Sunday, 31 August 2014



Everyone in this world must has someone whom they look upon as a role model including me. Someone whom i look upon as a role model is my beloved mother. My mother’s name is Eshah Bt Mohamed. My mom works as a teacher at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Abdul Samad at Machang. Everyday, my mother drives and she drops me at my school.

My mom is a hardworking person. She loves to plant many types of flowers. She plants a lot of flowers at the small garden in front of our house.She plants many types of flowers  such as roses, orkids, sunflowers and  many more. Sometimes, when i was a kid i always ask myself why my mom loves to plant flowers. She looks at me with a smile on her face while carassing me.Then she said confidently,“Flowers give us a beautiful scenery and sometimes flowers help in releasing our tension.” Since then, planting has  become part of my hobbies during my leisure time. Futhermore, my mom always do the house chores after she returns home from her school. She cleans the house and cook  delicious meals for us. Eventhough she is tired but she never show any sign of fatigue. During weekdays, my mom loves to make desserts such as cakes, sweets and cookies. I really love my mother’s cooking.To me, my mom’s cooking is the best in this world. I think everyone would agree with this.In addition, my mom is  also a caring person. She cares about my family very much. When, i have problems she will always be  there by my side. I will tell all my problems to her. There are no secrets between me and her. She will calmly listen to my problem and then she will give a piece of her mind with some good  advises.Sometimes, if she has a  free time, she will take me to any restaurant . My mom also makes sure that there are no members in my family having  any problem.We share the problems. As the saying goes, “sharing is caring”. I think this is one of my mother’s ways to show her love towards her family.As such, we will be a happy family having peaceful  lives without thinking of  any problems.          
To add to this good qualities of my mum,she is  a kind hearted person. She always help someone in need no matter who is the person is. She will give her hands to help that person. She is willing to listen. My mom always tell me, “If we help someone in need, one day people will help us.” If my mom sees an elders who  try to cross the road, she will quickly help  them as fast as lightning. My mom will never close her eyes when she sees someone in need. I feel like my mom is a superhero who tries her best in order to help people. I hope that one day, i can be a kind hearted person just like her. Apart from that, i look upon my mom as a role model mom as a healthy person. She always take good care of her health. She said, “Health cannot be bought at any shops.” During weekdays, my mom will ask my family to join her exercise at the neighbourhood  park. My mom loves to exercise to make sure that she will keep healthy. Sometimes, she will jog with her friends but she prefers to exercise with my family because we can spend our time together. Once a month, she will go to the nearest clinic to check her blood pressure. Until now, my mom will follow her routine. I think that is the reason why her body still healthy and active eventhough her age keeps on increasing every year.

My mom is also a strict person. Eventhough, she is strict but she never control me and my siblings activities. If we want to go out, it is enough for her to just know where we are going and who are with us because if something happen, at least she gets to know where we are. Sometimes, my mom will also nag at me and my siblings if we are doing something wrong.
Not only my mother but i’m pretty sure that every mother  in this world will nag at their sons and daughters. Eventhough, my mom nags, she will use  nice and soft words. She never use a harsh words when she talks to us. Some people can’t hear if their mother  nag at them but for me every words she says is like a lovely music to me.
Finally, i hope that one day i can be just like my mother. I will always look upon my mother as a role because my mom is an important person in my life. She is my bestfriend, teacher, and lover to me. I will try my best so i can be just like my mother. I love my mother so much, deeply in my heart because my mom is  part of my life.

Amiera wahab. August 29th 2014.

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