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I'm Nur Syafiqah Amira Bt. Anuwa
Maahad Muhammadi Perempuan
PTD 19

Write a story begining with:SHE WAS PREPARED TO FACE THE MUSIC....

She was prepared to face the music. “What do you think you are doing Suzy?” the ballet teacher, Mrs. Serena asked her with horizontal voice but enough to make Suzy felt guilty. She could see through Suzy’s dancing that she was not focused. “You need to focus, Suzy .The big day will be coming soon, and I will make sure that you will get the role.” Suzy nodded. “I am sorry, Mrs. Serena. I shall practice harder.” Mrs. Serena smiled and patted her shoulder, “Alright. You must always remember that practice makes perfect.” Suzy just smiled. “You can go back now, but you must practice, dear,” Mrs. Serena said. “Thank you, Mrs. Serena.” Suzy slowly exited  the room.
Suzy was practicing hard again. She wanted to make her father and her teacher satisfy with her success. “I must get that role. Yes, I MUST!” She was determined to win that main role by winning the contest. Ballet was her soul and life. And it is a real coup to play a role of ‘Little Dancing Girl’. Suzy lay on her bed after she felt exhausted.

  Suddenly, she heard her father’s car entering the garage. She rose up from her bed and rushed down stair. Suzy hugged her father as he entered while holding some books. “Hi Dad, let me help you.” She took the books and put them on the table.
   “Dad, do you have some pills that can help me to getting away from being tired so fast?” Dr. Kim eyed his daughter lovingly and said, “No, dear. I do not have it.” “You should be thankful because tiredness was your only complain. A girl about your age, called Jennifer Beeson, had come to clinic today. I had a painful task to tell her parents that their daughter will be blind in a few years. Her parents do not want to tell her right now.”

   “Oh! How horrible for her! ” Suzy’s eyes were glistened by tears. Her late mother who had
died just a year ago always taught her to empathize towards someone else who pitiful from her. “But, you are an eye’s specialist, Dad. Do you have any ways to save her sight?”  Dr. Kim shook his head sadly. As sensitive as she is, Suzy soon forgot about the girl. She had practiced every moment she had. She was disappointed because her father will not be  able to attend the contest.
Eventually, the big day had arrived. Suzy came early and saw a girl in the dressing room. Being a friendly girl, she approached the girl and introduced herself. “I am Jenny Beeson. You also can call me ‘Queen of the Bee’.”She jokes. Suzy laughed, ‘How adorable she is, but her name just familiar for me.’ “I am nervous because I am the first contestant.” Jenny looked a little bit nervous.  “Do not worry. I know you can do it.” Suzy cheered her up.

 There were six contestants including Suzy and Jennifer that has been chosen to go to the final. They were from different parts of Malaysia. They always cheer for each other, especially Suzy and Jenny. Now, they are close.

   The bell rang and the emcee called Jenny to the stage. Suzy wish her good luck and continued putting her final touches for her make-up. Suzy walked out to see Jenny’s performance. On her way, she saw something glittering on the floor. It was a locket with smiling Jenny’s picture. There was an inscription on the back read, ‘To Our Darling, Jennifer Beeson.’

Just like her heart wanted to pop out, Suzy realized that Jenny Beeson was Jennifer Beeson. How come she forgot about a girl that doomed to be blind in a few years? She felt sorry to Jenny. Then, she continued her intention to watch Jenny’s performance.
 She was impressed by Jenny’s performance. Jenny was awesome and wonderful. Suzy can see from Jenny’s face that she was happy to be a ballerina. Just like her. Including her parents, ballet was her delight. Sometimes, if she felt sad or stress, ballet could release her sadness and stress. She felt her sadness and stress flying away just like a flying bird.
   Suzy also realized that Jenny was her real rival. The other contestants were good, but they are no match for Jenny. They could not compete with Jenny and that means either Jenny or her would win.
   Then, the emcee called Suzy to the stage. She saw her ballet teacher, Mrs. Serena smiling encouragingly at her. The music started and Suzy began to dance. As the dancing was progressed, soon Mrs. Serena’s smile disappeared. She was wondering  why her excellent student was making some minors but perceptible mistakes.
  When the dance ended, Suzy bowed to audients as they were applause her with a big applause, just like when Jenny’s performance ended. She rushed backstage where the ballerinas were waiting. “You are awesome, Suzy!” Jenny said to her. “Thanks. You are awesome too.”Suzy smiled happily.

  Finally, the result was to be announced “It was hard for juries to select the winner. All of contestants were talented. But, I already had the result in my hand.” The emcee announced and smile. The contestant and audiences  were excited.
     “Now, the winner for main dancer is… Jennifer Beeson!” Jenny was declared to be a winner for the role. She was very happy. She walked to the stage proudly. Although Suzy was sad because she did not get the role but it is enough for her to make a heart-breaking sacrifice for her new friend. Mrs. Serena hugged her and smiled. “I am sorry Mrs. Serena, because I had disappointed you.” She said sadly. “It’s okay, dear. I know you had tried your best.”

  “Ladies and gentlemen, I had an announcement to tell. At first, there was  only one role required, that is main dancer for film ‘Little Dancing Girl’, but the juries had decided to select another one who must be the best from the remaining contestants to be a lead dancer. The main dancer is the main character in this film; meanwhile the lead dancer will also lead other dancers in this film. I hope all of you understand.” The emcee said and smiled gently. Everyone was so  excited.

“And the winner for the lead dancer is… Suzy Kim!” Suzy was baffled. The audiences were cheered and gave her a big applause. “You made it! Congratulations, Suzy!” Mrs. Serena hugged her and pushed her towards the stage. Suzy walked to the stage slowly, still feeling unbelievable.

 As she was on the stage, the emcee and the juries congratulated her. Jenny smiled and they hugged each other. “Congratulations, Suzy.” Suzy smiled. “Thanks.”
‘We are going to be the most formidable team ever-no one shall take it from us’.Jenny quipped with a smile while her eyes were all on Suzy…..

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