Wednesday, 22 October 2014


Write a story beginning with: His mother smiled when she heard the news…

His mother smiled when she heard the news. Daniel too, was grinning, showing his good white teeth while holding up a piece of parchment. This was the moment he was waiting for. “Finally, after nearly half a decade, you’re employed,” said his mother. Her smile had not yet vanished. “And I’ll be the best despatch ever,” exclaimed Daniel, as he scurried up the stairs. “And a great despatch needs a nice night’s sleep,” he continued as he nearly tripped over one of the steps.
His mother just shook her head watching her only son in action. Daniel was not a bright person, but he sure was very nice and that employment was a feat indeed. Meanwhile, as he crouched upon his cosy single bed, Daniel secretly imagined himself coolly, riding his good old scooter, going here and there, delivering mails to companies, big and small. He had an exciting feeling as he waited for the next fabulous day.
Light was flooding into Daniel’s room as he woke up. He stretched a little as the birds chirped and sang their melodies. Then, with a gush of thought, he remembered it all. This was his first day in office and he must make this the most perfect day in his life. Then, he wondered, “Why did I hear no alarm?” It was then that he was frightened to death. It was five minutes to nine and he was so late. Cursing underneath his breath, he grabbed his shirts and working attire, not bothered to even take a little shower. Within a few minutes, he grabbed his helmet and rushed downstairs. Mother had gone to the town, as usual. “Typical mom! Why didn’t she wake me up first?” he muttered slowly. Then, he grabbed a nice piece of sandwich and went outside.
“Thinking positive yields positive results,” The words from the all-famous motivator, sirrosdi came to him as he rushed to his good blue scooter. He told himself to relax and stay calm as he got on the scooter. But another tweak came as he went to start the engine. The scooter made a rumbling noise. He tried to start the engine again but that noise came again. Then, he remembered something. He went to the back of his scooter and checked the oil tank. “Oh goodness, silly me! Why did I forget to fill up the tank?” cried Daniel as he banged himself in the head. A glance at his wrist-watch told him that it was 9.12 a.m. and that he was super-late. Well, Daniel had two choices; either pushing his scooter to the nearest petrol station, which was a couple of miles away or running to the nearest bus-stand and catch the 9.20 bus.
He chose the latter and within a second, he was already speeding his way to the bus-stand, leaving his old blue scooter lying down in the corner. He kept glancing at his watch and constantly missed to say hello to a few villagers he passed by. He did not have the time to care. Then, he came right to the bus-stand and fortunately, he had not yet seen the bus. He sat down, panting to catch his breath and spent a few minutes being satisfied. But that was not after a young man came to tell him that the bus was unusually early that day and of course, he had missed the bus. Surely, truths were hard to swallow and Daniel was forced to take the second option; taking his scooter to the petrol station. Daniel was totally devastated. He could never imagine how this could happen in his first day of working.

The Superjaya Office had always been quiet and cosy, though the silence was sometimes broken by the ringing of the telephones and facsimiles. That day however the usual silence was unusually crushed by the exclamation of late Daniel, “SORRY I’M LATE!” Everyone stared at him as he burst into the main door, all-sweaty and dirty. It was already 10.30 and a short, chubby man came, looking very furious and told Daniel to enter his office. Naturally, Daniel knew that he had to face the babblings from the fuming boss, what with his lateness and dirty office attire, and on his first day too. After a half an hour inside the crammed office, Daniel went out, frowning but with a new spirit. “I must fix this situation. This will still be the best day ever,” he repeated to himself.
Then, he went to his desk, where there was a huge pile of mails, waiting to be delivered. Daniel grabbed a half of them and set to his scooter. He was spirited high in the air at the sound of his scooter engine, which roared like the lion in the movie ‘Narnia’ he watched a few weeks ago. Then, he went off to his destinations.
His problems and sufferings had not ceased. On the way, he was caught in a massive traffic jam, which cost him hours but he went on and on. It was half past one and he had not finished his works. So, he planned to skip his lunch and went to continue with his works. Well, his first day of working surely was dreadful. Precisely at 3 in the evening, he went back to his office, grabbed the other half of his mails and continued. It was already dark as he delivered the last mail. It was hectic and Daniel looked pale, paler than ever. “Ah, that was the last one!” He muttered as he sped off into the night, eager to be home.
Even so, there were still problems wanting to hurt poor Daniel. There was a sudden road block on the way towards his home but Daniel was confident, over-confident in fact, that he was all perfect. His turn came and he realized suddenly that he left his helmet at home. But the police caught him first and he was forced to pay the due, but not before a long, tedious interrogation.
Daniel was totally running out of stamina as he staggered towards the front door of his house. The fatigue on the other hand, was running high. It was nearly midnight and as he entered his home, his mother was waiting at the dining table with dinner. Daniel rushed towards his bedroom, clearly unwilling to stop for a chat. Apparently, his mother had understood and left him unbothered. Daniel on the other hand, was quite glad. He jumped to his bed, eager for a nice sleep, but not before setting up the alarm clock. This time, he was determined to get himself awake as early as possible. As he went to the brink of his dreams, he secretly wished that that day would be the worst day ever in his history of life


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