Friday, 12 December 2014


I am very impressed with this story continuation from one of my students in Pasir Mas during the Intensive English Class where he had beautifully wrote a story complete with conflict,climate,theme,flashback and ending.To all my students..please read through and give your assesment of this story.
*This student is from IMTIAZ TRENGGANU.

 STORY BEGINNING…Last  night I  was with my family at the night market.All of a sudden…..  
Last night, I was with my family at the night market. All of a sudden, I saw a figure who I recognized was lying motionless  by the roadside. I was dumbfounded and speechless. Crowds had gathered and I  nervously went nearer. I stood rooted to the ground and tears started to roll down my eyes. Without tinge of doubt, I was so sure, it was him. “How could this be?” I was baffled. Then, I saw his mouth was muttering some words that I could faintly hear. “Help me! I am suffering –this pain is too excruciating”. These words came from his bluish and  pale mouth. Yes! It was him. It was Muhaimin. He was my  classmate for three years when I was studying in Al-Quran Institute of Terengganu. “How could this mishap happen  to you?”I wondered who did this to him.Then  fountain of tears profusely rolled down my cheeks.

 “Please, Muhaimin, I could not bear to see  this excruciating pain hurting you real bad”He did not answer  for a while.Suddenly  he acted strangely  like a person who had given up his life,he murmured and told me,  “Go away from me,the death would be easier for me than suffering this prolonged pain” He exclaimed  hopelessly. I could not believe these discouraging  words would be coming  out from a person of his aura and personality. He really has given up hope but it is not for  him to decide.I told him whatever the consequences,he must  fight for his precious life.He must build up his confidence and inner strength.There are still  plenty of things that he has got to go through and giving up his life now is not the right thing to do.

 I remembered when we were studying in Al-Quran Institute of Terengganu, he was among the top students in the academic. He also had a good attitude. All of his  teachers loved him because of his politeness and intelligent. Muhaimin, I knew him as a student that loves  to struggle in memorizing Al-Quran. As the result, he proceeded to finish his Al-Quran memorization  when he was only  in Form Three, infact it was two weeks much  earlier than me. To sum up, in the SPM results, both of us had achieved straight A's. After that, we went  separate ways.He chose Ummul Quran  University in Makkah  while I  pursued  a degree in Islamic University of Madinah. Although we were separated  over  a distance of over 500 kilometres,yet this mishap  had  given us  the opportunity to meet after  almost 7 years. Now, I am delighted to see him  after such a long  separation but again  meeting him  at  this tragic moment  where he is struggling  for his life would be an agony for me.Worst still,he is bearing  the excruciating now!
Without tinge of doubt, I called the emergency lines and within minutes, the ambulance arrived.  The situation now is a bit chaotic  with many people crowding the area. I was on the ambulance holding Muhaimin’s hand and whispered to him to read the syahadah.I saw the wound at his forehead and it made my blood frozen. Tears started to roll down my cheeks again. The ambulance zoomed past  the main road towards the hospital. “Be patient, Muhaimin. Everything will be okay.” I consoled him. Every second was precious for him to stay alive. My heart broke into pieces when I  saw him in this  such  painful and suffering  condition. He was unconscious because of a serious bleeding.We soon  arrived at the hospital  and I saw Muhaimin’s parents.They thanked me for umpteen times because of my quick  decision.Initially they were outstation when Muhaimin was involved in  this  hit and run accident.Soon the  Paramedic team  admitted him  to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Muhaimin  is now in coma. The doctor told us that an operation must be held quickly because he was in  dire need of blood. Muhaimin’s parents could not care less. They were willing  to sacrifice lots of money just to see their only son  saved  and they are prepared to pay whatever cost tagged by any hospital visitors on the blood that they need to pay.They were lucky as there were some genuine and kind blood donors who willingly donated the blood to Muhaimin.

The doctors quickly conducted the  operation and it would take them over 5 hours to assess the outcome of the operation.Moreover, the doctor mentioned to Muhaimin’s parents on the risk of the operation.It would be a 50-50 chances. If the operation is successful, he might probably be suffering   a  prolonged paralysis.

I was still hoping that some miracles would happen. I could not imagine if he would die, after a 7 years long of separation.His mother could not stop crying when seeing her only son through the peeping glass. The touching scene reduced me to tears too. His father asked me to adjourn at the canteen.Then, we went to surau to perform prayers. We prayed for the miracle to happen.Time trickled and finally the doctors were out of the operation centre. To our astonishment, hours after the operation,he reacted positively though very feeble and slow. The leading doctor then dropped the bombshell to us.Muhaimin’s parents and me screamed in tears and said these words, “Thank you ALLAH,you had  given us the miracle that we wanted so badly” We almost could not believe this happy news. His father hugged me. We went in the ward to see his condition. He was too weak but we could see his tears coming out from his eyes.Then,the doctor told us, he needed about 3 months, at least, to recover completely.

  Months flew by, and Muhaimin had fully recovered. One fine day, Muhaimin came to my house. He gave me a letter, it was the invitation to attend his convocation day. He asked me to represent his parents because they would be in Mecca performing the Umrah on that historical day.I told Muhaimin,  “Fortunately, my convocation day would be held the day before yours,so no problem buddy as long as you accompany me and my parents on my day too”.He gave his sweet smile and was his eyes were glittering with hope.

 Thank to the Almighty that our friendship still blooming.I never expected that  we would meet after a 7 years break-now we would finally be friends forever.Who knows he can be my in-laws too  when he sipped a cup of tea made by my only sister,Leha who has just finished her SPM examination last month.I saw Muhaimin’eyes were looking for Leha too!