Sunday, 31 July 2016


The Unexpected visitor

It was rainy like cats and dogs. The roofs of the house danced with spray and it sounded like the buzzing of angry bees.The grandfather clock shown that the time was already 12:00 a.m. Husnee was home alone while she was in her locked bedroom, reading horror novel she had recently bought. Her soft brown eyes never lift off the pages. She was so engrossed to read what happened next to the main character of the interesting story. About a few hours ago,her parents had to attend to their friend's house for some dinner and left her because Husnee had to do a lot of assignments besides to keep an eye to the house. While  enjoying reading many pages,out of the blue the front doorbell rang off as the rain stopped. Husnee frantically closed the novel. Her fingers trembled and she could feel the drumbeat of her heart. Her mind could not stop thinking who might be in front of the door at that moment. Knock! Knock! Her blood started to flow faster and she could feel the adrenaline as she made her way downstairs to the front door at a crawling speed.

   Ding! Dong! Ding! Dong! "Alright,alright! I'm coming",Husnee tried to make voice. She slowly squeezed the handle of the door. As the door opened,Husnee was shocked again. There were two policemen and her schoolmate,Rozan who lives just a few blocks away from her house standing in front of her on the rainy day. She was in bewilderment and feeling baffled. "Why do you bring policemen along with you to my house,Rozan? You're not usually come here at midnight. Go back to your home or your mom will scold you!",started Husnee. Rozan always beat the sack early at night when she always burn the midnight oil. She was unexpected to see that boy coming to her house late at night. "Your...your parents,there!",screamed Rozan utter breathlessly. Then,the police began to inform that Husnee's parents were involved in accident before  they could reach home. Husnee was dumbfounded and speechless after the police dropped the bombshell. Without tinge of doubt,Husnee took on her scarf and departed to the accident scene with them.

   After reaching there,Husnee could see a crowd of people swelled. According them,there was a young driver sped recklessly on the slippery road. Her father's car zipped past cars and accelerated the speed.
Suddenly,his car veered abruptly to the right and plunged into a ravine,crashing into a tree. Tears started to roll down her reddish cheeks as she approached her beloved parents. Their bodies were bleeding profusely. Some of her relatives and neighbours tried to calm her down. Within minutes and  in a daze, the ambulance arrived to take both of her parents to the nearby hospital. Husnee's heart ached and she could hardly breathe normally. Her lung burnt as she desperately tried to breathe.

   After arriving at the hospital,nurses rushed in a blink of an eye took Husnee's parents to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Both of them lying motionlessly on the bed. Meanwhile,Husnee and her relatives,also Rozan's family waiting patiently outside the operation room. Husnee's lips moved desolate in prayer,imploring the Great Almighty to save her dearly parents. At that moment,Rozan was feeling awry about his friend and he could know what actually was hovering in her mind.

   Tears welled up again in Husnee's eyes. Then,she composed herself and wiped the tears away. Her eyes were puffy and red after all crying. Not long after that,the doctor came out from the room. All of them immediately stood up from their chairs. After that,Husnee started to ask the doctor about her parents' condition as well. Unluckily,the doctor quipped,"Husnee,forgive me. Your parents could not be safe anymore due to the critical haemorrhage. Husnee was so devastated,sinking in her boots and taken aback. At the same time,she could not be as stronger as before to stop her crying. Tears overflowed her rosy face non stop as the doctor left. Husnee cried sorrowfully on her aunt's right shoulder trying to accept the fate.
A week after Husnee's parents death, her big family from her mum came to visit Husnee in Malaysia. They were all came from Thailand and abode fortnight together with others in Husnee's house. Sometimes,they persuaded Husnee to stay along with them but she could not leave the house just like that as there were a lot of unforgettable memories and she could remember all the bygones she had done together with her beloved parents. While Husnee remained distressed over her parent's death,she knew she must concentrate on her studies and continue her life as much as  she could..


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