Thursday, 17 July 2014


A very good morning to our beloved Principal,respectable teachers and fellow friends.This morning,I am honoured to be given this great opportunity to speak on a very important and interesting issue entitled, “The Benefits of Reading”

How much time do we actually spend on reading?What do we gain from reading?As we all know that we can enhance our knowledge by reading various sources of books.For instance we can use our free time to read many books on different genres such as fiction,thriller,horror,love story  and humour.So the more we read,the more we know.When we read,we can explore of many valuable knowledge inside the book.Therefore gaining knowledge from reading many books can help us  to see the world from many different  aspects. Regular reading will pave way for new and bombardstic words that may help us in essay writing.These words read from many different genres such as thriller,fiction,horror,love story and comedy may enhance our writing style.The techniques of writing improves and so are the grammars.So as our reading widens,our standard will improve by leaps and bounds

Another exciting point about reading is we feel relax and entertain.We need not be stressful.Just as we need balance diet,we also need balance reading.For instance reading science fiction only limit us to to one kind and it is the same as eating one type of food only.So imagine if we read various articles from varieties of background,this is certainly like eating on a lot of menus.One way or another,we have  nothing to lose but so much to gain.Reading is real entertainment.When we read on humorous article then we will be smiling and laughing all alone.Thus we make up for our cheerful day.Likewise when we read magazines of  our  adored  artists,surely we will feel enjoy and relax.On the other hand,reading portal news on internet or the newspapers from the stand ,keep us on track with the current issues.For instance we are aware of political havoc in countries such as Myanmmar,Palestine,Syria and many others.  As for the inventions and innovations,reading an up-to-date  Samsung magazine will provide us on the latest new technology of  mobile phones produced in the market.    

It is without doubt that reading heightens our creativity very good example is some local producers produce the movie or drama based on some popular books and novels.A good example is a book written by  the famous writer ,J.H.Howling which was later made into a mega movie, “Harry Porter”.Thus it enhances our creativity when we read the novel and then watch them.It has been proven that reading motivates ideas and give us total inspiration.A famous book entitled,“The power of positive thinking” written by Norman Vincent Pearle inspires the readers to build and have self confident whenever they  are faced with whatever trials and tribulations.The positive thinking will divert them to the right path.Indonesian novelist,Sheikh Habibur Rahman in his book entitled, “Tasbih Cinta” had inspired and motivated many of his readers with its good contents and  moral values.Thus a good book really provide the tonic to avid readers.

Conclusively the benefits of readings are useful and informative.You are practically charting your successful ladder with this good habit.So continue reading.With this I bid to say thank you for lending your ears on this very interesting issue.      

ain -smk wakaf bharu


  1. J.K.Rowling Harry Potter

  2. Good day,teacher. I am Writing essays for my PT3 exam. Can I send them to you?

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  4. Regular reading will pay way for new and bombardstic words that may help us in essay writing

    ~Bacaan biasa akan memberi jalan untuk perkataan baru dan bombardstic yang boleh membantu kita dalam penulisan esei

    Ayat yang begitu bagus cikgu