Saturday, 14 March 2015


                                                              Crime Preventions
                                                               By: Huda Izzati
Lately,the crimes are rampant and happening almost everyday.This issue heighten the public anxiety level.Crime likes stealing,robbing ,snatching,kidnapping and even murdering are frightening and traumatic.These crimes are committed by desperate people and usually they are ruthless and merciless.Therefore our society must be united and cooperate to wipe out these crimes otherwise we may be living in fear.
Firstly,it is imperative to get know with your neighbours in your neighborhood.Then organise a patrolling schedule and take turn to patrol the area.If there is evidence of crimes in the area then the patrolling must be regular and preferably to be carried out slightly after midnight and over the weekends.Apart from that,crime prevention campaigns also should be organized to reinforce public awareness on the need to act together to combat crime.The leaflet about the crime and how to prevent it should be distributed to the public.Besides that,get to know your neighbours in your neighborhood is not enough yet.You must also exchange the telephone numbers in case of unfortunate events.For example,if we see the strangers with the suspicious behaviour at our neighbour's house,we can make a call to inform our neighbour about it and to make sure they are not the bad people.

     In addition,martial arts is one way to prevent crimes from happening to us.We can defend ourselves from those criminals who are trying to rob,snatch or attack us in our way.Learning in martial arts is a crucial way to protecting ourselves from crime especially to the youth.We could join the classes during our day-off or in weekend.Moreover,the fee for the classes is usually in low-price and affordable.And many of school had organized the martial arts as a club in school for those students who have interest in it.Furhermore,it is encouraged for students to attend it.It is worth as we are saving our life.For the women especially,it is advisable to bring along the pepper spray and whistle when going out alone to defend themselves from the bad people.It is dangerous for a women to walk down the street defenseless.

 On the other hand,make sure that all windows and doors are properly shut up and locked before leaving home or during at night to avert the burglary.When we and our family go on holiday or outstation,inform our immediate  neighbours.Ask one of our neighbours to collect mails since uncollected mails gives the impression that the house occupants are away. Besides,make sure the light are turn on at night at areas outside our house especially the porch and the backyard to deter the burglar from breaking into the house.In some isolated cases,there have been reports about burglars prising grilles open.Installing a burglar alarm reduces the risk of forced entry.Lastly,make sure our mobile phone always be with us.It will be easy for  us to telephone the police if something crops  up.

In conclusion,crime prevention is a collective  responsibility.So,the public must work-in-hand with the police to reduce the crime in our beloved country.As the saying goes,many hands make light works.Also,the public must follow the steps of crime prevention to make them more safety conscious.


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