Saturday, 5 July 2014



TO:                        The Prinicpal, Tuan Haji Muhammad Shafie b. Tuan Hj Yaakob
FROM:                  The Head Prefect,Nik Muhammad Firdaus b. Nik Syazali.
DATE:                   June 2nd,2014.
SUBJECT:             Fracas in the library

On June 28th,2011 at around 10.30 a.m while I was walking along the corridor of the library,I heard a serious commotion inside the library.I quickly dashed into the library and saw two rivalry groups were having serious arguement.I reminded them that they were making extreme noises thus breaking the library rules and regulations.They did not bother and continued quarelling until the chief librarian had to rush to the staffroom and called for assistance.I stayed on and told them to behave and shut up but my instructions fell on deaf  ears.
The group headed by Maniam of form five Alpha with five of his followers were believed to negotiate on protection money that they had collected from the juniors of form 2 and 3 with another group headed by Seli of form five Beta with three of his followers.They were actually talking about  which group should be given the lion’s share and their next plan is to extort the new form 1 group suppposed to report at the new hostel next Sunday.
The situation became worst when both Maniam and Seli withdrew their weapons believed to be short,sharp screwdrivers and Taiwan made folded knives.Maniam quickly shove the weapon towards Seli and it hit the latter’s face and arms.Seli retaliated,withdrew his folded knife and hit it on Maniam’s face.The followers of both sides yelled at each other and started throwing plastic chairs.The window panes were broken and some tables were upside down. Situation then became chaotic when some boys who were studying  in the library tried to break up the fight.A few girls started screaming and became hysteria.There was blood everywhere.Two of Maniam’s followers were seriously injured while Seli’s followers dashed out of the library in attempt to escape.I used the library’s phone extension and alerted the security guard to close the gate and  nabbed the boys.At the same time,I immediately alerted Cikgu Iskandar,our discplinary teacher.
The two injured boys together with Maniam and Seli were taken to the nearby hospital by the teacher on duty,Puan Kamariah.Meanwhile the rest of the boys were escorted by Cikgu Iskandar and another male teacher,Cikgu Alias to a special room for interogation.The chief librarian and I were also summoned to the room to narrate on why and how the incident took place.Meanwhile the Principal who was attending a meeting at the office of State Education officer was informed of the fracas by Cikgu Iskandar.
The parents of the students who were  involved in the fracas were duly informed.

Submitted by:
Nik Muhammad Firdaus b.Nik Syazali.(signed)

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