Wednesday, 22 October 2014


Write a story ending with:"...... That was the worst day in my life.I shall never forget it."

I have a brother. He is my only brother in this world. he is my hero, my ultraman, my spiderman, you name it. Yes, he is my one and only brother in my fairy tale. He is an unpredictable,awesome,handsome,responsible and hilarious person in my life. Yes, he is Farizal Marlias.
He might not be stylish or handsome as the models adorning Aaroon Aziz advertisements. But for me he is above them all. I would not trade him even that anyone would offer me a wealth beyond of my imagination. That is how much I love him.because he is the person that could me happy. If anyone could make me smile when I'm crying,he could. When I'm insanely mad and throwing tantrums and nobody dared to tell me to be more matured or thinking rationally he would. When I'm bawling my heart out and no one could lend me a shoulder to me to cry on. He will.I love my brother. A philosophy said that LOVE is NOTHING, a typical Malay said that LOVE is BLIND. but for me LOVE is Farizal Marlias.
My parents was involved in a car accident when I turned thirteen. On that day,I got the worst news, from my teachers.I was at school. My brother took me home. My school is far away from the  house.I stayed at the  hostel.Since that fatal accident, I moved and stayed  with my beloved brother. This year, I shall face a big examination in my life. I'm SPM candidate. Becoming  a form 5 students makes me half dead. It's lot of homework to do,so many name them.Honestly  I'm not a hardworking student. Yes. I admit it. seriously, I am not.
One day of my life, I had made my brother’s blood boiling all over me. I made his day with a bad news. The most severe news. I guess!  He was so furious. He looked at my report card.Nothing in this world can save me and my fingers were trembling.I knew that I deserved whatever punishment. I looked at his furious face.He was gripping his teeth  me. I  hope there will be a miracle here to save me from this stressing moments.
 "Look you only get 29 marks for your Chemistry?". Seriously I can not put my eyes on his face right now. oh my gosh, I don't want face it right now. Then, suddenly his voice sounded again and again. “Why can’t you score like what you had in your addmaths”?Why my dear?"The anger scared  every nerve in my ears.He stood up and came towards me. Right now, no words can describe what I feel. My heart is beating very fast. Dap dup dap...  Then, one slap came onto my faces."Pangggggggggg..." "That is what you should get for your bad result".
Seriously, every nerves in my face was groaning in a pain.My eyes tried not to let the tears slipped out.I dashed to my bedroom. Dumn.Dumn and dumn. I opened my door and I get in. Then, locked the door.I was crying like a baby.It was totally hard for me to accept a 17years old girl being slapped by an elder brother for failing in just one subject.My dad and mum never did this to me. Seriously, he is the first person in my life that really had the guts to put his palm on my face.
I vowed to show him that I can score better than 29 marks.I left a note on his table telling him that I wanted to shift school and stay in the hostel.
Months went by,so SPM shall be tomorrow.I didnt waste much time anymore except flipping through my notes.Guess what?I had a visitor.My eldest brother dropped by with my sister in-law.I thanked my brother for that painful and “nice” slap which he put on my face few months ago.I am a better person now.I told him that time has changed ,so am I.Then I confidently hugged him and told him that my results would be nothing less than 10A’s.He was sad in tears but he realised without that nice slap,I wouldn’t have changed.
Soon the results was announced.I became the top student in my schoolThis lesson I have gone through taught me so many things.I  shall never forget it...


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