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This is from Amiera-MAAHAD PEREMPUAN.

                                      WAY  TO CURB BULLY AND GANGSTERISM CULTURE
                                      BY:AMIERA BT AB WAHAB

The issue on bully and gangsterism is becoming an important and serious issue nowadays. This culture creates a disturbance and causes troubles like cat among the pigeons in most of the school. Bullying and gangsterism must be prevented  immediately before it becomes worse. When it becomes worse it will be hard to stop it from happening. The school administrators must take immediate action and stop the culture from spreading like a wind. The innocent students who becomes the victims may live in fear and they tremble like a leaf. It will effect their process of studying. This issue will causes terrible consequences. If this culture  increases in our country it will effect our country’s image to the  other countries. The main point is how we want to curb bully and gangsterism so,the students  can  live in peace and they don’t have to live in fear. anymore.

In order to curb this problem is we must report to to the school administrators if we see bully and gangsterism happening  in front of  our eyes . We have to take a quick action by telling the disciplinary teachers because they know what they have to do. Most of the students just close their eyes and pretend that they don’t see anything. But as a student we must help someone in need  because if we help people one day, people will help us. Besides,the school administrators must also take action by making a counseling  session for problematic students. Usually a problematic student  come from a broken family and they don’t have enough attentions from their parents. They start making troubles just to get attention. They are also students who came from rich families. They lived like a lord. They thought that they can do whatever they want because no one will prevent them from doing something. It also because their parents are too busy with their works as busy as a bee and they don’t have much time to know about their children’s activities. They comfort their chlidren like  bed of roses.

On top of that,teachers and parents must also have a close cooperation to prevent bully and gangsterism among the students because they are all in the same boat. They have to share their views and think how to curb this activity so,bully and gangsterism can be curb.For example,parents should control their children’s activities so, they won’t spend their much time outside. Parents should know with who their children befriends. But ofcourse they must be a limit where parents can’t also control their children too much.They should give them appropriate time to enjoy themselves. Futhermore,teachers should play their parts by giving some advices to their students so, they will know what is right and what is wrong and they will be more careful in something that they want to do. Moreover,the school administrators can also take an action by organizing a motivational talk to the students. Teachers can call the experts who have experiences on how to handle this problem. So,they can help the teachers and also the students by reducing bully and gangsterism.

On the other hand,more programmes for students during holidays should be organize with beneficial activities such as jungle trekking and beach outing. With these activities,students can foster relationship among themselves so,they can get to know each other well. Beside that, they can spend their leisure time during holidays correctly by doing some interesting and interesting activities with their friends and teachers.Thus they can have some unforgettable and sweet memories. With this lively activities, bully and gangsterism culture can possibily be curb.

 Last but not least,the diciplinary teachers should impose  heavier punishments for repeat offenders such as suspend  the students who are involve in bully and gangsterism activity.This is to make them realize what they do are wrong.and they won’t repeat their mistakes again.

In a nut shell,everyone has their own responsibilities.So it is mandatory  to curb bully and gangsterism culture because the next generations will become the one who are going to raise our country’s image to the world. Bully and gangsterism culture must be prevented no matter at what cost. I hope that this culture will be under control  and do not  spread among our students.


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