Saturday, 14 March 2015


                                                       Keeping yourself fit and healthy
                                                     By: Noor Imani Binti Mohd Zaki
                       Health is wealth. This is one of the most famous adage that has been used by almost people especially among the students. But many of us do not know what it really means. We should all agree with this saying as health is essential for us to have a better life. Thus,we have to take care of our health to stay as fit as a fiddle. By taking care of our health,we can avoid ourself from getting infected from deadly  diseases such as diabetes,high blood pressure and leading to  obesity which can affect our lives. Do you know how to keep ourself fit and healthy? Let me share some ways that will help us keeping fit. 
                    First and foremost,all we need to do is we must conduct regular exercises. For instance,we can do a brisk walking or jogging during our free time. Exercising in the morning can leave us with a refreshed feeling throughout the day and can put us in a good mental health.Thus,it can help us in our study as we will be able to generate ideas and think creatively.We should go for activities that we enjoy and not force ourself to activities that we despise. On top of that,we have to update the information about health by reading materials on health and supplementary copies.If we always update the information,we will know better about the diseases,the effect and preventing steps. We must visit the doctor regularly for preventive care.Don't wait until we are sick to talk to the doctor.Regular medical check up should be done to test blood,cholesterol and many others that can help keep our healthy.Apart from that,we should also avoid ourself from unbeneficial activities such as drug intake,smoking and illegal racing.Yet  OTHER things that we should better avoid are wasting time on social network activities,playing games and watching tv too long.We will be in trouble if we do not avoid these bad activities.
                  We are what we eat.Therefore,we should take in a balanced diet that can promote good health,prevent diseases and help us recover faster from illnesses.We have to consume a healthy and nutritious food such as vegetables,fruits and nuts.Bear in mind to take 8 glasses of plain water daily.We can see that Malaysians are mostly influenced by the mouth-watering junk and fast food.Even though,they are  finger-licking good,but they are  not good for health in the long run.Changing our bad diet will contribute a great difference for our health. As we all know,pevention is better than cure.
                 Besides,it is as easy as ABC to keep ourself  fit and healthy by having a good and adequate sleep.People nowadays are very busy with their own activities until they tend to  neglect  their health conditions. As a student,a good and adequate sleep is very important for us.We need to get enough sleep to stay focused in class and we should not burn the midnight oil to study.We are advised to sleep at least seven to eight hours per day.By following this advice,we will not feel sleepy in class. A good sleep can refresh our mind and make us feel healthier.
          Finally,we should realise the importance of keeping ourself fit and healthy. We should turn over a new leaf if we do not bother  about our health all this while.As a new generation who will take over the country,we should take care of our health for a better future because we are the leaders of tomorrow.


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