Saturday, 14 March 2015


                                                   Accidents:Causes and Preventions
                                                   By:Siti Suhana Bt Mohd Izzany

Accidents are common reports in all major newspapers.The  daily accidents  rates are increasing and this is alarming and frightening.You may see those tragic deaths reported in newspapers and shown on televisions and this is certainly making  us,the innocent people as victims by  those careless and inconsiderate drivers.So where do we go from here?Remember those days, twenty to thirty years ago when your neighbour died of accidents,it was something which you called fated,unavoidable and uncommon.But today when you hear people died of accidents,you said,“This is a common accident, it happens everyday and everywhere, people died due to accident easily and your turn maybe next!”Isn’t this statement frightening?

The more pressing problem are drivers especially the younger ones who like to show off their new acquired machines and drive at high speed as though they are the ‘King of the road”.They speed up on the roads and highways and ignoring all the traffic rules and regulations.Some like to send messages while riding on  the motorcycle and  most motorists are often caught on their mobiles phones.These are blatant mistakes on the roads and leading to carelessness,recklessness and ignorance.Therefore  these drivers and motorcyclists need to be taught to have good,considerate road manners and ofcourse courtesy. Otherwise it is a matter of time that their dead bodies  too would be collected at mortuary.Apart from that,most drivers today are well-known for their  selfishness and do not drive defensively.They like to challenge each other especially those driving big vehicles such as big lorries,containers, tankers and express buses.They would speed and zig-zag along the highways after midnight as though they are the only ‘vehicles’ on the road.They would put on challenges among each other and as a result you can see many daring and breathtaking races on the highways.The other road users are practically bullied  by them.These smaller and innocent drivers do not dare to overtake because of impending dangers that they may face. Moreover some of the heavy vehicles such as big lorries and tankers,they  are carrying more than the allowable weight.As a result they do not give priority on road safety.Thus accidents do happen and it is almost impossible to  avoid.That is why you can easily spot   many heavy vehicles skidded and overturned on the roads and  highways.Another point of concern are those drunk,sleepy and tired  drivers.Logically they should stop at any rest and recreation centre  for a short nap and rest and then continue with their journey.But many just ignore because they want to rush for more overtime and extra trips to earn more money.Hence their acts are jeopardizing the safety of other road users.Another instance is drivers who are addicted to drugs.They are also the cause of major accidents on the highways.These drivers should be completely banned on the roads and highways as they posed too much danger to other road users.

The maintainence of roads and highways is another factor that caused the accidents.Some roads and highways are poorly maintained with many potholes which endanger the safety of road users.Many parts of the roads and highways are without street lights and this is obviously dangerous.Proper sign boards to indicate the conditions of the roads such as sharp corners ahead and some people at work repairing the piping system or others also not displayed.Older vehicles which are not serviced or poor brake system and no proper signal lights are also contributing to accidents.

For reasons mentioned above obviously I am very concerned and getting worried day by day.If the situation does not improve and  authorities such as JPJ,Police Traffic and other authorised agency must act fast and regularly.They do not carry the enforcement only during festive seasons such as Hari Raya and Chinese New Year but  they must carry out throughout the year.Otherwise you will hear more deaths minutes by minutes and day by day.The drivers must change their habits and attitudes.They must abide by the traffic rules and regulations.Heavier penalties and jailed term must be add to the existing law.If irresponsible and careless driver who caused deaths to other road users,they must be penalized to the maximun such as RM10000 fine,10years jail and licence suspended for more than 10 years. Unfortunately the government have not yet amend these laws and drivers are still driving dangerously. Licence for those eligible to be be given upon reaching 21 years old. At this age,it is hope that the motorists and motorcyclists  would act rationally and do not be too hasty and hostile on the roads.apart from that the vehicles,roads and highways must be on regular basis to avoid any untoward incidents.      

Finally,prevention can only happen if and only the motorists and motorcyclists change their habits and attitudes.Remember the loved ones at home and this slogan may put them on alert on dangers that they may go through.Avoid ‘hanky panky’ or any forms of bribery if you are caught otherwise you may repat the same offences and continue to break the rules.Let us now put all efforts to prevent and reduce these tragic tragedies.      


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