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                                                   Keeping yourself fit and healthy
                                                   By: SitiMunirahBtMohdSaufi
 Spasmodically, we as the students already know that it is very crucial to be in healthy condition.A maxim ‘Health is Wealth’ is very true because when we are not healthy then  we are burdened by weakness and we could not do our work  in routine  especially studying.Thus,,we cannot  focus on studying when we are burdened by weakness. On top of that,,we should take care of ourselves from being sick because a healthy body is definitely essential for us .It will produce a healthy mind so that we can understand easily what we learn in our class.How can we keep ourselves fit and healthy?I would like to share the following simple tips.

First of all,the simplest way of keeping fit is by exercising or conducting regular exercise.The exercise should be vigorous because vigorous exercise can keep our muscles  strong and supple.Therefore,by conducting regular exercise,we can also keep our muscles,bones and other organs in our bodies in good running order. When we do exercise,it makes us sweat and helps us to burn cholesterol  in our bodies so that we can be fit and healthy.There are many diverse  exercises such as brisk walking or jogging and playing games that require a lot of movements  such as badminton,swimming,soccer or tennis which is good for us to keep our reflexes sharp and our limbs flexible and strong.

However exercising regularly is not enough.We must avoid ourselves from unbeneficial activities such as drug intake,smoking,illegalracing,watching television for  too long, and wasting time on social network activities.Thus,we should not abuse our bodies by doing  unbeneficial activities.For an example,a smoker will has a perpetual cough that may lead to lung disease or cancer.At  the same time,it leads the  smoker almost close to horrible death.Bear  in  mind that prevention is better than cure so,we need to evade ourselves from being involved in such  unbeneficial activities.

Besides,exercising and avoiding from unbeneficial activities are not sufficient for us to keep our bodies fit and healty.We ought  to take in a balance diet and watch what we eat because we are what we eat.The food and drink that we take in daily is also important to keep us fit.
It is useless to keep exercising while we always take all sorts of junk.There are two things that we need to be careful about,they are fatty foods and alcohol.When we take fatty foods and alcohol so they can cause our bodies fat and prone to all sorts of illness.We should consider that fatty foods and alcohol will jeopardize our health.So,choose the nutritious food that is crucial for our bodies.

 There are also other things that we should be aware to make us  fit and healthy. We must update information that are  related with our  health.By reading  materials on  health,supplementary copies and always conduct medical check up to test blood  pressure,cholesterol and many others,we will be better in keeping ourself healthy.Hence,there are many people who are  not sure what they have to do and they dare to spend thousands on health products without examining their effectiveness.So,we are advised to seek professional advice from a health practitioner or  a doctor to get the information about any  health products.

 Last but not least,it is vitally crucial for us to keep our bodies fit and healthy so that we are not burdened by weakness or illness.Keeping our bodies fit and healthy should be our first priority as it will lessen the possibility of getting infected with diseases.A fit person is less likely to succumb easily to disease.Nobody likes to be frail and sick,it is more pleasurable for life when we are healthy and fit.As the saying goes ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ is very true for us.It is up to us to make  ourselves alive and kicking.In fact,we also have the choice whether we want to keep fit  and healthy or otherwise.


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