Friday, 29 July 2016


An outing with the family during last holiday-

During the last school holidays, my family and I went to Sabah. The holiday was very interesting because all my family could spend time together. Sabah is situated in Malaysian Borneo. Kota Kinabalu International Airport is the main entry point into the state. Firstly, we went to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). Sabah is easily accessible by frequent short-haul flights from the airport in Peninsular Malaysia. Kota Kinabalu Port welcomed tourists who arrive by cruise ships. Private yachts could dock at Sutera Harbour Marina.

   We went to all the interesting places over there. On the first day, we went to Sabah Museum. This museum in Kota Kinabalu was built in the longhouse style of the Rungus and Murut communities. Beside, it showcases a wealth of ethnic treasures and handicrafts. My mother is a history lover person. She was charmed with Sabah Tourism building, one of the only three buildings in Kota Kinabalu to have survived World War II. Secondly, we went to Mount Kinabalu. The majestic Mount Kinabalu standing at  4,095.2 m is the one of the highest peaks in Southeast Asia. It is the main attraction of Kinabalu Park, Malaysia's first world Heritage Site. This dense jungle contain one of the world's richest assemblage of plants.
The next day, we went to Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre to watch orang utans. Watching orang utans, known as the 'wild man of Borneo' during the daily feeding sessions. Said to be the world 's largest orang utans sanctuary, the centre serves to rescue and retrain primates for jungle living. Next, we went to World War II Memorial in Labuan. This is the most visited place in Labuan. The beautiful landscaped memorial garden is the final resting place of 3,908 war heroes who died in battle or captivity in Borneo during the second world war. Every year, in November the commeration was held Remembrance's Day to honour the lives of the valiant men who fought during the war.

   Furthermore, we did many interesting activities. We went to shops at Sunday Gaya Street Market. The open air market is the place to get handicrafts,local delicacies and fresh jungle produce. We also went to Tamu Kota Belud which is the another popular Sunday Market for all the traditional things I bought many souveniers to give to all my friends and my cousins. We watched the vibrantly dressed Bajay horsemen riding gaily decorated ponies during ceremonial occasions. They were known as 'Cowboys of the East  for their horsemanship.

   In addition, I realised that many food there were scrumptious and make me craving for a while. I tried Bambangan which  is a traditional food in Sabah. It is a type of wild mango that comes with a distinct and sharp smell. Unlike  the normal mango, Bambangan has  a thick brown skin while it is delicious when ripe. It is normally harvested raw to be pickled using salt mixed with greated Bambang seed and slices of chilli.
   Finally, a day go by so fast. I wanted to stay there longer but we had to come back to school and my dad had to work the day after. The trip was short but it had a strong impression on me and I had many memories with my family. We came back home and felt comfortable after a good holiday.
The interesting place island resort which I have visited with my family during the school holiday is Pulau Pangkor Beach Resort.It is located the west cost of Penisular Malaysia.Pulau Pangkor in Perak is an attractive holiday destination for locals and also tourists from all over the world.The distance is about 250 kilometer my house.

  On the way,we can see rugged hills and lush green forest.When I open the car windows,I can feel the gentle breeze which careessed my hijab.When we arrived at Lumut Town,we took a ferry from Lumut Jetty Terminal to Pangkor Jetty Terminal.Its takes about thirty to fourty minutes to reach..This destination is so popular because of its natural beauty.Hence it is suitable for get away from the busy city  centre and relax during this  school holidays or  over the weekend.
  This ideal beach resort is a great place to just relax and spend quality time with family and friend.It is very clean and well-maintained.There are many activities that one can do there,such as scuba diving,windsurfing,snorkelling,jet skiing,boat riding,sea fishing,motorcyling and jungle trekking.Visitors can also enjoy the beautiful beach scenery while feeling the sea breeze blowing gently.We stayed at Anjungan Beach Resort.From this place we can see the beautiful sunset in the evening.

  First activities  that we have was  the water sport activities including snorkelling.I can see wonderful sea and crystal-clear water.After I started doing
these activities, I was so excited,I could  see colourful fish such as nemo fish,star fish and  many more.
  At night,we  had dinner together at Daddy's Cafe.Set in beautiful scenery with outdoor tables.We dropped by because of its famous  local cuisine with western touch.After that,we went to beach to take the wonderful night air and we could see the colourful neons.

The next morning ,we could hear the nature with hornbills and peacocks greeting us at our doorsteps.After that,we went for breakfast at Daddy's Cafe again.It was  delicious.After eating,we continue the activities until evening.

Today is the day we shall be in Pangkor Island. After enjoying all the activities  here,after two days and one night,we checked-out from the resorts at 12.00 pm.We thanked  all staff in the resorts.We took the oppurtunity to view the beautiful resort for the last time..After that,we took a ferry at Pangkor Jetty Terminal to Lumut Jetty Terminal and drove the car back home.
To me it was  a meaningful and interesting holidays.I hope I can come again next time.Surely we miss all these beautiful moments.

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