Sunday, 31 July 2016


This is clearly a motivational proverb. One has to really work hard and prove to the whole world that one's effort,commitment and sacrifices paid off. There is no such thing as 'success without effort'. One has to burn the midnight oil to get  the required knowledge. Then without doubt,one can taste the success and glory. Truly no pains,no gains is a motivational factor for one to taste success and glory.

     The story revolved on a life of a successful businesswoman,Qu Puteh. Untill now,she is so successful having empires of businesses within the nation with a business turn over of RM200 million. She has branch offices in all states and total employees of almost 500. Qu Puteh is so successful that she has wide range of cosmetics,beauty and health products. The products are widely sold in all states and some key products are becoming the major income earners as they are popularly advertised in all television networks. Qu Puteh also become the sponsor of some major television hit programmes.

     All these successes were due to her hard work, commitment and effort. She started very small business during her younger days and has to face with tons of difficulties. There was hardly any response and she failed badly in her first attempt. Then she took a bank loan to expand her coverage and turn over but sadly she received poor response. Finally she had to close shop and declared a  bankrupt.

     A very tragic incident happened where her flat was on fire which resulted in the death of her two sons.She was totally in despair and pulled out from the limelight. Then she rose from her grief and tried not to remember the tragic event. She said that, before her two sons passed away she could feel with all her heart the bad  omen that would happen to her. After she received the news, she remained calmed and accepted the life's trial and tribulation with open heart.

    She re-emerged again after  two years of complete silence.She reorganised her businesses taking into account of  the bitter lesson she had before.She utilized all her strengths and composed them to suit the business structure.She made use of all the oppurtunities and worked along with her competitors.She became a renowned figure in her business circle and her expertise is well accepted both by her  friends and foes.
Conclusively, nothing good can  materialise to a person without comitments,efforts and pains. Some people might think that pain only happens to certain people, but in truth, it happens to every person who wants to make a difference in this world. That's why we have to realise that nothing is going to be given on a golden platter or just  handed over to you. We have to work for it. And if that means going through some pains, it doesn't matter for if we have to really work hard until you reach that satisfaction  level
Truly the saying holds for people who believe and confident that hard work pays off.So next time,any venture you want to be involved,remember no gains.

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