Saturday, 14 March 2015


                                                                   Crime Prevention
                                                                  By Nur Amira A’faf

   At the front papers these days,there are many reports of  crimes happening everywhere-in our country , neighbourhood,schools and many others. Thousand of people are robbed every hour , sometimes they are beaten violently.This situation is continuing and the number of crimes are increasing and this trend is worrying and alarming. Of course , all of us don’t want these tragic crimes  to happen in our life. That’s why we have to cut down these crimes otherwise we are living in a dangerous zone where crimes happen every minutes and it passes through us without any action. Hence let us be united to combat these ruthless and merciless acts.

   First of all , living in a housing estate or in a village or in a town , we should take care of  each other and help each other. “Our neighbour are like our family” that is the words which we should keep in our mind. We must take all effort to keep our neighbourhood to prevent any possible crimes. In spite of that, we as residents here should make campaigns about prevention of crimes. The campaigns can be a speech on “How to prevent crimes” from a police officer ,distribute some brochures and pamphlets. But the most important is we must recognize and know our entire neighbour in our territory. Hence , we can exchange phone number in case there is a crime happening in our neighbourhood.

   Besides that , when we are outside or far away from our comfort zones,we  maybe in an exorbitant risk of dangers. To avoid us from these dangers such as  kidnap , robbery , snatch and others ; we can join martial art classes. Taekwondo , ‘Silat gayong’ and Kung Fu.These are some examples  of martial arts classes. By joining these classes we can learn some techniques  to protect ourselves from being attacked by criminals. Likewise , it also can keep us fit as fiddle. Equally  important , carrying a whistle and a pepper spray in a pocket or in a purse for women is one the ways to prevent crimes. If someone is trying to attack us , we can use the whistle to attract attention of others so that  they will help us. Thus , by using pepper spray , we can spray it on the criminals face or in the eyes and this will distract their acts towards us.

   Next , house breaking are often happening  when the owner is on a vacation or  holidays outstations especially  during festive seasons. This crime can be prevented simply by making sure to lock all doors and windows before leaving home and before going  to bed. To deter  those thief , we can can turn on light at nights so that the thief know that we are  at home. In addition , we also can buy or install CCTV or an alarm at home for  a better protection.  Last but not least , we must have and paste the police telephone number inside our house. So every members of the family realize and take  note about it.

   All in all , there are many ways to prevent crimes from  happening. We should be more responsible to protect our life , loved  ones , neighbourhood and even our country from any possible crimes. As we all know “Prevention Is Better Than Cure”.


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