Saturday, 14 March 2015


                                                                      Crime Prevention.                                                                                                                              By:Nik Aisyah Ilnani binti Nik Asbullah

As we know, the rise of criminal activities has always made us worry. We could not roam the streets freely and safely anymore because of crimes like robbing, kidnapping, snatching or even murdering. These tragic crimes usually done by desperate person and they are ruthless and merciless.This  is  worrying and frightening. We  are scared  to allow our children go out due to this impact and those stories  always  appear in the  newspapers. Some people have commented  that the authorities have not done enough to fight crime but actually the public are not doing  enough.They  do not unite  and cooperate with  each other to fight these  crimes. So, as  concern citizens,we must take responsibility  to prevent these crimes from happening right in front of our eyes.

First and foremost, we can play our part in our residential areas  by organizing neighborhood patrols. The residents can do  the patrols by taking  turns weekdays and weekends. Through this, we can know each other by exchanging telephone number which is very important in case of  unexpected events. Apart of that, it would be safer if more crime prevention campaign to be organized to reinforce  the residents awareness.Hence they  can act together to fight these crimes. Sometime we can organize a talk about crime prevention and invite speakers who are proficient and expert  in  handling the  crime issue. Call the neighborhood to join hands in this activity thus  the neighborhood will be educated on the crime prevention.

On the other hand, we should join martial arts classes during our free time. It is very helpful when we are attacked by criminal and especially when  we are alone.The women too  must join these martial arts such as Taekwando, Silat, Karate and Kung Fu. The criminals would target the  women because they assume that women are weak and easily become their victims.It is very important for women to bring out with them pepper spray and whistle to protect themselves and attract people around them.

Last but not least, it would be super good in crime prevention every time we want to go out or to sleep if we can check either all doors and windows are lock or not because if we do not do that, it is like giving  the criminal a golden  opportunity to break in into our homes. We should always switch on lights, especially the  front and back of our home so it is easy for us or neighbour see someone unknown loitering our home. Besides that, we should install CCTV and alarm in our house to protect our property and us and directly link them to the police. CCTV can make  the police job  easier.They can trace the criminals hence  we can demand the justice.

There  are many ways of crime prevention that we can do in our life and make them as habit. Crime prevention is our responsibility.f we can work together to prevent this happening then we can decrease the rate of crimes in our country and make our residential areas safer.. 

Maahad Muhammadi Perempuan

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