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1. She is so ______ that it is easy to trick her.
  (A) cunning
(B) sophisticated
  (C) gullible
  (D) sly
2. The convention center is filled with ______ who are waiting to see the rarest stamp from the 6th century.
  (A) philatelists
(B) ventriloquists
  (C) philosophers
  (D) cartoonists
3. His face was long and ______, exactly like a horse.
  (A) feline
(B) avian
  (C) bovine
  (D) equine
4. Only the ______ few get to be invited for the sale.
  (A) willing
(B) obliged
  (C) privileged
  (D) reluctant
5. There seemed to be ______ of poison in her drink.
  (A) senses
(B) evidence
  (C) traces
  (D) marks
6. Delia was ______ as to why the school bully was willing to help her.
  (A) puzzled
  (B) liberated
  (C) gracious
  (D) annoyed
7. When he returned home, he was surprised to see his house badly ______.
  (A) tattered
  (B) trespassed
  (C) ransacked
  (D) investigated
8. I had to ______ his invitation to the sneak preview as I had another appointment.
  (A) turn off
  (B) turn away
  (C) turn over
  (D) turn down
9. Since the two movies are screened ______, we have no choice but to choose one.
  (A) tardily
  (B) concurrently
  (C) punctually
  (D) consecutively
10. The room was suddenly ______ by bright lights that we were somewhat blinded.
  (A) illustrated
  (B) alliterated
  (C) disillusioned
  (D) illuminated



1.Write about the relationship between the two main characters

Rory and Granda had an unusual and interesting relationship. They may be two generations apart yet their relationship was so close and stable. Granda had looked after Rory since he was a baby after Rory's father walked out on them. When Granda became old and was not well Ron' felt responsible and that he should look after Granda. They know each other so well that Rory understood Granda's fear of Rachriadar and vice versa Granda understood Rory's fear of Castle Street. Rory did not blame Granda for the mistakes he made not even when he set the tlat on fire. Granda could do no wrong as tar as Rory was concerned. Granda knew he could rely on Rory to look out for him anytime and anywhere. On occasions when the situation required better lodgement, Granda took over and became the person in charge and Rory accepted it albeit under protest. When they had to get Out of Perth station quietly and quickly, Granda hot-wired a car under protest from Rory. Rory was able to calm Granda and make him accept a helping hand from strangers because of the trust between them.

2.Write about an important moral value that you have learnt

The important moral value I have learnt from the novel is that family relationships should be nurtured and not taken for granted.Granda had looked after Rory after Rory's father walked out on them. Now that Granda was getting old and forgetful, Rory took it upon himsnif to look after Gra nda. Nobody forced him or told him  to do it but Rory felt it was the right thing to do. He was willing to forego things that teenage boys should be doing. He did all the household chores, made sure Granda took his medication and had all his meals. He even kept Granda's pipe to make sure there wasn't any untoward incidents. Grandpa had been known to leave his pipe in his pocket and burned out the jacket.
Granda and Rory did not take their relationship for granted. Granda had on several occasions expressed appreciation to Rory for being there for him while Rory felt proud to have Granda as his grandfather. He was protective and defensive of Granda. They nurtured their relationship right up to the end even when they had a family in Jeff and Karen.
Sammy, Ruby and Tyrone also showed a strong family relationship. Sammy and Ruby were free and easy but respectful with each other. Ruby would tease Sammy and vice versa. But, when it came to making decisions, Ruby left it to Sammy showing him respect as head of the family. Tyrone was respectful and obedient to Sammy and Ruby.Family relationships should be nurtured and not taken for granted as family happiness and stability depend on this positive attitude.

3.Write about the major changes that Rory faced in his life and the problems that came with them.

Rory was determined not to be separated from Granda who was not well and suffered from lapses of memory. He gave up playing football as he had to get dinner for Granda after school. Rory even told a few white lies when Granda misplaced his school jotter. He wanted people like Mrs Foley to think that it was Granda who was looking after him and not vice versa.He even coached Granda on how to behave on Parents' Night. He was genuinely worried that Granda be placed in a home.
After the flat caught fire, Rory faced a major change in his life. He was placed in a children's home and Granda was placed in an old folks' home. They had not been separated ever since Rory's father walked out on them. Rory could see that Granda was slowly dying in the home. To solve these problems, Rory worked out an escape plan and took Granda away from Rachnadar. They ran away to Darren's family caravan where they stayed in hiding for a few days. Rory was happy to see Granda recovering and was his old self again
Later, when they had to run away from the police, Rory faced the problem of deciding where to run to and at the same time, he could see that running away and around had taken a toll on Granda's health. Rory learned to place his trust on strangers as a way out. He would lose Granda if he did not. Sammy and his  family took them to the north while Rab and Annie helped them to get to Lake District.
Rory was willing to risk incurring Granda's anger when he decided they would go to Liverpool to look for his father. It would solve his problem of being solely responsible for Granda's welfare. Moreover, Granda was showing the strains of running around.Another major change in Rory's life was meeting up with his father and the latter's family. In spite of Granda's stories about Jeff, Rory finds Jeff easy to get along. He accepted the whole family and as he said they are together and will stay together as a family.
4.Write about the theme of the story.

A theme in the story is determination brings success. Rory and Granda were on an escape adventure from the local authorities as they were determined not to be separated as they had been when they were placed in Castle Street and Rachnadar. They wanted their freedom to live like the old days.
They went on an escape adventure and it was determination that made them willing Lo go through hardships as they had no final destination in mind.They had to keep running and be alert to avoid being caught by the police. They also had to be careful not to be recognized by the public who could identify them from their pictures in the local television news. This determination inspired some kind strangers to help them whenever the law caught up with them.
Granda showed strong determination in-that at times when he was really exhausted he would still put in extra efforts to escape being caught by the police. Rory had to pull him into the bushes and he survived it although he was in a panic. On another occasion, he picks speed and rolled into a ditch to escape the law. He even hit a  younger person on the head and hotwired car to escape. All these showed his determination and it brought success as they could escape from the law,
Rory and  Granda's determination to be together and to stay free brought success as they eventually ended up in Liverpool where Jeff, Rory's father was, They were reunited as a family.

5.Write about the plot of the story and state what you think of the plot.

Rory and Granda's were on an escape adventure from their hometown to Liverpool because they did not want to be separated from each other. They had cared for and looked after each other for a long time and with Granda getting on in years and becoming forgetful, Rory took over the responsibility of looking after granda on his own initiative.

One day, when the flat caught fire both Rory and Granda were placed in a children's home and an old folks' home respectively. Ganda was badly affected as he became withdrawn and lost. Rory knew that Granda was slowly dying in Rachnadar so he resolved to run away with Granda. The story climaxed with Rory and Granda making the great escape but with no destination in mind. They only wanted to be free and to be together. They spent a few happy carefree days at the caravan site. When the police caught up with them, Rory and Granda were helped by Sammy who sheltered them.
Their journey was a struggle to stay free. Strangers helped them all the way, giving them shelter and making safe plans for them. Rory had doubts about whether he was doing the right bed. All doubts were dispelled as Granda looked happier even when he was exhausted. Eventually, Rory decided they would travel south to Liverpool and look for his father, Jeff Macintosh Cranda objected and rage about this when he realized what Rory's plans were. When Granda almost lost his life in the cold bus shelter, they ended up in Liverpool. It was a happy ending as they meet up with Jeff and became a family again.
The plot runs in chronological order. The reader can follow Rory and Granda's interesting and sometimes heartbreaking journey from their hometown to their final destination. Rory as the narrator projects a solid account of their thoughts, feelings and gave good descriptions of the setting. Their approach makes it easy for the reader to understand and appreciate the story. I think the plot is simple sweet and relevant to our society were young people tend to forget their obligations to the old.


What do you and your friends think the title of the short story means?

a)The title of the novel, Catch Us If You Can' is intriguing. At first glance, it creates the image of some people challenging the authority to catch them as they are running away because of some wrongdoing. It is quite misleading in that way. One friend thought thatt the title refers to children playing a game of hide and seek either with adults or among themselves. But, knowing that the writer, Catherine Maci'hail is a writer of children's stories, the title may apply to children running away from home.

Do your grandparents live with your family?What type of relationship do you have with your grandparents

b)Yes, my paternal grandparents live with us because my father is their only child. I am very close to my grandmother as she has looked atter me all this while. My grandfather is rather distant and not very loving with us. My maternal grand parents live in another state and we have a close relationship. We visit them at least once a month because my mother says that grandparents provide the stability and foundation in a family.

c)No, both my paternal and maternal grandparents do not live with us because we live in the city and they live in the kampung in another state. They prefer living in the country which is more peaceful and the environment is cleaner. Wc visit them more than they visit us,
As a schoolboy ,do you think Rory should be burdened with the responsibility of looking after his grandfather who was not well?

d)No, I feel that Rory should not be burdened with the responsibility of looking after his grandfather who was not well, As a schoolboy, he should be out playing games like any teenager of his age and generally living a carefree life. Instead, he had to do all the household chores and make sure his grandfather took his medicine on time, He was doing the work of an adult.I guess Rory had no choice because as he put it, if his grandfather was not with him, he would have to go to a home. They had no one to turn to and if his grandfather went to a home, Rory would also be sent to a home.

Imagine that you are in Rory’s shoes,would you have done what he did that is take Granda on an escape adventure with no definite destination?Why? 

e)Yes, i would have done the same thing because I know that Granda would not survive in the old folks home. Even if Grande died while running away, I know that he would die a happy man.

Granda wanted to be with Rory all the time and relied on Rory to look after him.Do you feel that Granda was being selfish in wanting to keep By his side all the time

f)I feel that Granda was being selfish in doing that. He should have made the effort to contact his son rather than let Rory hear all the burden.

g) Define the term Generation gap?Does it exist in your family either between you and your parents or between you and your grandparents.Why was there no generation gap between Rory and his grandfather

Generation gap refers to a lack of understanding between the younger generation and the older generation. Old people feel that the young do not respect them and the customs and beliefs they hold close to their heart. Young people feel that the old do not understand their way of doing things. They feel that the old are old-fashioned and should not interfere with their way of life.It does exist in my family between my parents.They do not ask for my opinions and make all the decisions for me. For example, they decide on the games I should play, the friends i should have and my mother even picks the shirts I should wear when we go out even for family functions. I feel that they are unreasonable and this is the cause for the misunderstandings that sometimes arise between us.
Rory and his grandfather have lived together all their lives and know and understand each other very well. They care and love each other very much so this is why there is no generation gap between them.


Based on the novel that you have read,write about a character who faces challenges and overcomes them.

In the novel Catch Us If You Can, one character that faces great challenges is Rory. He was a young boy but he faced many challenges in life. First and foremost, he had to care for his granda who was suffering from memory loss and ill health. Afraid that his granda's condition would cause them to be separated, Rory did his level best to ensure that he took charge of the situation well. He made sure that his granda had his regular medical check-up and took his medication on time. However, fate had it that a fire caused by Granda left Rory completely helpless.

The fire left Rory and Granda without a home. They were separated. Rory stayed in Castle Street while Granda was placed in Rachnadar. Rory faced the challenge of having them together again. Granda was devastated by the plans made by the authorities. He could not bear to be separated from his grandson. Rory planned the Great Escape which along with it was great challenges. Granda's ill health caused Rory to fear for his granda's life.

In the climax of the story, Rory's fear came true. He thought Granda was dead. Granda was not moving. He was cold. Rory ran for his life to get help.He felt responsible. He had planned the escape and his granda could be dead. However, all the challenges that Rory faced were not in vain. His granda survived the ordeal and they were reunited with Jeff Mclntosh.

There are great challenges in life. One needs to persevere and remain focus in order to overcome them. Rory never wavered in his plans to ensure that he and his granda were not separated.
 In the end, his efforts were paid off. Rory got to know a long lost father and Granda reunited with his estranged son.

Class of sirrosdi


Opinion from one of the writers: INTHERA DEVI

Question 1:The character that you like best? Why?

The character that I like best in the novel is Granda. He is a delightfully funny man. He has no serious motives except that he wants to be together with his grandson, Rory at all times. Although he is forgetful and often helpless, he has a good sense of humour. He loves  his grandson who he says makes up for his 'lost' son. This is a good example of a loving grandfather.
Granda's forgetful actions are very amusing in the novel. For instance he threw Rory's homework jotter together with the rubbish down the chute. Once he was almost arrested for shoplifting when a hanger suit on it got caught in the belt of his raincoat and he walked out of the shop with it attached to him.Granda was very popular with Rory's friends. They were always eager for more stories about him and they too loved him very much.

Question 2:The most memorable character

The most memorable character in this novel for me is Rory. He was such a filial grandson that any grandfather could have. Rory loved his grandpa so much that he called him Granda. Rory could not handle losing his Granda when he was admitted at the Hospital. It had almost broken his heart. He felt as if his heart had been smashed like concrete into tiny bits. Rory always consoled himself with the thought of his Granda beside him. Whenever Rory's heart felt hurt, his Granda always mended it. As they were on their journey escape from the hospital, Rory prayed silently for his Granda. He pleaded god not to let his Granda die before they got to the caravan. He also made a promise to God that he would go out every Saturday collecting for the Salvation Army and even join it for the sake of his Granda. This loving attitude of Rory has made him a memorable character for me.
Question 3:AThe lesson that I learnt:
In this novel the lesson that I have learnt is to be loving to the elders. Rory loved his grandpa so much in this novel. His love and care for the grandfather was portrayed in many ways. Whenever his grandpa made simple errors Rory was so forgiving. He never got angry with him. In fact he taught his grandpa little things such as with the Parents' Night coming up, Rory was trying to coach Granda on how to behave.He did not like  people giving comments about his grandpa. He really took care of him just like a mother taking care of her infant. When Granda was hospitalised, Rory felt so sad for him and decided to escape with him.He had pure love for his grandpa. From his actions in the story I learnt that we must take care of old people with a loving heart as well.

Question 4:The theme??

In the novel, one of the themes is love and it is portrayed well through the character of Val Jessup, a social worker who, in her enthusiasm of her first case, really takes the time to understand Granda and Rory's problems. Val Jessup is nervous about Rory living alone in the flat after the mishap and so she drives him to Castle Street. She takes Rory to the hospital to see his grandfather but keeps her worries about the latter's health a secret. Eventually, it is Val Jessup who tells Rory that the authorities have moved Granda to Rachnadar and that Rory, being a young boy cannot be left alone to take the responsibility of caring for his aged and unwell grandfather. When Rory and his grandfather are on the run, Val Jessup appears on the television to address them, appealing for them to get in touch, stating that the authorities are only worried about them and that it is Granda's health that is the main concern. Even though Val Jessup is just a social worker and not related to Granda or Rory, we can see the element of love in her. She loves Granda and Rory like her own family members.

Question 5:The happy event that you can quote:

The happy event in this novel is when Rory finally meets his Granda's family and his Dad's family as well. They all insisted that Rory to go home with them. Rory realised that he had two little sisters as well. His Dad's wife was called Karen. Rory's beloved Granda was happy to see his two little granddaughters. He let them climb all over him and even kissed him. Rory was finally able to stay in Liverpool.His dad's family also stayed near to him and his Granda. His dad always came to his place every day and helped out with the daily chores. Rory and his Granda visited his dad's place for dinner, Life was very meaningful finally for Rory and his Granda. Reuniting back with the family is a happy event in the story.


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Sajak ini menggunakan gaya percakapan penyair dengan seseorang. Orang yang dimaksudkan di sini ialah seorang yang pandai bermain seruling. Sekali pandang ia seperti sajak percintaan kerana banyak menggunakan perkataan yang lembut dan romantis.

Are you still playing your flute
Are you still playing your flute
when there is no time for our love
I am feeling guilty
to be longing for your song

Tetapi percakapan yang lembut dan romantis dengan pemain seruling itu hanyalah satu cara atau gaya penyair meluahkan segala yang mengganggu fikirannya. Sajak ini bertemakan kemasyarakatan . Keseluruhannya merupakan luahan rasa penyair tentang keadaan masyarakat di negaranya dan antara bangsa yang penuh kemelut dan kacau bilau.
Penyair mengenang sang pemain seruling. Sebenarnya yang dikenang oleh penyair ialah kampong yang sedang tenat.

Are you still playing your flute
in the village so quiet and deserted
amidst the sick rice field

Dia menceritakan tentang keadaan dirinya yang berada di kota…kota yang sakit sedangkan kampong sudah sunyi kerana ditinggalkan oleh anak-anak muda. Apakah pemain seruling itu masih ada di kampong bermain serulingnya? . Ini juga bermaksud adakah sang pemain seruling masih mempertahankan seni dan tradisinya.

Alat musik seruling dipilih kerana inilah alat muzik yang paling dekat dengan alam. Cuma sebatang buluh dan tidak memerlukan teknologi canggih untuk menciptanya. Jadi semuanya balik kpd alam. Balik kepada keaslian.

the melody concealed in the slim hollow of the bamboo
uncovered by the breath of an artist
composed by his lips
arranged by his fingers
blown by the wind
to the depth of my heart

Penyair merasa bersalah untuk melayan rasa rindu kepada pemain seruling itu. Begitulah rasa bersalahnya dia memikirkan sesuatu yang indah seperti seni . Di kota dia sepatutnya sibuk kerana di situ kehidupan berlalu dengan pantas.

while here it has become a luxury
to spend time watching the rain
gazing at the evening rays
collecting dew drops
or sniffing scented flowers.

Seolah-olah dia memberikan masanya kepada perkara-perkara yang remeh sedangkan kehidupan sedang dilanda oleh masalah yang sangat besar. Masalah-masalah ini dipaparkan dalam bait seterusnya. Pada masa itu ramai yang menganggur. Orang-orang kita berpecah belah kerana politik . Dan di merata dunia spt Bosnia dan Palestin, orang Islam sedang diburu oleh bom-bom ganas.

in the hazard of this city
my younger brothers unemployed and desperate
my people thorn by politic
my Muslim friends slaughtered mercilessly
this world is old and badly injured.

Is this the end of our love?
time is forcing us as artists
not to be ourselves.

Ini bukan masa untuk memberi perhatian kepada seni. Ini adalah masa untuk bekerja keras. Apabila seniman tidak dapat melayani kecintaannya kepada seni maka itu seperti mereka dituntut untuk tidak menjadi seniman lagi



Story beginning…….Last night I  was with my family at the night market.All of a sudden…….

Last night, I was with my family at the night market. All of a sudden when I wanted to buy the last piece of a fried chicken, a pair of strong  hands grabbed it first and leaving me speechless.I told the owner that I was the one who ‘booked’ it first so definitely it should be mine.We starred at each other for a while. Finally, he put it down and put a smile on his handsome face. "Yours," he said charmingly.I was trembling over with excitement.

Then something which I never expected did happen. Out of a blue, a burly man with a moustache and round eyes, about his late twenties snatched  my handbag. I was taken aback by his swift action.This guy must be a professional snatcher.I screamed for help. That handsome man who was a few metres away quickly turned back and chased this so-called professional snatch-thief. Within minutes he came back with my handbag unopened and in good condition as it was.I quickly expressed my gratitude to him.Soon we became friend. “ I ‘m Faisal”.He said confidently.Yours? “Izzah” I answered shyly. We contacted each other until I found him as a very exciting,humorous,kind and confident gentleman.I was quite amazed when he told me that he was on his final year,medical studies  at Universiti Sains Malaysia.He used to help me in my assignment and always cheer me up.

 Soon we decided for a date.It was indeed my first time dating a gentleman and I did not know how to behave myself especially when it comes to eating together at a table.At home,I normally eat freely and do not worry of any protocol or whatever etiquettes.My mum was always there to cheer me up and I had my two plates of rice easily.So this time we were supposed to meet at Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet at KB Mall in Kota Bharu.I was feeling awry at first but after so many persuasions, I finally agreed.We enjoyed on our first date,do some window shopping, watched  movie at a nearby cinema and then chit-chatting with friends and classmates.I was extremely happy with this first date what more he bought a gift which I never expected.Imagine receiving an android phone,Asus Zenfone was something that made every student feeling on top of the world. He wanted to kiss me in the car but I told him it was too early to do this.

So we headed home.I called mum that I would be back in an hour and told her to get in touch with dad just in case if dad is looking for me.Faisal suddenly turned quiet.I didn’t know what actually was hovering in his mind but one thing for sure I knew that he has invested quite a large sum of money to please and made me happy.He drove his car and I noticed  that it was not on the  same route returning  home that normally I was familiar with. “Where are we heading to ?” I asked him but he just gave a weird smile.I began to worry and put my phone on GPRS.This was just to keep me safe if something unexpected happen.It was true as I expected.Faisal began to drive in a dark hallway.It stopped at a dilapidated house,scary as it looked.He asked me to get out of the car but I did not move even a single step. He started to get  mad and  pull me out roughly.Soon I was brought inside the house.I was feeling scared and tears started to roll down my cheek.Then he started to violate me and told me that he needed me as much as I needed him.I told him this was not the right way.He should see my parents and told  them of his honest intention but not to treat me like a beast.I yelled at him and told him that if he ever touched me,he would be in a very serious problem.Meanwhile my new Zenfone beeped which means I was being followed.

I began to have the confident and kicked him.Then I struggled and shoved him but to no avail as he was quite strong and fully determined to get me. I screamed at the top of my voice and he quickly close my mouth with his big bare hand. Tears rolled down my cheeks.I had  no choice but to beg him to let me go.I was praying silently that the phone beeped just now would bring somebody to save me.He started to undress himself. I knew I could not fight  him. I prayed to the Almighty to send me a saver.Indeed it was a miracle.Suddenly I heard the door was kicked wide opened and I saw a few men including my dad heading towards me.All of them could not wait any longer and bashed Faisal until he passed out.

Soon one of my dad’s friend called his counterpart,a detective at the crime unit,police headquarter.Within minutes two glittering blue lights patrol cars arrived.I walked slowly to my dad and  hugged him tightly. “Dad,you have saved my dignity” I cried on his shoulder. After that on the way home,we dropped by at a lake and threw out this so-called valuable gift,Asus Zenfone.It was better for me not to have this prestigious and sophisticated phone in my hand and forget the whole thing rather keeping it and remember this new friend who wanted to violate and take  advantage of me.Faisal was put in the pentetiniary for 15 years on charge of attempted rape.He deserved to be inside there anyway.To me I have learn a bitter lesson.I swear that I would not trust any other man other than my hero-my beloved dad.

MMP, tusyen malam.
-Izzah Atira,-Farhana Azman Shah-Aiesyah Humaira'

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                                                 Accidents-causes and preventions
                                                  By: SitiMunirahBtMohdSaufi

Nowadays,accident  is a common word among the society.This is because,accidents almost happen every day,every time and every minutes whether in the city or in the countryside.The roads and highways are no more safe because many tragic and appaling accidents occurred on the roads and the highways.The situation is so frightening especially during festive seasons and weekends.We can read all about the horror accidents in newspaper and television from day to is sorely sad to know that our loved ones and innocent people die due to the inconsiderate epitome of drivers.In question,how long do we need to face all  these fatal deaths?
Besides,nobody wants to be a casualty in the tragic accidents.Thus,as a concerned citizen,I would like to share on the causes and how to go about preventing the accidents.First  and foremost,the major cause that make accident happen is the epitome of drivers.The drivers should alter their epitome while using the roads and highways.They ought to be patient and curb their emotions especially when traffic jams are created.They should not be angry and blame the other road users just because they are in hurry to go to their destination on time.Usually,some of the drivers who are selfish,they do not comply to traffic rules and regulation and speed up while using their phones disregarding the other road users.Their action may harm many other road users and cause an accident.
   On top of that,accidents also can happen when the drivers are not in a good and well condition.For an example,when the drivers are in a run-down,sleepy and drunk while driving,so they will lost their focus.It is highly risk that they will collide with the other road users and cause a tragic accident.Moreover,it is imperil for those who are driving heavy vehicle such as lorries,buses and others in sleepy condition especially in the midnight will cause a fatal accident.
   Another factor that cause accident happen is because there are many potholes on the road which is not well maintained.When there is no street lights and signboards so that the drivers do not know which direction they want to go and they cannot drive carefully in the dark condition without street lights on the roads and highways.It will cause difficulty to the drivers and motorcyclists to drive and the possibility of accidents to happen is higher.
   Apart from that,there are many ways to overcome accidents.We must be smart and wise while driving on the roads and highways.So,to be a smart road user,we should drive carefully and be patient when we are trapped in traffic jams.In addition,we also must follow the rules and regulation.We need to turn over a new leaf to avoid from tragic accidents.We ought to change our epitome and do care about other road users.We cannot do what we want to do when we are driving on the roads such as speeding or racing because there is a maxim that goes, it is better to be safe than sorry.This is because we can never know what will happen in the future.
Furthermore,it is not only the road users who need to change but the government also need to implement their duties by repairing the roads and highways.So that,it is more safe for the drivers and motorcyclists to drive and ride.The government also need to provide signboards,street lights and others to make easier for the road users from being involved in accidents.They should penalize some drivers and motorcyclists who impinge the rules and regulation when driving such as hitting the red traffic light,driving at high speed,driving without license and others delinquency.
   When all is said and done,we must think wisely before we are going to do something because the saying  goes ,an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.We should work hand in hand in order to reduce the  rate of accidents in our country.Bear in mind,actions speak louder than words.We ought to be a smart road user and not be a selfish road user.So,we must ensure that we are alert at all times when we use the roads and highways.


      I would like  to bid good morning to the beloved principal, respectable and dedicated teachers and all the audience. As the president of the English language society, it was such an honored today to be given this golden opportunity to present you a speech entitled “The Benefits of Reading”.
     There’s a lot you can get from reading. Everything you read fills your head with new bits of information.You never know when it might come in handy. The more knowledge you have, the better-equipped you are to tackle any challenge you will ever face in this modern world. Reading expands your horizon of information. We should always update to current developments as time goes on.  
 Reading books is also vital for learning new language, as non-native speakers gain exposure to words used in context, which will ameliorate their own speaking and writing fluency. This goes with the above topic, the more you read, the more words you gain exposure to and being articulate and well-spoken is one of great help in any profession, and knowing that you can speak with self-confidence can be an enormous to your self-esteem. It could even aid in your studies, examination or even your future carriers as those who are well-read, well-spoken, and knowledgeable.
My dear colleagues,
    No matter how much you stress in your studies, social life, family, friends and other countless issue that had make up in your daily life that give you such a burden, it could slips away when you lose yourself to well-written novel can transport you to other realms and that’s might make you forget all the problems. If you seek for some jokes that can make you laugh then read comic strips it will be sure make you laugh non-stop on exploring the author’s imagination as you know it not easy to make people laugh. Paulo Coelho once wrote in his novel: an old culinary adage said, ‘you can’t make an omellete without breaking eggs’. So, If you want entertainment then go find it and the easiest way is by reading.
   Reading also keeps track of current issues, inventions and innovations. There is no end for a variety of subjects to read about. The daily newspaper or the popular magazine while it discusses topical issues and raised controversies, it also provokes thought and throws light on human nature. It brings the news of war, organizations, political stances and others together and helps knit a world of some sort. It may be a subject of scientific, or a subject of historic or varieties according to the taste of the person. This kind of reading disciplines the mind and trains one for critical and original thinking. As we should always update to current developments as time goes on.  There’s no doubted that reading also heightens our creativity. By reading  you can open a world of colours and fantasy,combat and adventures. It awakens the imagination. Did you know that reading also motivates ideas and inspiration to the readers? Well, that is the truth that had been  spoken widely. As you can see, by reading  it helps us thinking and feelings, to talk, to exchange views and to contact between person and person. An adage “It’s better to have your nose in a book than in someone else businesses”  
For the most part, Reading gives muscle to your memory. Reading gives your brain a different kind of workout than watching TV or listening to the radio. Tun Mahathir once said : successful nation is  developed through his  diligent citizen from extensive  reading.

  That’s all for my talk today, thank you very much for attention that all of you have  given and be a good listener today. Hope you can keep it up to good work and improve your life by reading extensively.



                                                            Crime Prevention
                                                      By:Izzati Akhtar Bt Mohd Tajuddin

These days crimes almost happened every hour in our country.We can read about these crimes in newspapers and articles in the Internet and also watch them on television.These crimes which include robbery,kidnapping,extortion,snatch-thefts,raping and many others are obviously frightening and alarming..These crimes are committed by desperate people and they are ruthless and merciless which may cost lives and properties.Some too caused permanent injuries.Therefore it is important for us to be united and cooperate with our neighbours to combat these crimes and  never let them happen in front of our eyes.

Firstly it is important to be close to our neighbours.Then we can plan the patrolling schedules among our neighbourhood.These schedules can be done on every alternate days probably from 10p.m onwards and every neighbour must take turn to patrol.If the crime is too often,then the patrolling schedule can be further tighten up with the assistance of Police.Furthermore,it is advisable to promote campaign on crime prevention by distributing pamphlets or leaflets on ‘Ways to prevent crimes’Every neighbour must be duly informed of latest happening in the neighbourhood.Other useful information can be displayed on the leaflet such as the neighbours phone numbers,latest statistics on the crimes in the areas and pictures of  suspicious strangers and vehicles.Meanwhile the neighbours are encouraged for  monthly tea-party  gathering to ensure the neighbours are closer to each other and exchange telephone numbers.Talks on crimes can also be done by calling guest speakers. With all these promotions,the crimes can be minimized.

Apart from that,it is encouraged for you to take up any forms of martial arts specifically to defend you and your family from possible attackers.Popular ones such as tea-kwan do,silat,Muay-thai
karate,judo and others  are easily available at any martial-arts centre.All you need to do is to find the one that suits you.The female are advised to carry whistle and pepper spray..This will at least blinded the attackers for a while before the police can take further action.Be alert that sometimes the attackers carry with them sharp weapon so it is advisable not to be too close to them.

Your home is always the potential place for criminals to come and rob you.So be always alert to lock all doors and windows especially when you travel outstation.Leave a short note to the police to inform them on the empty house and they should be able to make their rounds.Put the lights on  especially the back lane,garage and front entrance.Better still if you can afford to  install CCTV or alarm.This will probably frighten the criminal and deter them to come closer to your residence.

Whatever your preventions are,the police must always be on the top list.If you suspect of any  suspicious characters loitering in your neighbourhood,take no chances and quickly report to the police.Crime is frightening and avoid it at all cost.No crime makes you happy and you can share all your joys with your loved ones and your neighbours.    



                                                   Accidents:Causes and Preventions
                                                   By:Siti Suhana Bt Mohd Izzany

Accidents are common reports in all major newspapers.The  daily accidents  rates are increasing and this is alarming and frightening.You may see those tragic deaths reported in newspapers and shown on televisions and this is certainly making  us,the innocent people as victims by  those careless and inconsiderate drivers.So where do we go from here?Remember those days, twenty to thirty years ago when your neighbour died of accidents,it was something which you called fated,unavoidable and uncommon.But today when you hear people died of accidents,you said,“This is a common accident, it happens everyday and everywhere, people died due to accident easily and your turn maybe next!”Isn’t this statement frightening?

The more pressing problem are drivers especially the younger ones who like to show off their new acquired machines and drive at high speed as though they are the ‘King of the road”.They speed up on the roads and highways and ignoring all the traffic rules and regulations.Some like to send messages while riding on  the motorcycle and  most motorists are often caught on their mobiles phones.These are blatant mistakes on the roads and leading to carelessness,recklessness and ignorance.Therefore  these drivers and motorcyclists need to be taught to have good,considerate road manners and ofcourse courtesy. Otherwise it is a matter of time that their dead bodies  too would be collected at mortuary.Apart from that,most drivers today are well-known for their  selfishness and do not drive defensively.They like to challenge each other especially those driving big vehicles such as big lorries,containers, tankers and express buses.They would speed and zig-zag along the highways after midnight as though they are the only ‘vehicles’ on the road.They would put on challenges among each other and as a result you can see many daring and breathtaking races on the highways.The other road users are practically bullied  by them.These smaller and innocent drivers do not dare to overtake because of impending dangers that they may face. Moreover some of the heavy vehicles such as big lorries and tankers,they  are carrying more than the allowable weight.As a result they do not give priority on road safety.Thus accidents do happen and it is almost impossible to  avoid.That is why you can easily spot   many heavy vehicles skidded and overturned on the roads and  highways.Another point of concern are those drunk,sleepy and tired  drivers.Logically they should stop at any rest and recreation centre  for a short nap and rest and then continue with their journey.But many just ignore because they want to rush for more overtime and extra trips to earn more money.Hence their acts are jeopardizing the safety of other road users.Another instance is drivers who are addicted to drugs.They are also the cause of major accidents on the highways.These drivers should be completely banned on the roads and highways as they posed too much danger to other road users.

The maintainence of roads and highways is another factor that caused the accidents.Some roads and highways are poorly maintained with many potholes which endanger the safety of road users.Many parts of the roads and highways are without street lights and this is obviously dangerous.Proper sign boards to indicate the conditions of the roads such as sharp corners ahead and some people at work repairing the piping system or others also not displayed.Older vehicles which are not serviced or poor brake system and no proper signal lights are also contributing to accidents.

For reasons mentioned above obviously I am very concerned and getting worried day by day.If the situation does not improve and  authorities such as JPJ,Police Traffic and other authorised agency must act fast and regularly.They do not carry the enforcement only during festive seasons such as Hari Raya and Chinese New Year but  they must carry out throughout the year.Otherwise you will hear more deaths minutes by minutes and day by day.The drivers must change their habits and attitudes.They must abide by the traffic rules and regulations.Heavier penalties and jailed term must be add to the existing law.If irresponsible and careless driver who caused deaths to other road users,they must be penalized to the maximun such as RM10000 fine,10years jail and licence suspended for more than 10 years. Unfortunately the government have not yet amend these laws and drivers are still driving dangerously. Licence for those eligible to be be given upon reaching 21 years old. At this age,it is hope that the motorists and motorcyclists  would act rationally and do not be too hasty and hostile on the roads.apart from that the vehicles,roads and highways must be on regular basis to avoid any untoward incidents.      

Finally,prevention can only happen if and only the motorists and motorcyclists change their habits and attitudes.Remember the loved ones at home and this slogan may put them on alert on dangers that they may go through.Avoid ‘hanky panky’ or any forms of bribery if you are caught otherwise you may repat the same offences and continue to break the rules.Let us now put all efforts to prevent and reduce these tragic tragedies.      


                                            The importance of English Language
                                               By: Syahida Bt Mohd Zaki
It is a big concern for student nowadays as they are unaware on the importance of English language as they tend to ignore learning  the language. As a result, there is a very serious decline and this is worrying the Ministry of Education and other authorities.
Student’s attitude towards the language is also crucial to make sure that these teenagers can face the future world better by learning English language as it is an international language.  English is the universal language. Established and spoken worldwide and it is commonly used language among foreign language speakers. Throughout the world when people with different language come together they commonly use English to communicate.

    English also help to communicate with other people from other continents.language is the source of communication and it is the way through which we share our ideas and through with others.There are uncountable language in this world. Because every country has their own national language then they have different local languages spoken and understood by their people in region.

   English will definitely help students a lot when they want further studies in universities and overseas for references. Almost all books at university are written in English most all subjects. Plus, it is a compulsory for any candidate to pass English with credit before entering any universities they want. So, if the students are poor in English, they will blow their chances  for better education or worse, they are going to have a big problem studying at university.

    English is now taking an importance in chance to take a job. It create a greater opportunity for job of we know in this modern world, businesses are targeting of qualities of employess and knowing English is one of these qualities. Consequently, if we know English and good at it, we will have more chance to get a job. English speakers in united-states earn more money than non-English speakers. Learning English will open your job prospects and increase your standard of living.
   Engish is the most commonly used language among foreign language speakers. Throughout the world when people with different lamguage come together they commonly use English to communicate.

    In brief, we cannot deny the importance of English language helps us thinking and feelings, to talk, to exchange views and to contact between person and person through wherever we live. English is considerate as main language. Even English is the second most difficult languages then Arabic to learn, it is important to focus on exactly why it is you want to learn English. There we will look motivate you to keep going even when you are tired of trying to figure out which  is which.




The Principal, teachers and my fellow friends. Good morning to you all. I would like to extend my thanks to all of you who have come to this hall. I am up here to give a talk in conjunction of the National Reading Month at  the school level. My topic today is "The importance of Reading". I hope you can give me your full attention because we know that reading is everything to us as a student. In addition, some of us will face a big examination this year such as PMR and SPM.
     Sometimes, you must think who exactly should read, right? Is it someone who will face examination? The answer is not, definitely not. Reading is not only for those students who will face examination but for everyone. Whether children, students on primary or secondary, teenagers, adults and even the aged. You also have to remember to choose the types of reading materials. Make sure it is suitable for your age, mood and the impact from the reading materials. Some books may bring a negative effect in our life especially the novels and magazines nowadays.
     When you are going to read, please set the best time to read. In the late afternoon, time from past noon till dusk is not suitable for us to read. In this time, Earth's pressure is too high until everyone easily feel stress and tired. The best time to read is on the midnight, three fourth night at around two o'clock. An hour study is similarly four hours study in the afternoon. When we read, we can learn about other's people culture. This is such an interesting knowledge especially we are as Malaysians that live in numerous nation with full of peacefulness. Usually this sources of knowledge can be found in documentary's books. Apart from that, we are also able to learn about life, people's joy and sorrow. We can take some moral values from others' life so that we will never do that and impenitent in the future.
     Furthermore, we can also learn new words from our reading especially in the newspaper. They always use new words in the articles so that their sentences will be dramatic and the readers will be excited to read. This will improve our vocabulary especially in our writing. Reading also fill-up your leisure time. It's better than you do something that cannot give you benefit at all and have many negative impact  such as playing play-station games, surfing social networks for leisure and others.
     In addition, reading also improve one's language as we are always use our mother tongue language, Malay language. English language is well-known,established worldwide. This language helps you to communicate with many people via e-mails, phones, sms and video conferencing. Beside that, someone who love to read will get new knowledge through their reading. It will help you to know latest news, current issues, science's or Mathematics's formula and others. It will gain your knowledge. Lastly, you are able to share your knowledge with your sisters, friends at the school and in the social networks such as Facebook, Whats App ,Twitter and so on. This will help them to be more knowledgeable as you are.
     In a nutshell, reading is very important to us especially in this challenging would. All things need knowledge. If you are unknowledgeable, you will be  left behind and you will be among the failures. Reading will give spirit, ideas and will make you more peaceful. Reading is not only by books but also from articles, newspaper and magazines. If you do not like to read, manure it from now and make sure you will be the best among the best in the future. I wish you good luck and do the best.
     Thank you for lending your ears and that's all from me.~from Siti Humaira (maahad p.mas) Pusat Tuisyen Ezi.


                                                       Keeping yourself fit and healthy
                                                     By: Noor Imani Binti Mohd Zaki
                       Health is wealth. This is one of the most famous adage that has been used by almost people especially among the students. But many of us do not know what it really means. We should all agree with this saying as health is essential for us to have a better life. Thus,we have to take care of our health to stay as fit as a fiddle. By taking care of our health,we can avoid ourself from getting infected from deadly  diseases such as diabetes,high blood pressure and leading to  obesity which can affect our lives. Do you know how to keep ourself fit and healthy? Let me share some ways that will help us keeping fit. 
                    First and foremost,all we need to do is we must conduct regular exercises. For instance,we can do a brisk walking or jogging during our free time. Exercising in the morning can leave us with a refreshed feeling throughout the day and can put us in a good mental health.Thus,it can help us in our study as we will be able to generate ideas and think creatively.We should go for activities that we enjoy and not force ourself to activities that we despise. On top of that,we have to update the information about health by reading materials on health and supplementary copies.If we always update the information,we will know better about the diseases,the effect and preventing steps. We must visit the doctor regularly for preventive care.Don't wait until we are sick to talk to the doctor.Regular medical check up should be done to test blood,cholesterol and many others that can help keep our healthy.Apart from that,we should also avoid ourself from unbeneficial activities such as drug intake,smoking and illegal racing.Yet  OTHER things that we should better avoid are wasting time on social network activities,playing games and watching tv too long.We will be in trouble if we do not avoid these bad activities.
                  We are what we eat.Therefore,we should take in a balanced diet that can promote good health,prevent diseases and help us recover faster from illnesses.We have to consume a healthy and nutritious food such as vegetables,fruits and nuts.Bear in mind to take 8 glasses of plain water daily.We can see that Malaysians are mostly influenced by the mouth-watering junk and fast food.Even though,they are  finger-licking good,but they are  not good for health in the long run.Changing our bad diet will contribute a great difference for our health. As we all know,pevention is better than cure.
                 Besides,it is as easy as ABC to keep ourself  fit and healthy by having a good and adequate sleep.People nowadays are very busy with their own activities until they tend to  neglect  their health conditions. As a student,a good and adequate sleep is very important for us.We need to get enough sleep to stay focused in class and we should not burn the midnight oil to study.We are advised to sleep at least seven to eight hours per day.By following this advice,we will not feel sleepy in class. A good sleep can refresh our mind and make us feel healthier.
          Finally,we should realise the importance of keeping ourself fit and healthy. We should turn over a new leaf if we do not bother  about our health all this while.As a new generation who will take over the country,we should take care of our health for a better future because we are the leaders of tomorrow.



                                                                      Crime Prevention.                                                                                                                              By:Nik Aisyah Ilnani binti Nik Asbullah

As we know, the rise of criminal activities has always made us worry. We could not roam the streets freely and safely anymore because of crimes like robbing, kidnapping, snatching or even murdering. These tragic crimes usually done by desperate person and they are ruthless and merciless.This  is  worrying and frightening. We  are scared  to allow our children go out due to this impact and those stories  always  appear in the  newspapers. Some people have commented  that the authorities have not done enough to fight crime but actually the public are not doing  enough.They  do not unite  and cooperate with  each other to fight these  crimes. So, as  concern citizens,we must take responsibility  to prevent these crimes from happening right in front of our eyes.

First and foremost, we can play our part in our residential areas  by organizing neighborhood patrols. The residents can do  the patrols by taking  turns weekdays and weekends. Through this, we can know each other by exchanging telephone number which is very important in case of  unexpected events. Apart of that, it would be safer if more crime prevention campaign to be organized to reinforce  the residents awareness.Hence they  can act together to fight these crimes. Sometime we can organize a talk about crime prevention and invite speakers who are proficient and expert  in  handling the  crime issue. Call the neighborhood to join hands in this activity thus  the neighborhood will be educated on the crime prevention.

On the other hand, we should join martial arts classes during our free time. It is very helpful when we are attacked by criminal and especially when  we are alone.The women too  must join these martial arts such as Taekwando, Silat, Karate and Kung Fu. The criminals would target the  women because they assume that women are weak and easily become their victims.It is very important for women to bring out with them pepper spray and whistle to protect themselves and attract people around them.

Last but not least, it would be super good in crime prevention every time we want to go out or to sleep if we can check either all doors and windows are lock or not because if we do not do that, it is like giving  the criminal a golden  opportunity to break in into our homes. We should always switch on lights, especially the  front and back of our home so it is easy for us or neighbour see someone unknown loitering our home. Besides that, we should install CCTV and alarm in our house to protect our property and us and directly link them to the police. CCTV can make  the police job  easier.They can trace the criminals hence  we can demand the justice.

There  are many ways of crime prevention that we can do in our life and make them as habit. Crime prevention is our responsibility.f we can work together to prevent this happening then we can decrease the rate of crimes in our country and make our residential areas safer.. 

Maahad Muhammadi Perempuan


                                                   Keeping yourself fit and healthy
                                                   By: SitiMunirahBtMohdSaufi
 Spasmodically, we as the students already know that it is very crucial to be in healthy condition.A maxim ‘Health is Wealth’ is very true because when we are not healthy then  we are burdened by weakness and we could not do our work  in routine  especially studying.Thus,,we cannot  focus on studying when we are burdened by weakness. On top of that,,we should take care of ourselves from being sick because a healthy body is definitely essential for us .It will produce a healthy mind so that we can understand easily what we learn in our class.How can we keep ourselves fit and healthy?I would like to share the following simple tips.

First of all,the simplest way of keeping fit is by exercising or conducting regular exercise.The exercise should be vigorous because vigorous exercise can keep our muscles  strong and supple.Therefore,by conducting regular exercise,we can also keep our muscles,bones and other organs in our bodies in good running order. When we do exercise,it makes us sweat and helps us to burn cholesterol  in our bodies so that we can be fit and healthy.There are many diverse  exercises such as brisk walking or jogging and playing games that require a lot of movements  such as badminton,swimming,soccer or tennis which is good for us to keep our reflexes sharp and our limbs flexible and strong.

However exercising regularly is not enough.We must avoid ourselves from unbeneficial activities such as drug intake,smoking,illegalracing,watching television for  too long, and wasting time on social network activities.Thus,we should not abuse our bodies by doing  unbeneficial activities.For an example,a smoker will has a perpetual cough that may lead to lung disease or cancer.At  the same time,it leads the  smoker almost close to horrible death.Bear  in  mind that prevention is better than cure so,we need to evade ourselves from being involved in such  unbeneficial activities.

Besides,exercising and avoiding from unbeneficial activities are not sufficient for us to keep our bodies fit and healty.We ought  to take in a balance diet and watch what we eat because we are what we eat.The food and drink that we take in daily is also important to keep us fit.
It is useless to keep exercising while we always take all sorts of junk.There are two things that we need to be careful about,they are fatty foods and alcohol.When we take fatty foods and alcohol so they can cause our bodies fat and prone to all sorts of illness.We should consider that fatty foods and alcohol will jeopardize our health.So,choose the nutritious food that is crucial for our bodies.

 There are also other things that we should be aware to make us  fit and healthy. We must update information that are  related with our  health.By reading  materials on  health,supplementary copies and always conduct medical check up to test blood  pressure,cholesterol and many others,we will be better in keeping ourself healthy.Hence,there are many people who are  not sure what they have to do and they dare to spend thousands on health products without examining their effectiveness.So,we are advised to seek professional advice from a health practitioner or  a doctor to get the information about any  health products.

 Last but not least,it is vitally crucial for us to keep our bodies fit and healthy so that we are not burdened by weakness or illness.Keeping our bodies fit and healthy should be our first priority as it will lessen the possibility of getting infected with diseases.A fit person is less likely to succumb easily to disease.Nobody likes to be frail and sick,it is more pleasurable for life when we are healthy and fit.As the saying goes ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ is very true for us.It is up to us to make  ourselves alive and kicking.In fact,we also have the choice whether we want to keep fit  and healthy or otherwise.



                                                              Crime Preventions
                                                               By: Huda Izzati
Lately,the crimes are rampant and happening almost everyday.This issue heighten the public anxiety level.Crime likes stealing,robbing ,snatching,kidnapping and even murdering are frightening and traumatic.These crimes are committed by desperate people and usually they are ruthless and merciless.Therefore our society must be united and cooperate to wipe out these crimes otherwise we may be living in fear.
Firstly,it is imperative to get know with your neighbours in your neighborhood.Then organise a patrolling schedule and take turn to patrol the area.If there is evidence of crimes in the area then the patrolling must be regular and preferably to be carried out slightly after midnight and over the weekends.Apart from that,crime prevention campaigns also should be organized to reinforce public awareness on the need to act together to combat crime.The leaflet about the crime and how to prevent it should be distributed to the public.Besides that,get to know your neighbours in your neighborhood is not enough yet.You must also exchange the telephone numbers in case of unfortunate events.For example,if we see the strangers with the suspicious behaviour at our neighbour's house,we can make a call to inform our neighbour about it and to make sure they are not the bad people.

     In addition,martial arts is one way to prevent crimes from happening to us.We can defend ourselves from those criminals who are trying to rob,snatch or attack us in our way.Learning in martial arts is a crucial way to protecting ourselves from crime especially to the youth.We could join the classes during our day-off or in weekend.Moreover,the fee for the classes is usually in low-price and affordable.And many of school had organized the martial arts as a club in school for those students who have interest in it.Furhermore,it is encouraged for students to attend it.It is worth as we are saving our life.For the women especially,it is advisable to bring along the pepper spray and whistle when going out alone to defend themselves from the bad people.It is dangerous for a women to walk down the street defenseless.

 On the other hand,make sure that all windows and doors are properly shut up and locked before leaving home or during at night to avert the burglary.When we and our family go on holiday or outstation,inform our immediate  neighbours.Ask one of our neighbours to collect mails since uncollected mails gives the impression that the house occupants are away. Besides,make sure the light are turn on at night at areas outside our house especially the porch and the backyard to deter the burglar from breaking into the house.In some isolated cases,there have been reports about burglars prising grilles open.Installing a burglar alarm reduces the risk of forced entry.Lastly,make sure our mobile phone always be with us.It will be easy for  us to telephone the police if something crops  up.

In conclusion,crime prevention is a collective  responsibility.So,the public must work-in-hand with the police to reduce the crime in our beloved country.As the saying goes,many hands make light works.Also,the public must follow the steps of crime prevention to make them more safety conscious.



10:35 PM (12 hours ago)

                                                                  Crime Prevention
                                                                  By Ahmad Fadzli Izuddin

Our Streets today is not as safe as it used to be and crime rates today are rapidly increasing over the years as stated in newspaper, television and articles in the internet. Safety is a concern for everyone because it plays a big part in our life. Criminals today can be ruthless and the crimes committed these days are mercilessly. Therefore we must take all security measures to prevent crime happening to us.
  Firstly, it would be safer if the residents can conduct extensive campaign within the neighbourhood area. Call all the neighbour  to join hands and organise a talk. Invite the crime preventive unit personnel from Polis DiRaja Malaysia (PDRM). The personnel can give relevant and useful tips on how to prevent crimes. On top of that, the neighbours too must conduct a weekly patrol by taking turns. This will give them a opportunity to know each other. Hence they can exchange telephone numbers in case of unfortunate events.

 Other than that, Martial arts can come in really handy when we are attacked by criminals and no one is around to help us. We can defend our self from those who intentionally want to rob or hurt us. Take martial arts lesson during your day off by joining classes such as Silat Gayong, Taekwondo or Kung Fu. It does not only protect us, it can make us more discipline in the process. On the other hand, it is advisable for women to carry pepper spray and whistle in their purse while walking down the street or after  the bank visit  for protection . Keep in mind to always remember to stay alert of your surroundings.

 Our homes must also be secured by installing top grade security system or just simply locking all door and windows. Many crimes reported today are due to the owner’s carelessness of their own home. Some criminals target a home beforehand especially when the owner is not around. This happens when the owner is taking a long vacation somewhere and during festive season where they usually spend a longer time outside their homes.So install CCTV at home for better protection of our property. CCTV and alarms can alert to us in case of break in and some security system are directly link  to the Police.

 Crime must be prevented at all costs.This is to make sure everybody is s safe.Take an iniciatiave today to be on the safe side. These are some of the affective ways on how to prevent crime from happening and to keep our community peacefully.Remember that small changes can lead to big difference.So act now.It’s not worth waiting.



                                                                   Crime Prevention
                                                                  By Nur Amira A’faf

   At the front papers these days,there are many reports of  crimes happening everywhere-in our country , neighbourhood,schools and many others. Thousand of people are robbed every hour , sometimes they are beaten violently.This situation is continuing and the number of crimes are increasing and this trend is worrying and alarming. Of course , all of us don’t want these tragic crimes  to happen in our life. That’s why we have to cut down these crimes otherwise we are living in a dangerous zone where crimes happen every minutes and it passes through us without any action. Hence let us be united to combat these ruthless and merciless acts.

   First of all , living in a housing estate or in a village or in a town , we should take care of  each other and help each other. “Our neighbour are like our family” that is the words which we should keep in our mind. We must take all effort to keep our neighbourhood to prevent any possible crimes. In spite of that, we as residents here should make campaigns about prevention of crimes. The campaigns can be a speech on “How to prevent crimes” from a police officer ,distribute some brochures and pamphlets. But the most important is we must recognize and know our entire neighbour in our territory. Hence , we can exchange phone number in case there is a crime happening in our neighbourhood.

   Besides that , when we are outside or far away from our comfort zones,we  maybe in an exorbitant risk of dangers. To avoid us from these dangers such as  kidnap , robbery , snatch and others ; we can join martial art classes. Taekwondo , ‘Silat gayong’ and Kung Fu.These are some examples  of martial arts classes. By joining these classes we can learn some techniques  to protect ourselves from being attacked by criminals. Likewise , it also can keep us fit as fiddle. Equally  important , carrying a whistle and a pepper spray in a pocket or in a purse for women is one the ways to prevent crimes. If someone is trying to attack us , we can use the whistle to attract attention of others so that  they will help us. Thus , by using pepper spray , we can spray it on the criminals face or in the eyes and this will distract their acts towards us.

   Next , house breaking are often happening  when the owner is on a vacation or  holidays outstations especially  during festive seasons. This crime can be prevented simply by making sure to lock all doors and windows before leaving home and before going  to bed. To deter  those thief , we can can turn on light at nights so that the thief know that we are  at home. In addition , we also can buy or install CCTV or an alarm at home for  a better protection.  Last but not least , we must have and paste the police telephone number inside our house. So every members of the family realize and take  note about it.

   All in all , there are many ways to prevent crimes from  happening. We should be more responsible to protect our life , loved  ones , neighbourhood and even our country from any possible crimes. As we all know “Prevention Is Better Than Cure”.



                                                       Crime Preventions
                                     By: Wan Siti Nor Farhani bt Wan Ahmad Fathi 

Crime is the most dangerous act that are always happening in our country, Malaysia. It is not only happening  in many big cities but  also in small villages. It is the issue that is  always looming  in our daily routine  which means we cannot avoid crime from our daily life.These crimes have cause many effects to the victims physically and mentally.With  many police reports on crimes for every minute all over the country,we can figure out the extent of this  serious phenomena.We can also read almost everyday from the newspapers on prevailing crimes hence  we consider this as a very serious threat. These criminals not only  injuring the victims mentally and physically but they also caused imminent deaths.Therefore, we should react  immediately to prevent these criminals from becoming a parasite in our daily life.

Life is precious. We should take care of our life from being disturbed by criminal cases. So, by taking appropriate preventions, we can avoid crime cases such as gambling, illegal racing, stealing, robbing, raping and others.Therefore it is recommended to learn martial arts such as taekwando,judo,karate and silat and other forms of self–defence.We can prepare our body for the worst situation and protect ourself from being a casualty. Besides, we also can bring along a whistle as another means of protection especially when  we walk alone in a quite alley.Pepper spray  too can  also be used and the criminal can be blinded for a while while we can scream and seek outside help.Home is a place that keep us calm  and relax.But sometimes it becomes a worrisome situation when someone break-in. These criminals get into the house gingerly at night when the owner  is sleeping. So, we should by lock all the doors and windows when we are not at home or leaving the house.We also must keep the lights on at night. For more safety measure, we  can place the alarm near the window. So, if there any break-in, the alarm will shrill.

 As a neighbour also we should be nice to others and get to  know them. So, if anything happen, they can help us. Life is not such a bed of red roses. We have many difficulties to control all the matters. So, we must cooperate and tolerate with each other. We also can keep in touch with them by  noting  their telephone numbers.Besides, we can instill sense of care and cooperation.

For our safety, we should organise a patrol around the neighbourhood. It can increase the awareness to community. We can take turn to patrol around the neighbourhood.In addtion, school children should not walk alone in a quiet street, they should walk in group or accompany.  They also should never trust any stranger s because we never know  of wolf in a sheep clothing. So, we as a responsible citizen, by hooks or by crooks should be  alert on  this issue and must be  aware of those crimes effect.In conclusion, danger can happen anytime and anywhere and you never know when it will  happen. Prevention is always better than cure. Better  be safe  than sorry.