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Based on the novel that you have read,write about a character who faces challenges and overcomes them.

In the novel Catch Us If You Can, one character that faces great challenges is Rory. He was a young boy but he faced many challenges in life. First and foremost, he had to care for his granda who was suffering from memory loss and ill health. Afraid that his granda's condition would cause them to be separated, Rory did his level best to ensure that he took charge of the situation well. He made sure that his granda had his regular medical check-up and took his medication on time. However, fate had it that a fire caused by Granda left Rory completely helpless.

The fire left Rory and Granda without a home. They were separated. Rory stayed in Castle Street while Granda was placed in Rachnadar. Rory faced the challenge of having them together again. Granda was devastated by the plans made by the authorities. He could not bear to be separated from his grandson. Rory planned the Great Escape which along with it was great challenges. Granda's ill health caused Rory to fear for his granda's life.

In the climax of the story, Rory's fear came true. He thought Granda was dead. Granda was not moving. He was cold. Rory ran for his life to get help.He felt responsible. He had planned the escape and his granda could be dead. However, all the challenges that Rory faced were not in vain. His granda survived the ordeal and they were reunited with Jeff Mclntosh.

There are great challenges in life. One needs to persevere and remain focus in order to overcome them. Rory never wavered in his plans to ensure that he and his granda were not separated.
 In the end, his efforts were paid off. Rory got to know a long lost father and Granda reunited with his estranged son.

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