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The persona is thinking of someone she was close to and who plays the flute.She longs to hear the wonderful soothing music that had touched her heart long time ago.She wonders if he is still playing his flute in their village that is now empty and quiet.She feels troubled that she should be thinking of him and her past while people around her are suffering as the world is changing.

2.Why do you think the persona can hear the songs of the flautist?

The persona can hear the songs of the flautist as the wind blows the melody into the air and she can hear it.She can also hear it in the depths of her heart as she is close to the flautist.

3.The word “luxury” is used in the stanza above to:
 Describe the poet’s feeling that she misses the luxuries in her village of watching the rain,gazing at the evening rays.collecting dew drops and enjoying the fragrance of flowers.

4.Write down two words to describe the village: a)quiet  b)deserted

5.Why do you think the rice fields are described as sick?

Because many of the villagers have left for cities and the rice fields are not attended to:

6.Write down two words which are related to persona’s brother?

a)unemployed      b)desperate

7.Why do you think the persona says the world is old and bleeding?Give a reason to support your answer.

The world is old and bleeding because of the social and political upheaval which has resulted in unity and merciless killings

8.Write down two words which are related to natural phenomena that occurs everyday.

a)evening rays     b)dew drops

9.What do you think the persona enjoyed doing when she was in the village?

She enjoyed the simple pleasure of life watching the rain,gazing at the evening rays,collecting dew drops and enjoying the fragrance of flowers vbecause she says that it is  now a luxury for her as she is unable to do these things at her place.

10. Write down two words which are related to loss of human life

a)slaughtered              b)bleeding

11.Why do you think the persona is concerned with the flautist and his passion.

**She wonders why the flautist not doing anything despite of what is happening around him

12. Provide three phrases that reflects the message of cruel realities of a nation and uncertainty of its future.

a)my people diunited by politics
b)my friend slaughtered mercilessly
c)this world is too old and bleeding

13.Why is the persona feeling quilty?
Because she is enjoying the music  when the nation is plagued with problems.

14.Why is the question “Are you still playing your flute” is repeated as the starting line of all the stanza?

This is to show the persona’s feeling towards her lover who is not bothered of things happening around him.Rightfully the lover should do something that can help the nation when the people are jobless and with many merciless killings all around.

15.In your opinion,is this a romantic poem?

Certainly it is not because the persona is expressing her worried views of the world which is old and  bleeding.

16.In stanza 1,line 4,where does the word here refers to: 

It is a place far from the village probably in a city.

17.In stanza 1,line 3,what does the phrase sick rice field means?

It means the ricefield is barren and no longer fertile.
18.In your own words,explain those phrases mention in stanza 3,line 5,6,7 and 8.
The problems mentioned by the persona such as rising unemployment,people and families separated by politics and people being killed in numerous wars.

19.Suggest two things you would do to stop the world from bleeding:

a) To create more jobs to curb rising unemployment.
b) To ensure people stay united and are not divided by politics and war.

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