Monday, 27 April 2015


Story beginning…….Last night I  was with my family at the night market.All of a sudden…….

Last night, I was with my family at the night market. All of a sudden when I wanted to buy the last piece of a fried chicken, a pair of strong  hands grabbed it first and leaving me speechless.I told the owner that I was the one who ‘booked’ it first so definitely it should be mine.We starred at each other for a while. Finally, he put it down and put a smile on his handsome face. "Yours," he said charmingly.I was trembling over with excitement.

Then something which I never expected did happen. Out of a blue, a burly man with a moustache and round eyes, about his late twenties snatched  my handbag. I was taken aback by his swift action.This guy must be a professional snatcher.I screamed for help. That handsome man who was a few metres away quickly turned back and chased this so-called professional snatch-thief. Within minutes he came back with my handbag unopened and in good condition as it was.I quickly expressed my gratitude to him.Soon we became friend. “ I ‘m Faisal”.He said confidently.Yours? “Izzah” I answered shyly. We contacted each other until I found him as a very exciting,humorous,kind and confident gentleman.I was quite amazed when he told me that he was on his final year,medical studies  at Universiti Sains Malaysia.He used to help me in my assignment and always cheer me up.

 Soon we decided for a date.It was indeed my first time dating a gentleman and I did not know how to behave myself especially when it comes to eating together at a table.At home,I normally eat freely and do not worry of any protocol or whatever etiquettes.My mum was always there to cheer me up and I had my two plates of rice easily.So this time we were supposed to meet at Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet at KB Mall in Kota Bharu.I was feeling awry at first but after so many persuasions, I finally agreed.We enjoyed on our first date,do some window shopping, watched  movie at a nearby cinema and then chit-chatting with friends and classmates.I was extremely happy with this first date what more he bought a gift which I never expected.Imagine receiving an android phone,Asus Zenfone was something that made every student feeling on top of the world. He wanted to kiss me in the car but I told him it was too early to do this.

So we headed home.I called mum that I would be back in an hour and told her to get in touch with dad just in case if dad is looking for me.Faisal suddenly turned quiet.I didn’t know what actually was hovering in his mind but one thing for sure I knew that he has invested quite a large sum of money to please and made me happy.He drove his car and I noticed  that it was not on the  same route returning  home that normally I was familiar with. “Where are we heading to ?” I asked him but he just gave a weird smile.I began to worry and put my phone on GPRS.This was just to keep me safe if something unexpected happen.It was true as I expected.Faisal began to drive in a dark hallway.It stopped at a dilapidated house,scary as it looked.He asked me to get out of the car but I did not move even a single step. He started to get  mad and  pull me out roughly.Soon I was brought inside the house.I was feeling scared and tears started to roll down my cheek.Then he started to violate me and told me that he needed me as much as I needed him.I told him this was not the right way.He should see my parents and told  them of his honest intention but not to treat me like a beast.I yelled at him and told him that if he ever touched me,he would be in a very serious problem.Meanwhile my new Zenfone beeped which means I was being followed.

I began to have the confident and kicked him.Then I struggled and shoved him but to no avail as he was quite strong and fully determined to get me. I screamed at the top of my voice and he quickly close my mouth with his big bare hand. Tears rolled down my cheeks.I had  no choice but to beg him to let me go.I was praying silently that the phone beeped just now would bring somebody to save me.He started to undress himself. I knew I could not fight  him. I prayed to the Almighty to send me a saver.Indeed it was a miracle.Suddenly I heard the door was kicked wide opened and I saw a few men including my dad heading towards me.All of them could not wait any longer and bashed Faisal until he passed out.

Soon one of my dad’s friend called his counterpart,a detective at the crime unit,police headquarter.Within minutes two glittering blue lights patrol cars arrived.I walked slowly to my dad and  hugged him tightly. “Dad,you have saved my dignity” I cried on his shoulder. After that on the way home,we dropped by at a lake and threw out this so-called valuable gift,Asus Zenfone.It was better for me not to have this prestigious and sophisticated phone in my hand and forget the whole thing rather keeping it and remember this new friend who wanted to violate and take  advantage of me.Faisal was put in the pentetiniary for 15 years on charge of attempted rape.He deserved to be inside there anyway.To me I have learn a bitter lesson.I swear that I would not trust any other man other than my hero-my beloved dad.

MMP, tusyen malam.
-Izzah Atira,-Farhana Azman Shah-Aiesyah Humaira'

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