Friday, 31 October 2014


                                          Possible Water-crisis-Start conserving now
                                         By: Anis Muhaimi bt Mohmad Rahim.

If the water crisis prolonged over the next four to six weeks then our country would be facing a severe drought season.It is a clear sign for the public to consider using all avenues conserving the water.It is even made worse with the recent announcement of metereological department that not a single drop of rain would be coming in the next four to six weeks.This is the forecasted weather issued by the department concerned which is alarming.Thus the situation has warranted our attention.In view of the seriousness of this acute problem,the public is reminded to carry out following measures.

Water is our important resource and every care and concern must be adapted by the public that it is not a time to exibit any wastage.We must therefore value every drop of water especially with the current dry spell.Use the water sparingly and save at every corners.When you take your shower,it is advisable to cut your time inside the rest-room as the longer you are inside,the more water you may use.You probably save that amount and use that for brushing your  teeth.   Remember to keep the tap close when you brush your teeth and open it when you have finished brushing.Likewise it is advisable to do your washing only when the washing machine load is full.Otherwise you may delay washing as it is not practical to continue washing with few  apparels only.Skip washing your cars during this dry spell.There would certainly be no comment about your clean and tidy car when everybody is suffering from water-cuts.The garden maintainence too can be done only with small water containers not using water-hose and this too can be done on alternate days.Wherever possible use recycle water such as using last part of your washing cycle from the washing machine.

The aspect of health too must be accounted during this dry spell which means no eating outside as you can imagine how would the kitchen at the restaurant be on this current dry spell.Use cup and paper plates at home and you may save plenty of water from washing the actual plates.

Wherever possible,it is advisable to use recycle water for example the last part of the water from the washing machine can be used to wash the bathroom or  to fill in the flush container.Try to save water by not flushing too often because too much of water is used for flushing.If there are any leaks,repair them immediately as the longer you delay on fixing them,the more wastage it would be.

Conclusively,we must take all efforts in conserving water at all times.The government too is putting all efforts such as implementing the modern technology of cloud seeding to bring the artificial rain to improve the situation.We too must play our part in conservation of water-remember if we do not adhere to the measures mentioned above,then we would be facing a serious water crisis.    


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