Friday, 31 October 2014


                                                       INDISCIPLINE IN SCHOOLS
                                           BY:NURAIN ATIQAH BTE KAMARUZAMAN 

It is sad to see cases of indiscipline in many schools has been on the rise.Nowadays it is not surprising to see teachers beaten up in school and out of school compound.Are we going to allow this phenomena to continue where teachers are under target of being assaulted and embarrassed?These indiscipline in schools has  open up to many problems and they are effecting other schoolchildren.Cases such as extortion,gang-fight,vandalism,gangsterism and truancy too mention a few need thorough review by the government and school administration.Otherwise the situation may worsen and effecting the good image of many other schools.

There are many causes of indiscipline in school.The students who hailed from broken families and whose parents have passed away are part of the causes which contribute to the disciplinary cases.Although not many of them who are involved yet without anyone taking care of them at home,they tend to overstress themselves and proceed to negative activities such as extortion and gang-fight.On top of that the peer influence also plays a role.They are easily influenced with money and materials gifts so they will do whatever it takes to satisfy their peers need.The case would be exacerbated when the gang leader recruited other students who are willing to join them.Thus these indiscipline of vandalism,gandsterism and truancy  will spread like fire if the school administrator fail to rectify them.

The effect of indiscipline can be clearly felt especially when the students start to go against the school rules and regulations in bigger group.Truancy is a good example.It happens when the teacher is having a meeting or on leave.When somebody starts to leave the class,others will follow.These students will then go to the toilet or other  hidden places in the school compound.Some have the guts to leave the school compound and go to cybercafés and snooker centres.Others who are bored or stressful may vandalise the school properties by damaging  them.

Apart from that,extortion is also another form of indiscipline where students like to show off their colours and powers.The junior students become the victims. These juniors students will do ridiculous tasks and gang-fight will happen if the junior students refuse to follow the instructions.Hence it gives a trauma to those who are beaten in and out of school compound.The end result would force the parents to pull out their children from the school.

There are many suggestions to overcome these indiscipline in school and one of them is to give the extra powers to the teacher to cane the students.Unlike those old days when teachers have free hand to cane those indiscpline students but now the scenario is different.Teachers have to be more careful as some parents may proceed with police report or confront the teachers and assault them.This has made the students lose their fear and respect for their teachers.Hence, teachers to be allowed to beat students’ palms if they misbehave although they may not be allowed to beat other parts of the bodies.Students will  then have some fear and this will help the teachers to control them.For severe cases of indiscipline such as assaulting teachers,the culprit  must be publicly caned.This kind of punishment is rarely done and the impact is, it will teach the offender not to repeat the mistake.Moreover other students will not dare to misbehave for fear or receiving the same punishment.Those students who are on blacklist by the school administrators and refuse to change,then they will have to be suspended.Suspension may depend on the wisdom of the school administrators and it is hopeful that the students will come back to school with new look and determination.However if the student comes back and repeat the offences,he should be expelled.This fear of expulsion may make students change and behave for the better.For  other serious cases such as arson and gang fights,only the police are the best people to handle these.

The indisciplinary cases must be stopped or cut at the nip of the bud.As parents,they want their children to enjoy learning in school.An adage which says “School is our second home” must be instilled in the minds of every schoolchildren.Let’s make our school a place of interesting and enjoyable activities.

SMK WAKAF BHARU.