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Opinion from one of the writers: INTHERA DEVI

Question 1:The character that you like best? Why?

The character that I like best in the novel is Granda. He is a delightfully funny man. He has no serious motives except that he wants to be together with his grandson, Rory at all times. Although he is forgetful and often helpless, he has a good sense of humour. He loves  his grandson who he says makes up for his 'lost' son. This is a good example of a loving grandfather.
Granda's forgetful actions are very amusing in the novel. For instance he threw Rory's homework jotter together with the rubbish down the chute. Once he was almost arrested for shoplifting when a hanger suit on it got caught in the belt of his raincoat and he walked out of the shop with it attached to him.Granda was very popular with Rory's friends. They were always eager for more stories about him and they too loved him very much.

Question 2:The most memorable character

The most memorable character in this novel for me is Rory. He was such a filial grandson that any grandfather could have. Rory loved his grandpa so much that he called him Granda. Rory could not handle losing his Granda when he was admitted at the Hospital. It had almost broken his heart. He felt as if his heart had been smashed like concrete into tiny bits. Rory always consoled himself with the thought of his Granda beside him. Whenever Rory's heart felt hurt, his Granda always mended it. As they were on their journey escape from the hospital, Rory prayed silently for his Granda. He pleaded god not to let his Granda die before they got to the caravan. He also made a promise to God that he would go out every Saturday collecting for the Salvation Army and even join it for the sake of his Granda. This loving attitude of Rory has made him a memorable character for me.
Question 3:AThe lesson that I learnt:
In this novel the lesson that I have learnt is to be loving to the elders. Rory loved his grandpa so much in this novel. His love and care for the grandfather was portrayed in many ways. Whenever his grandpa made simple errors Rory was so forgiving. He never got angry with him. In fact he taught his grandpa little things such as with the Parents' Night coming up, Rory was trying to coach Granda on how to behave.He did not like  people giving comments about his grandpa. He really took care of him just like a mother taking care of her infant. When Granda was hospitalised, Rory felt so sad for him and decided to escape with him.He had pure love for his grandpa. From his actions in the story I learnt that we must take care of old people with a loving heart as well.

Question 4:The theme??

In the novel, one of the themes is love and it is portrayed well through the character of Val Jessup, a social worker who, in her enthusiasm of her first case, really takes the time to understand Granda and Rory's problems. Val Jessup is nervous about Rory living alone in the flat after the mishap and so she drives him to Castle Street. She takes Rory to the hospital to see his grandfather but keeps her worries about the latter's health a secret. Eventually, it is Val Jessup who tells Rory that the authorities have moved Granda to Rachnadar and that Rory, being a young boy cannot be left alone to take the responsibility of caring for his aged and unwell grandfather. When Rory and his grandfather are on the run, Val Jessup appears on the television to address them, appealing for them to get in touch, stating that the authorities are only worried about them and that it is Granda's health that is the main concern. Even though Val Jessup is just a social worker and not related to Granda or Rory, we can see the element of love in her. She loves Granda and Rory like her own family members.

Question 5:The happy event that you can quote:

The happy event in this novel is when Rory finally meets his Granda's family and his Dad's family as well. They all insisted that Rory to go home with them. Rory realised that he had two little sisters as well. His Dad's wife was called Karen. Rory's beloved Granda was happy to see his two little granddaughters. He let them climb all over him and even kissed him. Rory was finally able to stay in Liverpool.His dad's family also stayed near to him and his Granda. His dad always came to his place every day and helped out with the daily chores. Rory and his Granda visited his dad's place for dinner, Life was very meaningful finally for Rory and his Granda. Reuniting back with the family is a happy event in the story.

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