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There was a gibbous moon in the sky which fit up a few wispy clouds_ It was 2.30 a.m. when the party ended. After bidding farewell to my friend, I took my motorbike and headed straight for home.
The deserted road was dark and gloomy. Surprisingly, the roads were badly lit. The feeling or loneliness crept all over me as I travelled uneventfully along the endless long stretch of road. It was at times like this when I wished that I could have someone by my side to accompany me.It was a few minutes later when I noticed a young girl, who was about my age, standing by the roadside and waving me down. It took me a moment or two to react. Should I stop? Without much consideration I stomped on the brake pedal and the vehicle came to an abrupt halt.The young girl, needless to say, was pretty. She has a  petite figure, an oval-shaped face, a pair of sparkling eyes and lustrous hair. When she spoke, her voice had the same sort of purity as the water from the mountain spring. And she wanted a lift to her house. Later, I was still trekking along the stretch of road, but not alone.

On the way, she complained that she was feeling rather cold. Without hesitation, I took off my stylish jacket and gave it to her.She accepted it appreciatively and wrapped it around  her body with ease. Then, we trekked onwards. I took her straight home. When she got off at her address, she thanked me,

“Come to my house when you're free”, she whispered softly and pointed at the bungalow with imposing white gates. May I know your name?" I asked gallantly.`Gweyn," she replied with a smile.I arrived home at about 3.00 in the morning. It was then when I recalled that I had left my jacket with Gweyn. I was feeling rather worn out and decided to retrieve it when dawn breaks. As fatique.claimed over me, I slumped lazily into the  welcoming arms of the soft sofa and fell into a dreamless  slumber.It was a chilly morning when I woke up  which the pale sun to my left seemed to be doing little to alleviate. Orange  daylight was oozing in through the open windows. I decided to pay the girl a visit right away. I arrived at her house at about 8:00 in the morning. I pressed the doorbell and waited patiently.
 Time seemed to drag by slowly. Then an elderly woman appeared and looked at me enquiringly. I explained to her about be incident last night.Somehow, she questioned its truth and refused to believe every word that came out from my mouth.”I am perfectly sure that mydaughters were with me last night." she murmured. "All of them." Her tone was very sarcastic.Now what? How should I convince her? I did not know what to do. My limbs seemed to be frozen and when I opened my mouth to speak, there was no voice to be heard_

She detected my difficulties and continued to speak. "You do look sincere, young man, but are you sure?"

"Yes!" I said the word with utter finality.She nodded briefly and motioned me to follow her into the house. Once inside she gestured me to be seated. Then, she went upstairs. 1 took a few glances around my surroundings  The interior of the house was indeed well designed. Then, I spotted a picture which was hanging on the opposite  wall. It was Gweyn!Moments later, the woman came down with her daughters. She demanded me to indicate the girl that I mentioned. There were three of them, but none of them was the girl I was looking for."Where is Gweyn?" I enquired."Who?" She looked baffled."Gweyn, the girl in that picture," I explained and pointed directly at the picture hanging on the wall.

Her daughters giggled softly and looked sarcastically at me. Then, the elderly woman took a few paces across the room, towards that picture and gave a sigh of resignation."Young man, the girl in that picture is indeed Gwep.""Then where is she?" I continued to probe."But, she is no longer with us," she said gravely, and .pronounce each word clearly as if speaking to a five-year-old child stared at her expressionlessly and said, 'That's not funny." Little did I realise that sweat was pouring down her forehead."I didn't say that it was funny, young man," she  retorted. "Come with me," she snapped and left by the back door. Unceremoniously, I followed her.I was brought to a cemetery which was located a few hundred yards away from her house.When we arrived at her daughter's grave,I saw my jacket hanging over the tombstone.

I was speechless and dumbfounded…….




It was almost two o'clock in the morning.Mek Jah  was pateintly waiting for her husband.Deep in her heart,she wondered why Jali was still out there.”Where did he go?” Mak Jah murmured.Could he be at the famous Muay Thai restaurant at Rantau Panjang near the Thai border?The place he usually went to for his supper or could he be at his sister’s place at Tanah Merah,a place he never missed when he travelled over that side.But he promised to come back before midnight.Mek Jah and Jali were just married a year ago.So Mek Jah felt very uneasy being left alone,whatmore it was already after midnight.Afterall she has a six month old daughter, Melati to take care of,their first child.Mek Jah was very worried for her husband had never come back so late. She could not sleep either. Each second was like a thousand years. She gazed her little baby girl who was sleeping in a cot.A pleasant smile rose on her face seeing Melati sleeping soundly without any interference.

Unfortunately,there was a power failure that night.The heavy downpour over the last three hours made it impossible for the electricity to stay on.Mek  Jah immediately lighted a candlestick.It  shone brightly in the room. She then glimpsed at the clock on the wall. Suddenly she heard  a loud crash which pierced the  silence of the night. Her heart missed a beat. It did not sound too good. She looked out through a window and with the help of the moonlight,she spotted Jali’s car.The car had  collided with a tanker.Mek Jah was so nervous and horrified.What would happen to her hubby then?She was completely restless.

Text Box:  Her heart started to pound and without further consideration, she rushed out from her house and running downstairs  towards the car.While she was rushing clumsily towards the staircase,she accidentally knocked the table and the candle fell down. In her haste, she did not notice or feel anything.

She is now at the scene.She could hear her husband’s voice groaning in pain.She could figure out the pain was excruciating.He was trapped in the wrecked  car. His head and face were-bleeding profusely. She called out her husband's name repeatedly but soon Jali was unconscious. By then, the villagers had converged at the scene. The situation  was chaotic. The tanker driver and the villagers gave a helping hand to extricate her husband from the wreckage. But they failed to do.that. Her husband exhaled his last gasp of breath  in the car. She cried sadly and tears flowed  down her cheeks  uncontrollably.

At that same moment, someone cried out, "Fire! Fire!” Her house was fire:She turned her head and saw that the fire had spread toff the bedroom. She remembered her baby "My baby,Melati was in the house! My baby!" She shouted nervously and ran towards her house. She was forbidden by some villagers from barging into the burning house.-The fire spread rapidly and the house was engulfed in flames in a matter of minutes.The villagers formed a bucket put out the raging fire but then,their  efforts were like a drop in the ocean. She cried, screamed and struggled to free herself from the hand of the villagers. She wanted to get into the house to save her baby. She was screaming hysterically.She became weary,upset and terrified.All she could  do was gazing at the fire.She was extremely sad that she had lost her husband, her child, her house and infact she had lost everything in just few hours. It was an agony,unbearable and horrifying night for her.

This is the worst moment in her life and she thought to herself that nobody else had experienced this terrifying moment like what she had gone through…..



Story beginning:I did not realize that I am now already a free man and…

I did not realize that I am now already  a free man after years of torment in prison.Never in my mind did l think that -this day would come. When I first stopped  outside the prison gate, I was afraid to face the society that l have been cast from. I summoned all my courage and started to walk away from the penitentiary. I turned my head to see the prison for the last time. It had been a nightmare for me in there. It was an unforgettable experience.

It happened 15 years ago. I was 26 years old then. I had just finished my degree in medicine. I searched for jobs everywhere. Fortunately, I found a job as a surgeon in a private hospital. It was a lucrative job. My career was starting to take off. As a young and handsome doctor, my life was surrounded by women. I never had a long term relationship with anyone of them.One day I was assigned to treat a patient. It was a female  patient. Her name was Trisa. Her legs were broken, She was very, beautiful, a heavenly creature like an angel. She seemed very familiar, but I still could not rernember where I had seen her before. After the operation, I visited her to ask some questions.It was a coincidence that we had studied at the same school. Since that day I always visited her until she was discharged.

We started to going out together. Since I started seeing her, my life had changed. She filled my life with joy. She was the  'love of my life. One day, while we were having dinner, she vomitted and fainted. I admitted her to the hospital. She said to me that she suffered from food poisoning. A few weeks after that, the same thing happened. This time it was at her house.I started feeling anxious.

Then one day, I found bottles of drugs in her cabinet. The drugs were for cancer patients. I asked her and finally she revealed her secret. She had a brain cancer. There was a tumour in her head. It could  not be removed. The,following month she was admitted to the hospital where I worked.By that time, her condition had deteriorated. She was only given morphine to lessen her pain. Only time will tell when she would .leave me. I visited her every day. I spent almost all of my time with her. She was a very strong person. She was ready to face her fate.

Then one day, she was in intense  pain. The doctor could not do anything but give her more morphine. She asked me for an impossible favour_ She wanted me to end her life. She just could not endure the suffering any more. I did not want her to suffer too. But I really love her. I did not know what to do. I agreed to help her leave this world. It was the hardest thing I had to do in my life.With a heavy heart, I raised her morphine dosage. Tears were running down my.cheeks as I saw her eyes slowly close. Then a nurse came into the room and saw what I did. She quickly screamed.There were few medical staffs who came by and arrested me. The doctor came in but she was gone. I watched her lifeless body lying on. the bed.. She seemed as if she was smiling at me. I felt sad but.l was glad that her suffering had ended. That day some part of me died with her.I told the jury the truth.

I was found guilty of involuntary  manslaughter. I was sentenced fo life imprisonment. However, there were still some people who were fighting for my freedom. Time passed by and I had served 15 years in prison. Then one day a guard told me that I was free-to leave the prison.'There were many reporters who wanted to interview me. They wanted my story. It was funny somehow that at first I  was  treated like a criminal that was hated by the society but now I am a hero praised by the society. I remembered what Trisha told me.She said that 'Life is like a box of chocolate. You'll never know what you're going -to  g e t."It looks sweet but you get your  life bitter simply because you want to be nicer to people…. Only the Almighty knows whats in me on next episode.....

Haryati Illyani,
SMK Kubang Bemban.