Wednesday, 22 October 2014


Sir,I would like to share this story in your blog: 

 I stand beside my room’s window. The rain is falling like cats and dogs from the dark and gloomy sky followed with the echo  sound of a  rainstorm. The weather as reported was not going to be good. At that time i could not  stop myself from thinking someone who used to be an important person in my life. Tears of sadness kept filling my eyes and not showing  any sign to stop. Her face kept on  appearing in my mind.

         Jessica is someone whom i cared so much. She is truly my  bestfriend. Eventhough we only knew each other during the  middle school but it seemed  like we have known over a longer  time. Everyone in my school called us  twin sisters because we were always together and have  never been apart. Even though we came from a different level but we never bothered about it. Jessica always told me that she would  study hard so that she could support her family. She has to take all her family’s responsibilities because she is the first child in her family. I really envy her because she has never shown any despair about her family’s difficulty. I hope that that i can be just like her whom I  have always known as a strong girl.  She always said, “we must  never give up in our lives and we must  always move forward.” Jessica and me have the  same ambition. We wanted to be a doctor when we grow up so we can help people in difficulty and distress..

         A few months ago everything had changed. Jessica started to change. She  avoided  me from meeting and talking  and whenever she saw me,her face would showed  a sign of depression. At first, i was kind of dumbfounded with her attitude.I kept questioning myself, ‘what’s wrong with her? Does she has a problem or  have I done something wrong to her?’ I didn’t  give much thought  because i thought that she would be having a family  problem.So i just let her be. But it happened for almost a week and we still didn’t communicate among each other. When i asked her she just kept her mouth shut without any answers.I was feeling outrageous. My heart was full with anger.We stopped contacting each other.

         After that, i started to hang out with a bunch of troublesome kids in my school. We played truant and broke school’s rules and regulations and since then it became my bad habits. My parent advised me not to make friend with them but I ignored them.During weekdays, we decided to hang out at the shopping mall near my house. On our way, i met Jessica and both of us were stunned. When she saw me, she quickly ran towards me and without hesitation she slapped on  my right cheek. Obviously, i was very angry.I tried to do the same towards her but when i saw her teary eyes I decided to hold  my hand.We have a big quarrel at the roadside.So she told me to stop hanging out with a bunch of troublesome kids. But i just answered her not to lay her finger in my life anymore. All her advises just fell on my deaf ears.. I left her in  disgust  crossing the road like nothing happened.

Suddenly there was a red car  driven at high speed and moving towards me. It didn’t show any sign of  slowing down. I couldn’t move my legs because it happened too fast and i felt my legs were stucked.I could  hear Jessica’s voice screaming  my name at the top of her voice. When i saw that car approached me, my legs kept shaking and my forehead was full of  sweat. I could not do anything at that time and i just closed my eyes tightly and waited for a death to pick me up. My mind could not stop thinking about my mistakes with my parents  and also towards  Jessica. At that moment i felt like my back had been pushed from behind and my body was moved to the front. When i turned my head,i  saw Jessica was flying in the air and her body was thrown up about  5  metres from the car. Without hesitation, i ran towards her and i held her right hand.I can saw  fresh blood  flowing profusely from her forehead and mouth. Her face still showed a pale smile and my ears can heard her words, “you are my bestfriend forever!”. That was the last time i heard  her voice and i knew  that she had left me forever.

           During Jessica’s funeral, her parents gave me a letter that was written by Jessica. Everything was revealed at that time. Jessica actually had a leukaemia stage 3 and the doctor who treated her already told that she would  never have any chance of recovering. Jessica knew that she would  die so she concealed about her illness. She also stayed herself away from me so, i would  not feel sadness from losing her. I cursed myself for my stupidity  because i left her when she needed me. I was  just a selfish person who didn’t know how to understand a friend’s feeling but it was too late to regret. Tears of sadness flowed down my cheeks. Now i realised the value of a true friend.