Friday, 31 October 2014


                            Accidents: Causes and Possible Prevention
                                      By: Siti Sufiah Bte Abdul Razak

  These days, accidents happen almost every day in our country. We can read about these tragic accidents in the local dailies. This issue has caused great concern to our government. It is heart breaking to see our loved ones dies to due to the driver’s carelessness and inconsiderate to attititudes. Past records have shown that most drivers are young and unexperienced. Mostly like to speed on the roads and highways. The motorcyclist too are young and inconsiderate are also adding to the fatal figures. Are we letting that figures to swell day by day? Let us have a closer look at the causes of the accident.

  As told in paragraph one, speeding is the main problem for an accident to happen. Yes, people in modern life has become busier and they will use a high speed in reaching their destination. Some people will speed even faster when seeing the orange traffic light that will cause them to beat the red one. This reckless attitude happen because it is not their family who is the victim. People these days can hardly think about ‘prevention is better than cure’ until it happens.

  Accidents also happen during eid celebration. At that period of time, families will travel for a long way in reaching their hometown. Some people might forgot to check their vehicles if it is in a failure to service or not due to the excitement of going back hometown. It is really dangerous when the brakes, clutches and signal lights are not working. Next, indeed to reach their destination even faster, drivers dared themselves to use the unsatisfactory roads and the highways with potholes. Because, it might be a short-cut for their journey.

  Every disease got a way to cure and in this case, there are some possible preventions to decrease the amount of these painful accidents. Firstly, drivers must change their attitudes. They need to get a life with a sense of integrity. They must not think it is always about them. Secondly, drivers should do regular service for their vehicles. They have to change important parts such as breaks and signal because they were created to avoid accidents.

  The government also have to take part in this accident’s prevention. They must maintain the road condition like new. They have to repair the damages roads so that it will be easier to drive. Government should also repair and prepare a proper signboards to alert motorists. We also should do a regular enforcement by authorities such as road transport and police road block. As the one who got power in laws, they can raise the eligibility of driving license from present 18 years old to 21 years old. This is because to avoid the unexperienced drivers to be on the road.

  Conclusively , as the citizens of the public, it is advisable for us to take precautionary measures to ensure cases of accidents to be reduced. Of course the task seems impossible but we hope the government and the citizens will work together to make Malaysia’s dream of decreasing accidents a dream come true.


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