Thursday, 10 July 2014



A pleasant morning to the honourable principal of the school, the lovable teachers and my wonderful audience! I as the President, on the behalf of the English Language Society are very proud to calibrate on an urgent and essential issue in public life, entitled `The benefits of reading. Now you all probably wondering on your head , Books! Who need them? Well , that’s where you are wrong, let me get your mind out of the gutter. Reading have many beneficial properties to human especially the mind and brain. Allow me to elaborate more on this issue.

Firstly, reading drastically improve the knowledge that we have so little in our brain. What is knowledge? Everyone ponders on that word , it is something that chain us  from the beginning of our life. Without it,we  will be nothing but an empty shell that solely purpose just to live and die, in other words.. a life without meaning! We need knowledge to help us on our daily life, especially the young generation or the generation y . Their mind is in the development of growth so by reading will allow to dramatically increase the brain cells in our brain , which is good! Aside that, reading will also improves command of language, grammars and vocabulary. By indulging themselves at least half an hour in reading , one can expose oneself to new type of language, numerous type of writings and new vocabulary. Students with all of these will definitely enhance  improvement.This is the most obvious outcome of a strongly established habit of reading. Furthermore , reading helps one to keep track of current issues, inventions and innovations such as global wide knowledge about the world.For those who like entertainment, the latest news of k-pop songs and artists may bring them better mood and energy. Keeping track of this is essential for a person may not  be left in the dark.

Further note to ponder is, reading is indeed giving us the relaxation and entertainment .One good example is when we read comedy magazines and article. We will be laughing non-stop as the magazine is providing relaxation and  entertaining moments. You may proceed and read a top entertainment magazine of your choice and see what difference in you. You find that what you are actually looking for are all available in that superb magazine. Apart from that, reading a book particularly on `Do-it yourself heightens our creativity, we can fix and assemble any smaller parts of the things and create them within a specific time. Hence our skills and creativity develops.

Lastly, reading motivates ideas and inspirations. Now, we ask ourselves how does reading motivate us? Most of us especially those who have personal problem are usually down  and playing with their moods,so  life have no bearing and pulling them away from joy. By reading,it  allow them to have inspiration and motivates them .Even many renown scientists used to read books to help them motivates ideas and searching for more.

That is all for my speech this morning. I hope you all can acknowledge the benefits of reading in life . With that , I thank you all for lending me your ears .



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