Thursday, 17 July 2014

                                      How to curb bully and gangsterisme culture
                                      By:Siti Sufiah bte Abdul Razak.(SMKA FALAHIAH)

  The issue on bully and gangsterism culture are frightening and effecting students badly especially when they are the victims. Bullies are not usually from the largest kid in the class. They may also come from popular kids that always think that they are the best. Bullies might also acted out so that they will gain an acceptance from the popular group that they wanted to join. Students become bullies for many reasons. They wanted to impress their peers. They were once bullied themselves and now feel big in bullying others. Some even do it as retaliation of being punished in school.

  Bully and gangsterism can be curb if every party cooperate with each other. Students who get information about bully cases in their school must report immediately to the school administrator. The school administrators must take an immediate action and stop the culture from spreading otherwise students may lose interest of going to school. Sometimes, students who are bullying other students are facing family problems. They come from broken homes and lack of parental love. The parents are too busy and did not put much attention to their children. That is why, counselling really needed for problematic students. Apart from that, we need a close cooperation between teachers and parents. Parents must not leave everything to the teachers about their children. It calls for concerted effort, beginning right at the pinnacle down to the staff base, students and parents. Everyone has a role to play because of the dynamics situations. Adult needs to know about what happen to their children. They should teach their children how  to defend themselves. The teachers or the counsellor should organize a motivational talk or maybe call the experts in need to motivate the students.
Teachers can also handle more programes for students during holidays such as jungle treckking or beach outing. This is useful for the students can foster relationship among themselves. With these, the bullies will know that everyone has their own role. There is  no one that is not important. But, the most effective ways are giving heavy punishments for repeat offenders.
In the course of growing up from a child to an adolescent teenager to an adult, some forms of physical horse play and innocent emotional teasing are inevitable. The ‘so-called-bullies’ should know their limits when to stop “fooling around” and should be less sensitive and accept such “name calling” as “part and parcel” of growing up.The culture of  bullies and gangsterism are not the acceptable cultures in school and it has to put to a definite stop.

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