Friday, 29 July 2016


-An outing with the family during last holiday-
A travel to the Bako National Park in Sarawak is a travel my whole family and I will always remember. To go there, we took a local bus from central Kuching to the town of Bako. We stopped a few times along the way. One stop is a colourful village on stilts, the wooden houses painted bright colors from which children stream in and out, goats huddle around and mothers do their cooking in.
   We arrived in Bako and changed our mode of transportation to a longboat. The boatmen took us, crashing through the waves for about fifteen minutes until we were in sight of a beach with huge, multi-coloured, limestone cliffs. They told us to take off our shoes because it was low tide. So they could not take the boat up to the jetty. We had to jump out of the boat and walked onto the beach with our heavy backpacks.

   After walking for half a kilometre, we checked into the Bako National Park headquarters. It was then we decided to take a quick walk into the jungle before it gets dark. We followed a plankwalk while the sun was setting, the best time to spot Proboscis monkeys. We rounded a corner and a black, thin snake slid through the water of a little pond.
   The next day we woke up early to start a hike while the sun was still low. To our right, in the trees, was an entire community of Long-Trailed Macquaques. These monkeys were much bolder than the previous night's monkeys. They ventured really close to us, especially when we were taking our cameras out of our bags.

   After a rest, we decided to go on another trail in the afternoon, this time through the dense forest. After two absolutely sweaty hours, we reached our destination, Tajor Waterfall. The waterfall itself is quite small and the rocks around the pool are covered in slippery moss. There, we played in the water enjoying the cool water running over our feet. On taking a closer look at the water, we realised that although it was red, it was crystal clear.

   The trip is certainly one I would recommed to those who want to get away from the hectic city for a few days. The Bako National Park is truly a place of natural beauty and I hope my whole family and I can spend our time together  again. We look forward to explore many more beautiful spots in Sarawak perhaps coming school holidays

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