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Speech from the Head Prefect

Good morning, principal, teachers and friends. First of all, I would like to welcome all the new students who have joined residential school and hope you are enjoying your new life here. As it may be the first time you are away from home, I am sure you are feeling the stress of this new life, especially managing things all by yourself. Therefore, I am taking this opportunity to give you a few tips on how to keep your stress in check and how to relax when things get to be too much. At any given point in time, most students are stressed about something. But don't worry — it is just part of going to residential school where you have to be independent and cope with things on your own.

While having stress in your life is normal and often unavoidable, being stressed is something you can control. There are several things you can do to overcome this. First of all, make sure you get enough sleep. Your sleep schedule is, most likely far from ideal now, so getting more sleep can help your mind refocus, recharge and re¬balance. This can mean a quick nap before study hours, a night when you go to bed early, or a promise to yourself to stick with a regular sleep schedule. Sometimes, one good night's sleep can be all you need to feel charged and energetic once again.

At the same time, you should eat healthy foods. Just like your sleep habits, your eating habits too, may have changed when you came here, especially as you have to follow a new schedule and a new diet. Think back on what and when you had eaten over the past few days. You may think your stress is psychological, but it could just be physical stress if you are not fuelling your body appropriately. So, on outing days, get something balanced and healthy: fruit and vegetables, whole grains and protein. Starting your day with breakfast is necessary — don't ever go to class on an empty stomach. That spells trouble and illness! Studies were conducted in which students were asked to perform tasks after either having eaten or not eaten breakfast. Much evidence pointed out to improvements in learning and memory, and general well-being.

Next, get some exercise. You may think that if you don't have the time to sleep and eat properly, you definitely don't have the time to exercise. However, don't worry about this. You have extra¬curricular activities and games where you can let off your steam and lessen stress. If needs be, you can go for a relaxing 30-minute walk while listening to your favourite music and even take a power nap during rest time. I assure you, you will definitely feel much better. And during weekends, you can play games with your friends.
Another thing is to cultivate friends — socialise and have some fun. If you have been working on some projects or coursework for 3 straight days, then you could be extremely stressed because you are focusing too much on getting things done. Don't forget that your brain is like a muscle, and even that needs a break every once in a while! So have fun with your friends — play games with them, crack jokes or watch a movie on television with them. You will be building the social side of your character that will help you when you leave school.

Fellow students, learn to relax yourselves. The body's natural antidote to stress is called the relaxation response. It's your body's opposite of stress and it creates a sense of well-being and calm. Ensure you stay relaxed by incorporating time into your schedule for activities that are calming and pleasurable: reading a good book or making time for a hobby.

Proverbs and Sayings Equivalent of Malay Peribahasa

A student must include idioms, proverbs or sayings in their essay if they want to get high marks. However, Malay students tend to know more of the Malay peribahasa than its English equivalent. I list here several English proverbs which I think give the nearest meaning for the Malay peribahasa..

1.A bird in hand is worth two in the bush – yang dikejar tak dapat, yang dikendong berciciran

2.An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth – hutang darah dibayar darah, hutang nyawa, nyawa padahnya Better to be safe than sorry – Biar lambar asal selamat

3.Between the devil and the deep blue sea – ditelan mati emak, diluah mati bapak

 4.Blood is thicker than water – air dicincang tak akan putus

5.Cut your coat according to your cloth – ukur baju di badan sendiri

6.Diamond cuts diamond – bertemu buku dengan ruas

7.Don’t judge a book by its cover – air yang tenang jangan disangka tiada buaya

8.Empty vessels make the most noise – tong yang kosonglah yang selalu berkocak

9.Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me – takkan pisang berbuah dua kali

10.Give someone an inch and they will take a mile (yard) – beri betis hendakkan paha

11.It never rains but it pours – sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga

12.It’s no use crying over spilt milk – sudah terhantuk, baru terngadah

13.Kill two birds with one stone – sambil menyelam minum air

14.Like father, like son – bapa borek, anak rintik

 15.Many hands make light work – ringan sama dijinjing, berat sama dipikul

16.No garden without weeds - bumi mana tidak ditimpa hujan

17.No pain no gain - kalau tak dipecahkan ruyung, manakan dapat sagunya

18.No retreat, no surrender - biar putih tulang, jangan putih mata

19.Practice makes perfect – alah bisa tegal biasa

20.Time is money – masa itu emas

21.Where there is a will, there is a way – di mana ada kemahuan, di situ ada jalan


PROVERB ESSAY:Once Bitten Twice Shy

"Once bitten twice shy" is an old adage. In my case, it became a literal truth.
I was very mischievous as a young boy. I enjoyed playing pranks and practical jokes on people. I also liked to chase cats and used a handmade catapult to shoot at birds on the trees. My parents did not approve of my behavior and constantly berated me for the mischief I caused. I was even given a good thrashing from my father from time to time. But I did not mend my ways until this incident.
I had just finished lunch at home and I was feeling very bored. My brothers and sisters, all of them older than I, had not returned home from school. I decided to walk around the neighborhood and I brought my trusty catapult with me.

Soon, I came to Mr. Lingam's house. His pet dog, a giant Schnauzer, was tied to a post outside his house. I looked around and saw that no one was in sight. I decided to make good use o my catapult and picked a few small pebbles from the ground and aimed at the dog. A few of the pebbles hit the poor dog and it began to howl and help in pain. Eventually, the dog's anger was aroused and it began growling and barking fiercely at me while it strained against the ropes to free itself. I laughed at the dog, feeling amused by my sadistic deed.

Suddenly, the rope that secured the dog snapped and the dog was free from its bonds. With a few powerful strides the dog was on me. Its teeth sank into the flesh of my calf. I screamed in pain and fright and fell to the ground.

Luckily, my screams brought Mr. Lingam running out of the house and he managed to free the dog's teeth from my calf. He brought the dog into his house and quickly brought me to the clinic. The doctor gave me an injection and dressed the wound.

I related the incident to the doctor and Mr. Lingam. The doctor chided me for being cruel to a helpless animal and asked me to be kind and considerate to all creatures in future.
I learnt my lesson that day. I have since stopped playing pranks and being cruel to helpless creatures.



This is clearly a motivational proverb. One has to really work hard and prove to the whole world that one's effort,commitment and sacrifices paid off. There is no such thing as 'success without effort'. One has to burn the midnight oil to get  the required knowledge. Then without doubt,one can taste the success and glory. Truly no pains,no gains is a motivational factor for one to taste success and glory.

     The story revolved on a life of a successful businesswoman,Qu Puteh. Untill now,she is so successful having empires of businesses within the nation with a business turn over of RM200 million. She has branch offices in all states and total employees of almost 500. Qu Puteh is so successful that she has wide range of cosmetics,beauty and health products. The products are widely sold in all states and some key products are becoming the major income earners as they are popularly advertised in all television networks. Qu Puteh also become the sponsor of some major television hit programmes.

     All these successes were due to her hard work, commitment and effort. She started very small business during her younger days and has to face with tons of difficulties. There was hardly any response and she failed badly in her first attempt. Then she took a bank loan to expand her coverage and turn over but sadly she received poor response. Finally she had to close shop and declared a  bankrupt.

     A very tragic incident happened where her flat was on fire which resulted in the death of her two sons.She was totally in despair and pulled out from the limelight. Then she rose from her grief and tried not to remember the tragic event. She said that, before her two sons passed away she could feel with all her heart the bad  omen that would happen to her. After she received the news, she remained calmed and accepted the life's trial and tribulation with open heart.

    She re-emerged again after  two years of complete silence.She reorganised her businesses taking into account of  the bitter lesson she had before.She utilized all her strengths and composed them to suit the business structure.She made use of all the oppurtunities and worked along with her competitors.She became a renowned figure in her business circle and her expertise is well accepted both by her  friends and foes.
Conclusively, nothing good can  materialise to a person without comitments,efforts and pains. Some people might think that pain only happens to certain people, but in truth, it happens to every person who wants to make a difference in this world. That's why we have to realise that nothing is going to be given on a golden platter or just  handed over to you. We have to work for it. And if that means going through some pains, it doesn't matter for if we have to really work hard until you reach that satisfaction  level
Truly the saying holds for people who believe and confident that hard work pays off.So next time,any venture you want to be involved,remember no gains.


The Unexpected visitor

It was rainy like cats and dogs. The roofs of the house danced with spray and it sounded like the buzzing of angry bees.The grandfather clock shown that the time was already 12:00 a.m. Husnee was home alone while she was in her locked bedroom, reading horror novel she had recently bought. Her soft brown eyes never lift off the pages. She was so engrossed to read what happened next to the main character of the interesting story. About a few hours ago,her parents had to attend to their friend's house for some dinner and left her because Husnee had to do a lot of assignments besides to keep an eye to the house. While  enjoying reading many pages,out of the blue the front doorbell rang off as the rain stopped. Husnee frantically closed the novel. Her fingers trembled and she could feel the drumbeat of her heart. Her mind could not stop thinking who might be in front of the door at that moment. Knock! Knock! Her blood started to flow faster and she could feel the adrenaline as she made her way downstairs to the front door at a crawling speed.

   Ding! Dong! Ding! Dong! "Alright,alright! I'm coming",Husnee tried to make voice. She slowly squeezed the handle of the door. As the door opened,Husnee was shocked again. There were two policemen and her schoolmate,Rozan who lives just a few blocks away from her house standing in front of her on the rainy day. She was in bewilderment and feeling baffled. "Why do you bring policemen along with you to my house,Rozan? You're not usually come here at midnight. Go back to your home or your mom will scold you!",started Husnee. Rozan always beat the sack early at night when she always burn the midnight oil. She was unexpected to see that boy coming to her house late at night. "Your...your parents,there!",screamed Rozan utter breathlessly. Then,the police began to inform that Husnee's parents were involved in accident before  they could reach home. Husnee was dumbfounded and speechless after the police dropped the bombshell. Without tinge of doubt,Husnee took on her scarf and departed to the accident scene with them.

   After reaching there,Husnee could see a crowd of people swelled. According them,there was a young driver sped recklessly on the slippery road. Her father's car zipped past cars and accelerated the speed.
Suddenly,his car veered abruptly to the right and plunged into a ravine,crashing into a tree. Tears started to roll down her reddish cheeks as she approached her beloved parents. Their bodies were bleeding profusely. Some of her relatives and neighbours tried to calm her down. Within minutes and  in a daze, the ambulance arrived to take both of her parents to the nearby hospital. Husnee's heart ached and she could hardly breathe normally. Her lung burnt as she desperately tried to breathe.

   After arriving at the hospital,nurses rushed in a blink of an eye took Husnee's parents to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Both of them lying motionlessly on the bed. Meanwhile,Husnee and her relatives,also Rozan's family waiting patiently outside the operation room. Husnee's lips moved desolate in prayer,imploring the Great Almighty to save her dearly parents. At that moment,Rozan was feeling awry about his friend and he could know what actually was hovering in her mind.

   Tears welled up again in Husnee's eyes. Then,she composed herself and wiped the tears away. Her eyes were puffy and red after all crying. Not long after that,the doctor came out from the room. All of them immediately stood up from their chairs. After that,Husnee started to ask the doctor about her parents' condition as well. Unluckily,the doctor quipped,"Husnee,forgive me. Your parents could not be safe anymore due to the critical haemorrhage. Husnee was so devastated,sinking in her boots and taken aback. At the same time,she could not be as stronger as before to stop her crying. Tears overflowed her rosy face non stop as the doctor left. Husnee cried sorrowfully on her aunt's right shoulder trying to accept the fate.
A week after Husnee's parents death, her big family from her mum came to visit Husnee in Malaysia. They were all came from Thailand and abode fortnight together with others in Husnee's house. Sometimes,they persuaded Husnee to stay along with them but she could not leave the house just like that as there were a lot of unforgettable memories and she could remember all the bygones she had done together with her beloved parents. While Husnee remained distressed over her parent's death,she knew she must concentrate on her studies and continue her life as much as  she could..



A holiday I would never forget

Holidays, a time everyone gets hyped up over, parents planning activities for the family to spend quality time with and school children ( as well as teachers) jumping for joy. Hello, waking up late, celebrating, goin for tuition and best of all, vacations! In myy case, a holiday I would never forget is a fruitful one I expereinced five years ago, where my family I spent six days in the land of K-Pop and ' kimchi '- Korea.
        Finally, after ages of waiting, our family arrived in beautiful Korea. Stepping out of the plane, we could feel the chilly weather to our bones. Never experiencing that kind of weather, my siblings and I were totally excited. Passing through immigration and baggage claim, we were talking animatedly about our new surroundings. Since we went with tour group, we knew we were in good hands.

 Incident number one. We were supposed to take a bus to check in at the hotel, as instructed. I guessed I was overeager and without thinking. I ran to a random bus and knocked on the door. The young bus driver opened the door and looked at me with a puzzled expression. He started asking me something in 
Korean, which of course I did not understand. I tried to reply in English, but before I could make the attempt, my father quickly apologized to the driver and walked me back to the tour group who was watching from afar, shaking with laughter. It turned out that the bus I was running to was not the bus we were supposed to take. I dismissed my burning cheeks. I was glad I could be the butt of everyone's jokes on my first day in a foreign country.

        It was a bit past lunch time when we were done checking in our hotel. Not doubt, everybody's stomachs were grumbling. Thank God after checking in, we were going to have our lunch and do a bit of sightseeing. While waiting for the others outside the hotel, we walked around nearby. There was a row of vending machines that sold various snacks and beverages, including Haagen Dazs ice-cream , and instant noodles. My mother had a craving for Nescafe, so she spent her first Korrean money on that.

        At the restaurant, a delicious meal was already spread out for us. That was the first time we all tried kimchi, a spicy  and sour vegetable side dish.I did not think it was horrible,  buut I preferred the fish kimchi much better. We all ate using chopsticks, so that was kind or awkward for me  and  my siblings, as we were not skilled at using them yet. Being Malaysians, we were used to rice, so it was a good thing that the Korean meal included rice and a few other side dish, eaten from a Bento box. It was weird though, the rice was stickier compared to the rice  we eat at home, mainly to make it easier to eat using chopsticks. There was also hot and scumptious miso soup together with the meal. Since my sister and my brother did not like it much, I finshed up theirs. I gulped the warm soup down my throat- a nice connntrast from the shivering weather outside.

        One of the highlights of our activities that we did in Korea was skiling. Everybody from the tour group was looking forward to that, even the 52-year old couple traveling with us. Since it was'nt fully snownig yet, the hill was coverred with artificial snow. After grobbing our ski gear, we listen to a briefing by the instructor. He was very help ful, especially with us kids annd the elderly couple.

        Feeling jumpy and hyperactive, me and my sister made our way to the cable car and successfully skied down a slope. I thought, " We're natural at this," and my sister could not agree more. When we came to see how our parents and brother were doing, my brother started to throw a snowball towards me and my sister. It hit me, and we started having a small snowball fight of our own, just like in the movies! I guessed we got a bit out of hand and my sister accidentally hit a woman's back. when she turned around, she had this angry look on her face and started to walk towards us.I hurried my siblings to continue skiing with our parents,and we ran away before she cold catch us. Breathless, we giggled innaivety as we recapped the moment.

        In a way, skiing is like swimming. Why do I say so? Well, when swimming ,you do not feel tired , but you would see the effect when you get ravenous and eat more after a session or when you aintend to tke a nap, but it is extended to long hours. The same goes to skiing. When we arrived at the hotel after skiing, we were drained out and starving. Instant noodles saved the day! We all ate curry-flavoured Maggi together, savouring the memontary pleasure. We also dozed off quite early that night , right after going for a walk to enjoy the amazing night view of th mountains, and breathing the cool, fresh winter air.

        Shopping in Korea was also different compared to Malaysia. Its malls were packed with small shops or stalla on every floor. Big boutiques were not seen as much as the quaint kiosks. Nevertheless, I found shopping at their markets more enjoyable, especially because you could haggle the price. Their specialities   were crystals, fabrics and outerwear. Apart form that, I also liked their wet markets , mainly because they were very clean and they did not have that fishy smell. I remembered a shocking incident when walking through the stalls of the wet market. A large fish jumped  out its aquarium  and onto the floor. I stared at it and suddenly, I saw a huge cutting knife slicing through the fish's neck! It was the owner of the stall's doing. Then, the owner left the fish flapping around lifelessly without a head.

        There was also a treasure trove among the stalls of the wet market- a tiny shoop which served grilled seafood. My family stepped into the shop and ordered some grilled fish and cockles.
        After saying our prayers, we devoured our mouth-watering find of the day. Dripped in a type of souce, the seafood was the best I had ever eaten, as you could taste the freshness. Or maybe I was just hungry after  a full day of activities.

        If it was up to me, there were so many things to write on my memorabe trip to Korean. Not onli we got to spend quality time together as a family, but we also learnt countless new things and even discovered hidden talents. My father always said we should travel with an open mind and an open  heart. This is when you get to see your capability to adapt to changes. Just enjoy the simple things in life and be thankful of what you have. So, do just that. Who knows you might discover a part of yourself you never know existed?  

Source: By Roshini Bala

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Tuition is a neccessity....Discuss
Back in those days,tuition was not  necessary as education was not  emphasized. But today we can see a lot of  differences.There are abundant of tuition centres  mushrooming  in many established  towns.Some even started in smaller towns but on a smaller scale but the numbers keep on increasing.
Students these day are increasingly preassured to churn out better and excellent academic results.Hence many parents and students themselves feel it is necessary to enrol in tuition centres as they believe it can help them achieving such flying colours results.It is rare to see students not attending tuition classes.

   First and foremost,tuition is a  necessity as it helps students to brainstorm better study skills and get taught by innovative methods. Tutors in tuition centre who are mostly  very experienced and knowledgeable circulate to the students with numerous types of question papers  that work  affectively for the students. For example,they are able to teach the weaker students the perfect,compact and cushiest way to write an essay and solve  Mathematical problems. They also can learn the teaching skills off by heart. So,these methods attract students and they talk among themselves and the words spread like wildfire which tuition centres they would attend to get these benefits.

   Furthermore,tuition class provide safer environment for open discussion. Sometimes, students may not be as willing to ask questions in a large class,as  in their school because in most schools,a class usually comprises about 40 to 45 students. Among so many classmates,the shy and introverted ones normally find it difficult to ask  questions when they draw blank. Besides,teachers may seem unapproachable and cannot give 100% special attention to the weaker students. This makes student  in fear and uncomfortable. But,by working with the tuition's tutor,this is certainly advantageous for the timid students as they get the opportunities and confidence to speak out as discussions and dialogues may lead to better understanding. Tutors also can afford to be more patient and allow students to take their time. Thus,they can cover a lot  on the subjects they do not understand in the classroom.

 Apart from that,conducive milieu in the tuition centre also attract the students to attend the class. As many people know that tuition provides the cosiest surroundings for the student  to focus on their learning process. For example,most  tuition classes  are air-conditioned,well posture of learning facilities and accomodate  below 20 students. Generally,a classroom is not conducive for students as the class is so crowded. Moreover,  dull students are having difficulties to follow.So,such a student may fail to catch the eye of the teacher.At such attending tuition classes may be helpful. Evidently,with the help of tuition tutors,the  students can progress and improve gradually.

   Other than that,tuition class plays a subtle,but highly an  important role that it is not limited to the academic arena. Students from various schools often meet in tuition classes. By resorting to tuition exposures,every pupils will get to know among each other. For example,students can get golden opportunities to exchange examination papers from the other students and may receive useful informations from them. On the other hand,students can spend their leisure time studying in the tuition and avoid goofing around,as the saying goes,procrastination is the thief of time.

   In a nutshell,students who are struggling with their studies will find tuition classes beneficial as it will help them to latch on and learn their school materials more thoroughly and easily. They also can evolve their study skills as soon as possible if they are always doing. a lot of revisions. Undeniably,it is better for students,neither kids nor teenagers to take part and enrol to the tuition classes as they are able to acquire unrivalled mastery of a particular subject. Therefore,i firmly trust that tuition is absolutely a necessary tool for students to weed their weaknesses and boost their self-confidence,morale and excellence.



 An incident I would never forget.

Last saturday, I was shopping at KB Mall Shopping Complex with my sister. It was the end-of-year Christmas sales. So the complex was really packed and crowded. Many shoppers especially young ladies were walking in and out of the mall swinging their handbags happily. These beautiful,branded and elegant handbags were hanging loosely from their shoulders.These shoppers were so engrossed with their shopping mood that they never realized among those watchful eyes were some idiots waiting to snatch their handbags at the right time

I too was so engrossed with my shopping mood that I forgot my mum's advise before i left  home.She told me to be very alert as KB Mall has been the target of many snatch thieves. I was so engrossed in looking at some shoes with my sister that i forgot my loosely hung handbag was enticing a snatch thief. So i did not realise a snatch thief  was creeping quietly behind me and pulled my handbag.
I felt something tugging away, i was speechless. It was too fast.The snatch thief  ran and disappeared among the crowd.I  managed to scream at the top of my voice "Help! Stop the thief! My handbag!" my right arm was bleeding profusely at the same time.

The situation became chaotic and i saw a few men gave a chase.He was running down the escalator holding my handbag tightly. By then, a crowd gathered near me. My sister was attending to my arm which hurt a lot. Meanwhile, a security guard who was on his duty on the lower floor saw the snatch thief ran through the  escalator and almost escaped through the main door.He immediately gave a chase and grabbed the thief by his collar t-shirt.He managed to pin down the thief and shouted, you brother! Now you cannot run anymore." Quickly, he took the handbag away.Then he tied him to a nearby post while waiting for the police to arrive.The other shoppers were eager to find out more and took a quick look  at the snatch thief. Some younger male shoppers took advantage by giving some good lessons to him. They beat him until his face swell and blood was gushing out from his head.I told my sister that this was the price that he has to pay.

My sister  then helped  me to walk down the escalator. By then, two policemen arrived and they handcuffed the thief. The security guard returned my handbag. I felt very thankful to him. So i kept on thanking him.He looked closely at me and gave me some good advice. "Miss, next time you must hold on to your handbag properly. You are lucky that only your arm was injured. Some snatch theft victims have died from serious injury".

I thanked him for his advice. My sister and i realised that we needed to be more careful with our handbags especially when shopping.If not because of that alert security guard,i would lose many important documents including RM500 cash and my samsung note 4,my priceless  birthday gift.This was the incident I would never want to forget.

Lysaa Sc KK


An outing with the family during last holiday-

During the last school holidays, my family and I went to Sabah. The holiday was very interesting because all my family could spend time together. Sabah is situated in Malaysian Borneo. Kota Kinabalu International Airport is the main entry point into the state. Firstly, we went to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). Sabah is easily accessible by frequent short-haul flights from the airport in Peninsular Malaysia. Kota Kinabalu Port welcomed tourists who arrive by cruise ships. Private yachts could dock at Sutera Harbour Marina.

   We went to all the interesting places over there. On the first day, we went to Sabah Museum. This museum in Kota Kinabalu was built in the longhouse style of the Rungus and Murut communities. Beside, it showcases a wealth of ethnic treasures and handicrafts. My mother is a history lover person. She was charmed with Sabah Tourism building, one of the only three buildings in Kota Kinabalu to have survived World War II. Secondly, we went to Mount Kinabalu. The majestic Mount Kinabalu standing at  4,095.2 m is the one of the highest peaks in Southeast Asia. It is the main attraction of Kinabalu Park, Malaysia's first world Heritage Site. This dense jungle contain one of the world's richest assemblage of plants.
The next day, we went to Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre to watch orang utans. Watching orang utans, known as the 'wild man of Borneo' during the daily feeding sessions. Said to be the world 's largest orang utans sanctuary, the centre serves to rescue and retrain primates for jungle living. Next, we went to World War II Memorial in Labuan. This is the most visited place in Labuan. The beautiful landscaped memorial garden is the final resting place of 3,908 war heroes who died in battle or captivity in Borneo during the second world war. Every year, in November the commeration was held Remembrance's Day to honour the lives of the valiant men who fought during the war.

   Furthermore, we did many interesting activities. We went to shops at Sunday Gaya Street Market. The open air market is the place to get handicrafts,local delicacies and fresh jungle produce. We also went to Tamu Kota Belud which is the another popular Sunday Market for all the traditional things I bought many souveniers to give to all my friends and my cousins. We watched the vibrantly dressed Bajay horsemen riding gaily decorated ponies during ceremonial occasions. They were known as 'Cowboys of the East  for their horsemanship.

   In addition, I realised that many food there were scrumptious and make me craving for a while. I tried Bambangan which  is a traditional food in Sabah. It is a type of wild mango that comes with a distinct and sharp smell. Unlike  the normal mango, Bambangan has  a thick brown skin while it is delicious when ripe. It is normally harvested raw to be pickled using salt mixed with greated Bambang seed and slices of chilli.
   Finally, a day go by so fast. I wanted to stay there longer but we had to come back to school and my dad had to work the day after. The trip was short but it had a strong impression on me and I had many memories with my family. We came back home and felt comfortable after a good holiday.
The interesting place island resort which I have visited with my family during the school holiday is Pulau Pangkor Beach Resort.It is located the west cost of Penisular Malaysia.Pulau Pangkor in Perak is an attractive holiday destination for locals and also tourists from all over the world.The distance is about 250 kilometer my house.

  On the way,we can see rugged hills and lush green forest.When I open the car windows,I can feel the gentle breeze which careessed my hijab.When we arrived at Lumut Town,we took a ferry from Lumut Jetty Terminal to Pangkor Jetty Terminal.Its takes about thirty to fourty minutes to reach..This destination is so popular because of its natural beauty.Hence it is suitable for get away from the busy city  centre and relax during this  school holidays or  over the weekend.
  This ideal beach resort is a great place to just relax and spend quality time with family and friend.It is very clean and well-maintained.There are many activities that one can do there,such as scuba diving,windsurfing,snorkelling,jet skiing,boat riding,sea fishing,motorcyling and jungle trekking.Visitors can also enjoy the beautiful beach scenery while feeling the sea breeze blowing gently.We stayed at Anjungan Beach Resort.From this place we can see the beautiful sunset in the evening.

  First activities  that we have was  the water sport activities including snorkelling.I can see wonderful sea and crystal-clear water.After I started doing
these activities, I was so excited,I could  see colourful fish such as nemo fish,star fish and  many more.
  At night,we  had dinner together at Daddy's Cafe.Set in beautiful scenery with outdoor tables.We dropped by because of its famous  local cuisine with western touch.After that,we went to beach to take the wonderful night air and we could see the colourful neons.

The next morning ,we could hear the nature with hornbills and peacocks greeting us at our doorsteps.After that,we went for breakfast at Daddy's Cafe again.It was  delicious.After eating,we continue the activities until evening.

Today is the day we shall be in Pangkor Island. After enjoying all the activities  here,after two days and one night,we checked-out from the resorts at 12.00 pm.We thanked  all staff in the resorts.We took the oppurtunity to view the beautiful resort for the last time..After that,we took a ferry at Pangkor Jetty Terminal to Lumut Jetty Terminal and drove the car back home.
To me it was  a meaningful and interesting holidays.I hope I can come again next time.Surely we miss all these beautiful moments.


An outing with the family during last holiday-

The interesting place island resort which I have visited with my family during the school holiday is Pulau Pangkor Beach Resort.It is located the west cost of Penisular Malaysia.Pulau Pangkor in Perak is an attractive holiday destination for locals and also tourists from all over the world.The distance is about 250 kilometer my house.

  On the way,we can see rugged hills and lush green forest.When I open the car windows,I can feel the gentle breeze which careessed my hijab.When we arrived at Lumut Town,we took a ferry from Lumut Jetty Terminal to Pangkor Jetty Terminal.Its takes about thirty to fourty minutes to reach..This destination is so popular because of its natural beauty.Hence it is suitable for get away from the busy city  centre and relax during this  school holidays or  over the weekend.
  This ideal beach resort is a great place to just relax and spend quality time with family and friend.It is very clean and well-maintained.There are many activities that one can do there,such as scuba diving,windsurfing,snorkelling,jet skiing,boat riding,sea fishing,motorcyling and jungle trekking.Visitors can also enjoy the beautiful beach scenery while feeling the sea breeze blowing gently.We stayed at Anjungan Beach Resort.From this place we can see the beautiful sunset in the evening.

  First activities  that wr have was  the water sport activities including snorkelling.I can see wonderful sea and crystal-clear water.After I started doing
these activities, I was so excited,I could  see colourful fish such as nemo fish,star fish and  many more.

  At night,we  had dinner together at Daddy's Cafe.Set in beautiful scenery with outdoor tables.We dropped by because of its famous  local cuisine with western touch.After that,we went to beach to take the wonderful night air and we could see the colourful neons.
The next morning ,we could hear the nature with hornbills and peacocks greeting us at our doorsteps.After that,we went for breakfast at Daddy's Cafe again.It was  delicious.After eating,we continue the activities until evening.

Today is the day we shall be in Pangkor Island. After enjoying all the activities  here,after two days and one night,we checked-out from the resorts at 12.00 pm.We thanked  all staff in the resorts.We took the oppurtunity to view the beautiful resort for the last time..After that,we took a ferry at Pangkor Jetty Terminal to Lumut Jetty Terminal and drove the car back home.
To me it was  a meaningful and interesting holidays.I hope I can come again next time.Surely we miss all these beautiful moments.


-An outing with the family during last holiday-
A travel to the Bako National Park in Sarawak is a travel my whole family and I will always remember. To go there, we took a local bus from central Kuching to the town of Bako. We stopped a few times along the way. One stop is a colourful village on stilts, the wooden houses painted bright colors from which children stream in and out, goats huddle around and mothers do their cooking in.
   We arrived in Bako and changed our mode of transportation to a longboat. The boatmen took us, crashing through the waves for about fifteen minutes until we were in sight of a beach with huge, multi-coloured, limestone cliffs. They told us to take off our shoes because it was low tide. So they could not take the boat up to the jetty. We had to jump out of the boat and walked onto the beach with our heavy backpacks.

   After walking for half a kilometre, we checked into the Bako National Park headquarters. It was then we decided to take a quick walk into the jungle before it gets dark. We followed a plankwalk while the sun was setting, the best time to spot Proboscis monkeys. We rounded a corner and a black, thin snake slid through the water of a little pond.
   The next day we woke up early to start a hike while the sun was still low. To our right, in the trees, was an entire community of Long-Trailed Macquaques. These monkeys were much bolder than the previous night's monkeys. They ventured really close to us, especially when we were taking our cameras out of our bags.

   After a rest, we decided to go on another trail in the afternoon, this time through the dense forest. After two absolutely sweaty hours, we reached our destination, Tajor Waterfall. The waterfall itself is quite small and the rocks around the pool are covered in slippery moss. There, we played in the water enjoying the cool water running over our feet. On taking a closer look at the water, we realised that although it was red, it was crystal clear.

   The trip is certainly one I would recommed to those who want to get away from the hectic city for a few days. The Bako National Park is truly a place of natural beauty and I hope my whole family and I can spend our time together  again. We look forward to explore many more beautiful spots in Sarawak perhaps coming school holidays


Keeping yourself fit and healthy
It is important to keep ourselves fit and healthy. This is because a healthy mind comes from a healthy body. The adage 'Health is wealth' is very true for those who are health conscious. When we are healthy, we consider ourselves fortunate because we do not need to be bed-ridden. In conjuction with the national theme of keeping ourself fit and healthy, we must now change our lifestyle to be more active and leading to  positive and meaningful life.

  One of the most important factors of keeping ourself fit and healthy is to get enough sleep and rest. We must at least sleep not less than 8 hours a day. This is to give us sufficent rest required mentally and physically. One who has enough rest will be fresh and ready to take new things. In addition taking in a balanced diet is greatly encouraged. We must drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. On top of that we must eat more fruits and vegetables. It is good if we can lessen oily food which contain higher cholesterol level.

  Another factor to keep us fit and healthy is to conduct regular exercises. We can do it over the weekend by walking or jogging. For those who wants to do a daily exercise, they can do it in the evening. For the ladies, they can join aerobic classes on a weekly basis. Apart from that, it is encouraged to do an annual or half yearly medical check up. We can check our blood, cholesterol and heart level accordingly.

The last point is that, we must  stay away from  things that may harm us. Things like getting involved with  smoking, vaping, drugs, illegal racing and sleep late nights must be avoided at all cost. This is to maintain our health and keeping ourselves fit and healthy at all times.

  Conclusively, we find out that life is more exciting and challenging and we certainly enjoy every moment of it. In contrary, our life is meaning less and dull if we are bed-ridden and suffer from all kinds of diseases. Therefore always keep ourself fit and healthy at all times.


 Accidents:Causes and Possible preventions
By: Wan Nur Saerah Bt Wan Razali
Accidents are happening everyday not only in congested  big cities but also in rural areas.This has caused a great concern to our government and the situation is very alarming.Many loved ones have died and left us in a deep sorrow.The situation is continuing and the number of deaths are increasing day by day.Surely we must think of better ways to cut down these fatal accidents otherwise we are living in a dangerous zone where accidents happen every minute and more people will lost their lives.

 The main cause of the fatal accidents is speeding.Many drivers and motorcyclists are not abiding to the traffic rules.They race among themselves especially the younger motorcylists and endangering the lives of other road users.Currently we see the latest trend where motocyclists like to beat the red traffic lights.Some escaped unhurt but there are few who beat the red traffic light and  have to pay the price.They crash among themselves in the middle of the traffic light junctions,some seriously injured while others died on the spot.Apart from that there are many careless motorcyclists and drivers who read and send  SMS messages while driving or riding on the road.This kind of act is certainly dangerous and uncalled for.There are adverse reports of heavy vehicles drivers especially those  driving the heavy vehicles such as express buses,containers,tankers and timber lorries who are causing fatal accidents on the roads and highways.These categories of drivers who normally drives overnight are reckless and inconsiderate.They are labelled as  dangerous drivers.They continue driving despite being extremely tired and sleepy.Many of them are drunk and  still driving thus  endangering the lives of other road users especially the smaller vehicles and motorcyclists.

 Besides that, poor maintainence of vehicle is also one of  the main causes of fatal accidents on the roads and highways.Many drivers do not like to spend their money to maintain their vehicles.Thus their vehicles are not in good condition and have  many malfunctions such as jammed brakes,poor condition of clutches,no signal lights,bald tyres  and many others.It is pitiful to see many older vehicles are still flooding the roads despite their bad conditions hence causing numerous accidents on the roads and highways.Moreover the poor conditions of our  roads and highways are also contributing  to the higher number of  fatal accidents.We get reports of roads and highways with potholes,no street lights,no proper signboard at the dangerous bends and corners and worst still some roads caved in and left unattended until we see tragedy.On top of that  natural disaster such as landslides,cyclonic rain cause the roads to cave-in and slippery.So the vehicles may get skidded hence causing accidents and loss of life.
The first step that we can take to prevent accidents is to  revise the  licensing procedures. Young drivers as young as 17 years are forbidden  from driving.This new proposed  rule is to be revised  only for those reaching 21 years old and above. In my opinion, the younger drivers are  lacking  of knowledge and experience. They are  also inefficient and unskillful drivers as they are very young hence  they are not matured at driving. Thus, it is important for the goverment to revise the licensing procedures. Next, the drivers and riders must strictly follow the traffic rules and regulations hence  this can reduce accidents cases.Those found speeding must be fined heavily or having their licences suspended for indefinite period.
Periodic maintainence and services of vehicles and roads too can prevent fatal accidents.The government must act fast to ensure our roads and highways are in tip-top conditions.We do not see  anymore sloppy or uneven roads,potholes or no street lights on important stretches and bends.The vehicles too  must be thoroughly check especially prior to holidays or long journeys.Drivers must ensure the brakes are working in good condition and not jammed.
The tyres are not bald,signal lights are working and most importantly the vehicle’s engine is serviced.Apart from that the   regular monitoring by enforcement officers from the Road Transport Department(RTD) and Police Traffic are very important to ensure that the drivers follow the rules and the safety of roads.This is a very effective method to cut down the number of accidents.They should do the monitoring all year round and not confined to festive seasons only.

In conclusion, I think that people should be more responsible when they are driving. The drivers also must change their habit and attitudes on the road. This can reduce accidents rate and save a lot of lives especially our family, friends and our loved ones. When you are driving always drive carefully and  always remember our loved ones at home..

 Accidents:Causes and Possible Preventions
 By: Fahmi Zani Bin Mohd Dusuki  

Many tragic accidents happen everyday and everywhere and this situation is alarming.The rate of accidents keep on increasing from day to day not just in the cities but also in rural areas.These accidents  caused many people losing their families and loved ones. It is very tragic when we get news about accidents and innocent people die due to the faults committed by some reckless and inconsiderate drivers.Many people who lost their loved ones  are  in grief for a longer time and this is very distressing.

The major cause of accident is speeding. Many reckless and inconsiderate drivers like to drive at high speed especially those who are driving heavy vehicles like lorries and express buses. Some of these drivers are very selfish and do not care about other road users.They simply speed up  on the road and highways and  they do not realize that their action may  harm other road users.If a driver is speeding and overtaking recklessly,it is highly risk that the vehicle may  skid,causing accident and probably deaths.They will ram  other cars from the opposite direction. There are also irresponsible drivers who drive at high speed and beat the red traffic light.Their unbecoming attitude is inconveniencing the  other road users and may cause death to innocent people.Most of the accidents happen  due to the driver’s fault. Some drivers are not in stable condition when they are driving.They are sleepy,tired and possibly drunk.Usually we can track these phenomema from the buses,lorries and other heavy vehicles drivers. They are sleepy and tired after driving for long hours  causing them  to lost their focus hence causing accidents and death.                              

Apart from that, vehicles which are not serviced for a long time may not be in the best condition to be on the road.A car which is not serviced may have problems like the brakes and clutches which cannot work efficiently and may cause accident. The bad condition of our  roads and highways is also another contributing factor which is causing accidents.The authorities take a longer time to repair the bad conditions of the roads thus many innocent motorists were trapped with potholes,uneven roads and landslides.

 I think there are many ways to  overcome accidents.Firstly,all drivers and motorcyclists must change their attitudes. They should follow all the traffic rules and speed limit. They should never drive or ride at high  speed and accelerate further at  traffic light when the light turns red. They should give signal when they want to turn at the junction so that other drivers know where they are heading. If the drivers follow speed limit and not speeding, their journey will be safe and convenience the other road users.Next,the cars and vehicles must be serviced regularly to maintain their best condition. Failure to service the vehicles  may cause many technical problems and can injure the driver. The Works department(JKR) also must do maintenance of roads and repair damage on roads immediately before more accidents happen.

Meanwhile,the enforcement of traffic rules must be tighten.Officers from Road Ttransport Department and Police Traffic should always patrol and take action on any person who break the traffic rules.Heavier fines should  be imposed so that they will abide the traffic rules.Apart from that ,it is vital that the present ruling on licensing procedures to be changed.It is advisable to raise the minimum requirement for holding a valid licence from existing 17years to 21 years old.Usually motorcyclists and drivers who are 21years old and above are more matured and considerate.Thus we can cut down the  accidents rates.

In conclusion,majority of the accident cases begin from the drivers themselves. I think from now on, drivers should be more responsible and careful while driving vehicles. All people must take heed of ways to overcome accidents. I hope the rate of accidents will decrease as it is so sad to see many tears flowing especially losing their loved ones when accident happens. We can change the situation.Let us behave on the road and remember our loved ones at home especially when we are on the wheels.


Indiscipline in school
Nur Qurratul'Aini Binti Mohd Ramlan

In this era of modernisation, the disciplinary cases are getting rampant day in day out and has been the major issue in most secondary schools. This problem has caught the eye of our government as it brings  substantial effect to the schools.This thorny issue has taken a place in our society,  as a result the social medias and mass medias have highlighted them with the noble intention to curb this matter.

 For the time being, parents are having lesser time with their children due to their pressing duties at the office. As a result of spending lesser time with their children, problem of indiscipline occurs which are exhibited by their children. Past records show that many indiscipline cases are the products of broken homes and ignorant parents. Parents should play their roles by minimising their time at the office and spend more with the family. This will definitely strengthen the family relationship.
Besides, peers are the best person that students need in their life. Peers are defined as people of the same age.Peers influence is seem to be a factor that leads to the indiscipline. They tend to pour out their problems to their peers. For the good friends, they will give some advices and help their problematic friends in facing the problems. However, those  peers who are  rotten apples will influence their friends the wrong way.Thus,students should know and realise that a friend's eye is a good mirror to them.

These indiscipline students we can see them  playing truant either in school compound or at the shopping centre. Their lack of interest in study made them bored staying in school. They are also involved with vandalism. These students vandalise by damaging and demolishing the  school and public facilities.Many instances are recorded such as damaging the sink and the water pipes in the school compound. Most of them did this to prove that they need attention and they are ready to face the consequences. It will get worse when their friends add fuel to the flames.
Other than that, the consequence of indiscipline is extortion.These students get the money by threatening the junior students. They are totally spoilt. For the wealthy family, parents tend to give their children all the demands that they wanted.These children can do extreme damage if the parents do not fulfill what they ask. The children become stubborn and determined to have everything. They tend to live in clover because the pressure of life and seeing their friends who live high off the hog. Furthermore, they also will involve with gang-fight. It will happen if the students that have been threatened refuse to follow the instructions. Hence, it gives trauma to those who are beaten in and out of school compound. The end of the result is it would force the parents to pull out their children from school.

There are many suggestions to overcome this indiscipline in school and  one of them is to give the extra powers to the teachers to cane the students. This way seems to be an effective way to educate them.But these days are different with those old days whereby teachers have to be more careful as some parents will proceed with police report or confront the teachers and assault them. Hence, the students will lost their fear and respect towards the teachers. For other cases such as assaulting teachers, the culprit must be publicly caned. By doing this, it will teach the offender not to repeat the mistakes. They will not dare to go on with the mistakes as they know the administrator will throw the book again to them. For those students who are on blacklist by the school administrator, they will be suspended. However, if the students repeat the same offences, they should be expelled.

As the saying goes prevention is better than cure. But at the same time this indiscipline should be stopped or cut at the nip of the bud. Otherwise it will spell the troubles to our society. Above all students also should make the school as their second home. So, let’s make our school,our second home and treat it as an interesting home for many exciting and interesting activities to do.


 Accidents: Causes and Possible Preventions.
By: Siti Amalina bt Khasiruddin
These days, accidents happen almost every day in our country. We can read about these tragic accidents in the local dailies. This issue has caused a great concern to our government. It is heart breaking to see our loved ones die to due to the driver’s carelessness and inconsiderate attitudes. Past records have shown that most drivers are young and inexperience. Mostly likely they will speed on the roads and highways. These motorcyclists too are young and inconsiderate.They are also adding to the fatal figures.The question is,are we letting more fatalities to swell day by day? Let us have a closer look at the causes of the accident in the next paragraph and  then study on some possible preventions

  As mentioned above, speeding is the main problem for an accident to happen. Yes, people in modern life have become busier and they will rush to reach  their destination. Some people will speed even faster when seeing the orange traffic light.So they often   beat the red one which is clearly high risk and inconvenience the other road users. This reckless attitude happens  because it is not their family who will be  the victim. They just do not bother because they are totally selfish.They  can hardly think about ‘prevention is better than cure’ until the accident really  happens.Besides that,there are drivers of heavy vehicles such as express buses,tankers and containers who are actually driving beyond midnight.Most of their incomes are on commission basis which means to say the more trips they made,the more money they earn.So naturally they are prone to tiredness and sleepy.Not forgetting some non-muslim drivers resort to consume alcohol to prevent sleepiness and tiredness which  then expose them to very high risk of accidents.    

  Accidents also happen during festive celebration. At that period of time,most  families will travel for a long way in reaching their hometown. Some people are ignorant especially in making sure their vehicles are serviced accordingly.It is really dangerous when the brakes, clutches and signal lights are not working.Many of them took risk by travelling long distance with bald tyres and poor brake system. Besides, these human factors,the motorists have to venture through unsatisfactory roads and the highways.They have to bear roads with potholes,uneven shoulder of the road,no street lights and most importantly lacking of adequate signboards to alert the motorists of the possible dangers ahead.

  There are some possible preventions to reduce  the amount of these tragic  accidents. Firstly, drivers must change their attitudes. They need to carry on their  life with a sense of integrity and ethical driving.They must not think it is always about them.They have to get rid of those selfish attitude and think of living in a big community.Next the responsible motorists must do regular services for their vehicles. They have to change important parts such as brake system,signal- lights and clutches because these internal parts will ensure their vehicles are  in tip top condition.
The relevant authorities in the government department must take immediate measures to repair road damages,install street lights and erect sufficient signboards to alert the motorists of possible danger ahead.Regular enforcement by authorities such as road transport and police traffic to conduct  regular operations both during festive season and off season.No doubt the number of deaths are higher during festive seasons but conducting regular operations during off seasons help to reduce fatalities.Most importantly,the proposal to raise the eligibility of driving license from present 18 years old to 21 years old should be implemented.This is to flush out  the inexperience and immature drivers on the roads..

  Conclusively  as a member of the public, naturally I would like to see lower accident rates from time to time.If only all the motorists and motorcyclists change their thinking to a safer driving,then our roads and highways wo

It  would be much safer and pleasant. Ofcourse the task seems impissible but we hope the government and the citizen will work together to make Malaysia dream of reducing  accident rate to a zero rate level will be a dream of every concerned Malaysian citizens.


How can we lead a healthy lifestyle ?

A healthy lifestyle means maintaining a balanced and nutritious diet as well as engaging in sports or other fitness related activities. A healthy diet alone however is inadequate to ensure a healthy body as physical activity helps to keep one in shape and free of sickness and disease.
According to the World Health Organization, only one in ten people exercise regularly and a majority do not follow a healthy diet. The main culprit is our penchant for junk food as can be seen from the popularity of fast food chains and other western eateries. even local foods such as fried noodles, friend rice and snacks and savories are laden with fat and calories. Thus, consuming this type of food on a daily basis can contribute to weight gain. Overweight and obese people suffer from many health complications such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and even cancer.

Hence, the emphasis on healthy lifestyle should start at a young age. Parents must urge their children to eat more vegetables, fruits, juices, wholemeal and wholegrain foods. Many parents, due to time constraint, usually find the easy way out by cooking two-minute noodles or heading towards the nearest fast food joint for  quick meal. They do not realize however that sets the stage for an unhealthy lfestyle for their children who quickly become addicted to such foods. Thus, parents can counter this problem by cooking or preparing meals that do not take up time such as cheese sandwiches, soup, stir friend vegetables or buy pre-packed meals from supermarkets which can be warmed up in the microwave oven.

Dining out usually involves eating heavily and unhealthily. Most of us are prone to ordering deep fried food and oily dishes as opposed to steamed or baked food. Thus, though eating out is unavoidable, parents of children and adults as a hole should order fresh food and foods that are nutritious and not laden with oil, fat or sugar. Once a pattern of healthy eating is established, it would be easier to carry through such a lifestyle and for the children to follow suit.

School canteens must be urged to sell only highly nutritious food and drinks. Vending machines that sell soft drinks and drinks that are spiked with sugar should be banned. Hence, school going children would be exposed to healthy eating form young.

Daily exercise is vital. In fact, schools should implement Physical education on a daily basis rather than twice weekly. Only the minority are actively involved in sports. Most students are sedentary and prefer to concentrate on their studies as they consider indulging in physical activities a waste of time. By enforcing regular exercise daily, these students would be exposed to the importance and benefits of exercise.

Many parents and adults do not allocate time for physical activity. A large number of them work long hours and return home late thereby depriving themselves of the benefits of exercise. Parents must lead an exemplary life which can benefit their children by increasing awareness on the health benefits of exercising regularly. Bringing their children for walks in the morning or evening is a good start to achieve this goal. They should become members of clubs which have swimming pools and gym facilities. During the weekend, the family can strengthen their bond by adjourning to clubs for exercise and a healthy meal after that.

In short, leading a healthy lifestyle is a conscious decision. One can ignore that and lead a life that exposes one to many healthy hazards. it is important to recognize that a healthy living ensures a longer life span as well as a life free of disease and complications.


What are the qualities of a good teacher ?

Every student has his or her favorite teacher, but that teacher may not be the best qualified person on the teaching staff. In other words, although the mastery of the subject or subjects taught, plus an enthusiastic approach, is an essential prerequisite in a teacher, it is far from being the only qualification. There are some who know their subjects but totally fail to put them across to the students.

Let us first examine the negative side. Unless the teacher has a voice which carries, without shouting, there will always be inattention at the back of the class. There are teachers who cannot stop talking, and who will lecture a class for forty minutes. Most students will be asleep after the first fifteen minutes. There are teachers whose manners and dress are eccentric; they may be popular, but few students take them seriously. There are teachers who either shout at or speak sarcastically to backward students. They are disliked by the whole class. There are teachers who prefer to talk about the football team or a certain television program rather than the subject they are paid to teach. While this again may achieve popularity, it certainly evokes no respect. There are teachers whose lives are marred by drink, drugs, or sexual deviation. These cannot begin to be effective teachers. So what are the positive qualities the student looks for ?

A good teacher must be able to exercise discipline. Teaching cannot begin in an unruly class. In the past, class discipline has usually been strict and inflexible. The more modern approach is to allow more freedom of speech and movement, though no individual can be allowed to dominate proceedings by rough and noisy behavior. All teachers know the difference between a lively and a disruptive student. To be able to exert the right kind of discipline can be learnt, but this is often by bitter experience. There are a few fortunate men and women who have only to walk into a classroom to create order. Unfortunately there are more whose entry is a signal for chaos.
Students are always ready to work to the best of their ability for someone whom they respect, for two reasons. The first is the desire to please that person. The second, more important reason, is the knowledge that the teacher has the student's best interests at heart.

Study has two objectives, and a careful balance between the two must be kept by the teacher. The first is the ability to instill a love of the subject taught, which will be maintained in adult life. The second is to prepare the students as well as possible for the next examination, be it O or A level or university entrance in some cases. On the other hand, if, say, English is taught exclusively to cover the examination syllabus by means of learning context passages and model answers by heart, the subject will become boring. If there hadn't too much attention paid to generalizations about literature and its place in social evolution, then the lessons may well be interesting but the student will go unprepared into the examination room.

There should also be a balance between how much work the teacher does and how much the student does. Some modern educational theorists disapprove of any talking by the teacher beyond the bare minimum. Unfortunately, if students' work is not carefully guided, and if they are given free expression in their approach to any subject, most of them will learn nothing of value. Avoiding the lecture habit, the good teacher, who has already done his or her lesson preparation, will help the student to achieve certain objectives in each lesson by, a mixture of verbal instruction and class work. Television, radio and other visual aids are only marginally helpful, and should be kept to a minimum.

In schools which are not streamed, there will always be class members who are sometimes incapable of doing the work which others find easy. A good teacher will help them individually, sometimes after school hours, and if they are non-achievers, set them simpler work.


The Day I Would Never Forget.

    A pale sun looked down from a dull,white sky,giving little warmth and light.After the tuition classes ended I walked straight to the city to buy some stationery for my schoolwork.That year was a tiring and hectic moment for me just like how busy the bees searched for the honey.At the end of the year I would face the one of the most important exam in my life.SPM examination.I had no companion to accompany me to the bookstore since everyone had to go home early.I just walked there since it is just a stone's threw away from my bungalow.After buying the things I need,without wasting any time,I went back home.

    Out of blue,I saw a male standing beside the zebra crossing,the traffic light was green,he could walk forward,but he did not.He was just standing there and gave no actions.I was confused at this sight.Out of curiosity,I decided to walk over to him and to see what happened.Beside him,I could see he was wearing a pair of sunglasses and holding a white stick.Then,I knew this man was a blind person.I also noticed that was a sign around his neck.The sign said"I am virtually blind and deaf.Please help me cross the street.Tap me on the shoulder".Meanwhile I knew I must help him.So,I tapped on his shoulder and then he put his left hand on my right shoulder .Then, I led him crossed the road.He bowed to me in thanks.My heart exploded with joy as I had done a good deed towards people who was really in need.

    A cacophony of sounds assaulted my ears,the din of conversation,the incessant noise of engines created by the traffic inching its way through the crowded streets,the blare of horns and  the screeching of brakes.I kept my cool as I walked down the pedestrian path.My thoughts were however far away as I was preoccupied with my parents expressions since the day was getting dark and I did not come home yet.Suddenly,like a bolt from the blue,a motorcyclist who was just passing beside me,tugged at my bag,which was dangling from my shoulder.I spun around and reeled from the force ot the moving vehicle.Then,I felt a harsh pull.Within a split second,I was left sprawling on the pavement.

     I felt numb and everything around me became blur.I heard people shouting.By then,the public converged at the scene,but I was too dazed to talk and shocked and even to get up.I did not remember anything after that.When I regained consciousness,I was hospitalized.My legs and arms were bandaged.Yet,I felt no sensation or pain.I was just too weak to even move.

     " Is there anything wrong",I murmured myself.I looked at my legs again."What happened?"I kept asking myself.How could this happen to me,I thought?My parents ,sister and my brother were there and their grim faces told me that things were not right.The doctor finally broke the sad news to me.I was now paralyzed and would not be able to walk again,like a normal  peson.I was totally surprised and speechless.There was a lump in my throat.Copious tears flowed down my cheek and slowly wet my pillow.

    Although I am now stronger,but  deep in my heart, i am broken hearted.This day turned out to be the moment I would never forget.