Saturday, 14 March 2015


                                                       Crime Preventions
                                     By: Wan Siti Nor Farhani bt Wan Ahmad Fathi 

Crime is the most dangerous act that are always happening in our country, Malaysia. It is not only happening  in many big cities but  also in small villages. It is the issue that is  always looming  in our daily routine  which means we cannot avoid crime from our daily life.These crimes have cause many effects to the victims physically and mentally.With  many police reports on crimes for every minute all over the country,we can figure out the extent of this  serious phenomena.We can also read almost everyday from the newspapers on prevailing crimes hence  we consider this as a very serious threat. These criminals not only  injuring the victims mentally and physically but they also caused imminent deaths.Therefore, we should react  immediately to prevent these criminals from becoming a parasite in our daily life.

Life is precious. We should take care of our life from being disturbed by criminal cases. So, by taking appropriate preventions, we can avoid crime cases such as gambling, illegal racing, stealing, robbing, raping and others.Therefore it is recommended to learn martial arts such as taekwando,judo,karate and silat and other forms of self–defence.We can prepare our body for the worst situation and protect ourself from being a casualty. Besides, we also can bring along a whistle as another means of protection especially when  we walk alone in a quite alley.Pepper spray  too can  also be used and the criminal can be blinded for a while while we can scream and seek outside help.Home is a place that keep us calm  and relax.But sometimes it becomes a worrisome situation when someone break-in. These criminals get into the house gingerly at night when the owner  is sleeping. So, we should by lock all the doors and windows when we are not at home or leaving the house.We also must keep the lights on at night. For more safety measure, we  can place the alarm near the window. So, if there any break-in, the alarm will shrill.

 As a neighbour also we should be nice to others and get to  know them. So, if anything happen, they can help us. Life is not such a bed of red roses. We have many difficulties to control all the matters. So, we must cooperate and tolerate with each other. We also can keep in touch with them by  noting  their telephone numbers.Besides, we can instill sense of care and cooperation.

For our safety, we should organise a patrol around the neighbourhood. It can increase the awareness to community. We can take turn to patrol around the neighbourhood.In addtion, school children should not walk alone in a quiet street, they should walk in group or accompany.  They also should never trust any stranger s because we never know  of wolf in a sheep clothing. So, we as a responsible citizen, by hooks or by crooks should be  alert on  this issue and must be  aware of those crimes effect.In conclusion, danger can happen anytime and anywhere and you never know when it will  happen. Prevention is always better than cure. Better  be safe  than sorry.



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