Saturday, 14 March 2015



The Principal, teachers and my fellow friends. Good morning to you all. I would like to extend my thanks to all of you who have come to this hall. I am up here to give a talk in conjunction of the National Reading Month at  the school level. My topic today is "The importance of Reading". I hope you can give me your full attention because we know that reading is everything to us as a student. In addition, some of us will face a big examination this year such as PMR and SPM.
     Sometimes, you must think who exactly should read, right? Is it someone who will face examination? The answer is not, definitely not. Reading is not only for those students who will face examination but for everyone. Whether children, students on primary or secondary, teenagers, adults and even the aged. You also have to remember to choose the types of reading materials. Make sure it is suitable for your age, mood and the impact from the reading materials. Some books may bring a negative effect in our life especially the novels and magazines nowadays.
     When you are going to read, please set the best time to read. In the late afternoon, time from past noon till dusk is not suitable for us to read. In this time, Earth's pressure is too high until everyone easily feel stress and tired. The best time to read is on the midnight, three fourth night at around two o'clock. An hour study is similarly four hours study in the afternoon. When we read, we can learn about other's people culture. This is such an interesting knowledge especially we are as Malaysians that live in numerous nation with full of peacefulness. Usually this sources of knowledge can be found in documentary's books. Apart from that, we are also able to learn about life, people's joy and sorrow. We can take some moral values from others' life so that we will never do that and impenitent in the future.
     Furthermore, we can also learn new words from our reading especially in the newspaper. They always use new words in the articles so that their sentences will be dramatic and the readers will be excited to read. This will improve our vocabulary especially in our writing. Reading also fill-up your leisure time. It's better than you do something that cannot give you benefit at all and have many negative impact  such as playing play-station games, surfing social networks for leisure and others.
     In addition, reading also improve one's language as we are always use our mother tongue language, Malay language. English language is well-known,established worldwide. This language helps you to communicate with many people via e-mails, phones, sms and video conferencing. Beside that, someone who love to read will get new knowledge through their reading. It will help you to know latest news, current issues, science's or Mathematics's formula and others. It will gain your knowledge. Lastly, you are able to share your knowledge with your sisters, friends at the school and in the social networks such as Facebook, Whats App ,Twitter and so on. This will help them to be more knowledgeable as you are.
     In a nutshell, reading is very important to us especially in this challenging would. All things need knowledge. If you are unknowledgeable, you will be  left behind and you will be among the failures. Reading will give spirit, ideas and will make you more peaceful. Reading is not only by books but also from articles, newspaper and magazines. If you do not like to read, manure it from now and make sure you will be the best among the best in the future. I wish you good luck and do the best.
     Thank you for lending your ears and that's all from me.~from Siti Humaira (maahad p.mas) Pusat Tuisyen Ezi.

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