Thursday, 17 July 2014


Dinamis:Kota Bharu
Name: Siti Sufiah bt Abdul Razak

                                               Aedes And Dengue
                                              By: Siti Sufiah bte Abdul Razak

 As we all know, aedes is a type of mosquitoe that brings  the deadliest disease ever . Dengue fever is an infectious disease caused by aedes’s bites.From ages until today, there was no finding of  remedial  medicine to treat dengue fever.So the public is  expected  to do remedial measures and take precautionary  steps.The doctors in particular have to work extra time as the rate of dengue victims are increasing day by day and at a very fast rate.Even the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) rooms are not enough to cater for dengue victims.That shows the seriousness of dengue fever at the moment in Kota Bharu main hospital,The Raja Perempuan  Zainab 2.

    We can actually know about mosquitoes behavior as it is very easy but deadly. Aedes is  very different from other mosquitoes because it is one special breed. Aedes can be identified from the white and black stripes on it legs. It is quite colourful than other mosquitoes. Do you know why our parents always remind us to come home before dawn? One of the reason is,aedes bites during morning and dust hours. As parents, they do not want us to get infected by dengue.

Aedes breeds only in clear and stagnant water. Such a choosy insect for a mosquito, don’t you think so? Aedes breeds in stagnant water inside  and outside the house. So, don’t feel too relief if you have  already clean the house compound. Death might be waiting inside. Life cycle of aedes from egg , laevae, pupa until adults mosquito stage lasts only one week but, their eggs can last 3 to 6 months without water.
The symptoms of having dengue can be known by a sudden and continuous high fever. A normal fever usually last for 3 to 4 days only. Another visible symptom is the appearance of red sports on the skin. Severe ache in joints, bones, muscles, eyes and head are also signs of dengue. A sudden loss of appetite, vomiting and stomach ache is also  signs of dengue.Other instances like having haemorrhage of mouth, nose and body.If you have these symptoms of dengue fever, quickly seek treatment from doctor. Do not hold it until tomorrow, I repeat, do not hold it until tomorrow.
Yes, dengue is one of the deadliest disease but there are some ways we can control and prevent it from happening. There are two types of situation. The first situation is about eliminating aedes mosquito breeding grounds. We must close all containers with water to prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs. We also have to change water and clean all vases, bathings tank and drains like once a week. Because, mosquitoes can lay eggs even is a small amount of water. We also need to clean all rain gutters to prevent water stagnancy.  Apart from that, we need to ensure all materials which collect water such as old tyres, glass or empty cans are properly disposed off to eliminate aedes breedings grounds. It is better if we can do the burring to all vessels and materials which can collect water. We also should use larvae killing insecticide such as ABATE according to the given instructions for example, 10 gm for every 20 gallons of water.
The second situation is eliminating adult mosquitoes. It is a little bit hard in doing these, because adult mosquitoes can fly away. We should use sprays insecticide like aerosol. We can also fix mosquito net to the windows. The fogging part will be undertaken by local authorities. They will spray the fog along 200 metres far. It is because mosquitoes can fly only 200 metres with their small wings.

  For the conclusion, prevention is better than cure. The steps written are there to save and protect you and help you to protect the people you love. Everyone must play their part indeed to prevent dengue from spreading and kill many  innocent people.