the story as follows: The sound of speeding wheels made me turned my head sharply…..

The sound of speeding wheels made me turned my head sharply. I rushed out from my home to check what actually happened.I could see the broken car plate number on the roadside.I was speechless when I saw my mum was lying on the road motionless.Blood profusely oozing out from her head,body and arms.She was badly injured. My caring mother and my only sweetheart  lay unconsciously on the roadside. I quickly went over and hugged her.I whispered to her ear,"Dont leave me mum,please".My eyes were puffy and red. l shouted loudly to get for some help. I could see drain of blood fused out from her head. Tears welled up in my eyes and began rolling down my cheeks like rivulets. A few passers-by and neighbours rushed out and calmed me. Then one of the caring neighbours quickly called the ambulance. After a tiring wait, at last the  ambulance arrived.The police patrol cars,two of them arrived a few minutes later and guarded the massive traffic jam.Traffic was held at a standstill as there were many curious onlookers slowed down their vehicles and wanted to know the cause of this massive traffic jam.One of the police officers was trying hard to locate a genuine witness.I told him that my mum wanted to buy some items for cooking.She always cycled to a nearby mini market about few hundred metres ahead.So that moment was too tragic for her.I told the officer that she was a victim of hit and run.The officer then recorded my statement and picked up the broken plate number on the roadside as an evidence.I could not determine whether it was a car,a small lorry or a van that rammed my mum.But looking at the damaged bicycle,i could see the impact was great.I suspected that it must be a one tonne lorry.

 I quickly followed my mum on the ambulance after my statements were recorded by the police officer.The traffic was massive and the siren from the ambulance really helped easing the distressing situation.We reached the Raja Perempuan Zainab Hospital in Kota Bharu about half an hour later.My mum was straight away stretchered to to the Emergency Unit.Tears welled down again like rivulets from my eyes.I could feel the drumbeat of my heart.I prayed to the Almighty that my mum would be operated successfully.The nurse told me that my mum has to be operated immediately to take out the blood clotting near her brain.My heartbeat  wanted to explode when i heard this distressing news. The thing that i could do right now is  pray and pray.I hope the Almighty would listen to my prayer. The operation took a longer time so i decided the best place to go is the nearby mosque. Copius tears flowed down again on my reddish cheeks and i waited patiently the call from the operation room.

 My heart missed a beat when the doctor called out my name.He slowly pulled me to a side wall and conveyed the distressing news.I broke down after being told that my mum’s chance of survival was at its lowest.I was at loss for words and felt as if my heart had been ripped from my body.But as a slave to the Almighty,I accepted whatever  fate to be drop upon me.I continued my prayer and hope for a miracle to happen.I was allowed to enter the operation room.My mind was disturbed when I saw there were  many wires around my mother's body.I was on the brink of tears. I knew my mum was in a critical condition.
  I couldn’t  believe this would happen to me.I have always dreamed that when I graduated and could secure a good job,I  would  take my mum and  travel to all those places that she has been dreaming of..I just wanted  to see her smiles every minutes.Naturally there would certainly be no replacement for my mum.But with this ill-fated incidence,,every plan that I had arrange for my mum would  certainly turned to nightmare.I would never have anymore chance to be with her or rather travel with her.So I guessed time was so cruel.I  only have a little more time to spend with her.I could see her sufferings,  agony and pains.I tried my best  to  fill up the remaining time saturating her with happiness although my heart was tapped with thorns and misery.I could see her tears falling down from her reddish cheecks.It was so heart breaking to watch all these.

   I spent my whole time and not a second leaving her alone.I  immediately called the nurse when I saw the heart beat machine stopped.It was positioned to zero.It meant my mum was no more alive.Tears welled down my eyes.My eyes were puffy and reddish  and  brimming with tears.That was a tragic moment.for me.  The doctor rushed through trying  his best to save my mum.A nurse has asked me to leave the ward.I felt the adrenalin was going all over my nerves.I waited outside certainly with high hope that  a miracle would happen.

The doctor then  told me that my mum was in coma.He further added,’If your mum is conscious in the next 24 hours,the chances is she would be paralysed’.Although I was sad to hear that news but I accepted reluctantly.

So I waited patiently…….and ready to face whatever the consequences..


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