Friday, 29 July 2016


 An incident I would never forget.

Last saturday, I was shopping at KB Mall Shopping Complex with my sister. It was the end-of-year Christmas sales. So the complex was really packed and crowded. Many shoppers especially young ladies were walking in and out of the mall swinging their handbags happily. These beautiful,branded and elegant handbags were hanging loosely from their shoulders.These shoppers were so engrossed with their shopping mood that they never realized among those watchful eyes were some idiots waiting to snatch their handbags at the right time

I too was so engrossed with my shopping mood that I forgot my mum's advise before i left  home.She told me to be very alert as KB Mall has been the target of many snatch thieves. I was so engrossed in looking at some shoes with my sister that i forgot my loosely hung handbag was enticing a snatch thief. So i did not realise a snatch thief  was creeping quietly behind me and pulled my handbag.
I felt something tugging away, i was speechless. It was too fast.The snatch thief  ran and disappeared among the crowd.I  managed to scream at the top of my voice "Help! Stop the thief! My handbag!" my right arm was bleeding profusely at the same time.

The situation became chaotic and i saw a few men gave a chase.He was running down the escalator holding my handbag tightly. By then, a crowd gathered near me. My sister was attending to my arm which hurt a lot. Meanwhile, a security guard who was on his duty on the lower floor saw the snatch thief ran through the  escalator and almost escaped through the main door.He immediately gave a chase and grabbed the thief by his collar t-shirt.He managed to pin down the thief and shouted, you brother! Now you cannot run anymore." Quickly, he took the handbag away.Then he tied him to a nearby post while waiting for the police to arrive.The other shoppers were eager to find out more and took a quick look  at the snatch thief. Some younger male shoppers took advantage by giving some good lessons to him. They beat him until his face swell and blood was gushing out from his head.I told my sister that this was the price that he has to pay.

My sister  then helped  me to walk down the escalator. By then, two policemen arrived and they handcuffed the thief. The security guard returned my handbag. I felt very thankful to him. So i kept on thanking him.He looked closely at me and gave me some good advice. "Miss, next time you must hold on to your handbag properly. You are lucky that only your arm was injured. Some snatch theft victims have died from serious injury".

I thanked him for his advice. My sister and i realised that we needed to be more careful with our handbags especially when shopping.If not because of that alert security guard,i would lose many important documents including RM500 cash and my samsung note 4,my priceless  birthday gift.This was the incident I would never want to forget.

Lysaa Sc KK

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