Saturday, 14 March 2015


                                                            Crime Prevention
                                                      By:Izzati Akhtar Bt Mohd Tajuddin  

These days crimes almost happened every hour in our country.We can read about these crimes in newspapers and articles in the Internet and also watch them on television.These crimes which include robbery,kidnapping,extortion,snatch-thefts,raping and many others are obviously frightening and alarming..These crimes are committed by desperate people and they are ruthless and merciless which may cost lives and properties.Some too caused permanent injuries.Therefore it is important for us to be united and cooperate with our neighbours to combat these crimes and  never let them happen in front of our eyes.

Firstly it is important to be close to our neighbours.Then we can plan the patrolling schedules among our neighbourhood.These schedules can be done on every alternate days probably from 10p.m onwards and every neighbour must take turn to patrol.If the crime is too often,then the patrolling schedule can be further tighten up with the assistance of Police.Furthermore,it is advisable to promote campaign on crime prevention by distributing pamphlets or leaflets on ‘Ways to prevent crimes’Every neighbour must be duly informed of latest happening in the neighbourhood.Other useful information can be displayed on the leaflet such as the neighbours phone numbers,latest statistics on the crimes in the areas and pictures of  suspicious strangers and vehicles.Meanwhile the neighbours are encouraged for  monthly tea-party  gathering to ensure the neighbours are closer to each other and exchange telephone numbers.Talks on crimes can also be done by calling guest speakers. With all these promotions,the crimes can be minimized.

Apart from that,it is encouraged for you to take up any forms of martial arts specifically to defend you and your family from possible attackers.Popular ones such as tea-kwan do,silat,Muay-thai
karate,judo and others  are easily available at any martial-arts centre.All you need to do is to find the one that suits you.The female are advised to carry whistle and pepper spray..This will at least blinded the attackers for a while before the police can take further action.Be alert that sometimes the attackers carry with them sharp weapon so it is advisable not to be too close to them.

Your home is always the potential place for criminals to come and rob you.So be always alert to lock all doors and windows especially when you travel outstation.Leave a short note to the police to inform them on the empty house and they should be able to make their rounds.Put the lights on  especially the back lane,garage and front entrance.Better still if you can afford to  install CCTV or alarm.This will probably frighten the criminal and deter them to come closer to your residence.

Whatever your preventions are,the police must always be on the top list.If you suspect of any  suspicious characters loitering in your neighbourhood,take no chances and quickly report to the police.Crime is frightening and avoid it at all cost.No crime makes you happy and you can share all your joys with your loved ones and your neighbours.      


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