Friday, 29 July 2016


Keeping yourself fit and healthy
It is important to keep ourselves fit and healthy. This is because a healthy mind comes from a healthy body. The adage 'Health is wealth' is very true for those who are health conscious. When we are healthy, we consider ourselves fortunate because we do not need to be bed-ridden. In conjuction with the national theme of keeping ourself fit and healthy, we must now change our lifestyle to be more active and leading to  positive and meaningful life.

  One of the most important factors of keeping ourself fit and healthy is to get enough sleep and rest. We must at least sleep not less than 8 hours a day. This is to give us sufficent rest required mentally and physically. One who has enough rest will be fresh and ready to take new things. In addition taking in a balanced diet is greatly encouraged. We must drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. On top of that we must eat more fruits and vegetables. It is good if we can lessen oily food which contain higher cholesterol level.

  Another factor to keep us fit and healthy is to conduct regular exercises. We can do it over the weekend by walking or jogging. For those who wants to do a daily exercise, they can do it in the evening. For the ladies, they can join aerobic classes on a weekly basis. Apart from that, it is encouraged to do an annual or half yearly medical check up. We can check our blood, cholesterol and heart level accordingly.

The last point is that, we must  stay away from  things that may harm us. Things like getting involved with  smoking, vaping, drugs, illegal racing and sleep late nights must be avoided at all cost. This is to maintain our health and keeping ourselves fit and healthy at all times.

  Conclusively, we find out that life is more exciting and challenging and we certainly enjoy every moment of it. In contrary, our life is meaning less and dull if we are bed-ridden and suffer from all kinds of diseases. Therefore always keep ourself fit and healthy at all times.

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