Wednesday, 9 July 2014


                                              How to Prevent Snatch-Thefts

Nowadays, many cases of snatch-thefts are happening in public places such as at shopping complexes and railway stations, night markets and other crowded places. These news are very disturbing as it affects our safety. Snatch-thieves walk happily because it is so easy for them to snatch and the public is not bothered and giving their cooperation. Based from the findings by the City Police crime unit, many deaths have occurred due to these crimes committed by ruthless snatch-thieves. Therefore, we have to take precautionary measure to prevent snatch-thefts from happening rampantly.
Firstly, the public is reminded not to carry access money in public places such as shopping complexes, night markets, bus and railway stations and other crowded places where public is expected to gather in big numbers. This is because snatch-thieves can escape easily and the authority having difficulty to track them. On top of that, the ladies in particular must not use longer straps for the handbags. This is to prevent snatch-thieves to snatch the victims from behind may cause injury to them. Besides, the ladies are advised to wear minimal jewelleries. They must not show-off and keep the valuable out of sight. If the ladies still want to wear them, then it gives the golden chance for the snatch-thieves to do their work easily. The wallet too must be buttoned and kept in front pocket. Thus, the snatch-thieves will find it tough to snatch.
In addition, never try to fight back if you are the victim of snatch-thieves. If you fight back, you will be in a hazard condition. You must record whatever particulars you can remember about the snatch-thieves for example the vehicles registration number, the face of snatch-thief and observes whether they have scars or tattoos. When you do the police report, it would be easy for police to track them. It is safer for ladies to walk at open places. They must avoid taking shortcuts through deserted or secluded areas. Do not take risks otherwise you will be the victims. Remember to walk in group or friends. Then you may feel safer whenever you go because your friends will help you if you are in danger.
Never give a chance for snatch-thief to strike. Try best to walk against traffic route. You know who is coming towards you therefore you can avoid the snatch-thief. If someone asks for direction, be polite and keep a safer distance. You may never know whether these people are pretending or for real. So, always take precaution. When snatch-thieves are caught, do not take law in your hand. You must inform to the police immediately. If you decide to hit the snatch-thieves with helmets, iron-rods or sticks then you may be charged for causing injury or death. So, leave to the police to settle  them.
In a nutshell, there are many effective ways on how to prevent the snatch-thefts from happening. So, I want to stress here that preventing snatch-theft is very crucial and necessary in order to ensure that our community can live peacefully without any problems. Let’s make some changes or transformations because via these ways, we can save many lives.Please bear in our mind that, ‘one change will save everybody’s life’.

 IzzatNajman, SMU(A) BUSTANUS SAADAH MORAK, PALEKBANG TUMPAT (class of sirrosdi)