Thursday, 17 July 2014


2:14 PM (17 hours ago)

                           How to  prevent bullying and gangsterism culture in your school.
Bullying and gangsterism culture is one of the major problems faced by school nowadays. Bullying and gangsterism among students has become a menace due to its violent nature. Gangsterism involves bullying and even physical assault. The victims are mainly fellow students and there have been a few cases where the act of bullying and gangsterism had been fatal. Why do they involve in this culture? Lack of parental guidance and love, influence of peers, subtle messages of the mass media and feeling of boredom with life and its pressure all play a part in creating an environment that gives rise to bullying and gangsterism culture. So, all of us should cooperate and work hand in hand to curb and prevent this culture from keep spreading in our country.

     First and foremost, as a friend and a student, you must take a responsibility to report as quick as lightning to the school administrator if your friends were being bullied or your own friends involved in gangsterism and bullying. At the same time, do not forget to do the same action if yourself being bullied. You can report to the principal, your school counselors or your teachers. Do not be afraid to report it because you are doing a right action. But you have to remember not to take any action by yourself. This will put you in a dangerous condition. Besides, the school authority must make sure that the school counselor play their crucial role in giving counselling to the problematic students. The students are usually from a broken families where their parents had divorced and they are lack of parental love. Some students who involve in bullying and gangsterism come from a family which has financial problem. They do not want to being bullied so they decide to involve in bullying another students. Both parents who hold full-time jobs, tend to leave their children in the care of babysitters and foreign maids. In this situation, the children will just do as they please. Therefore, they are also exposed to the bullying and gangsterism cases.

     Another important tip to prevent bullying and gangsterism is to have a very close relationship and great cooperation between the teachers and parents. Parents should always ask their children's teachers to know about their behaviour and attitudes in school. This is because some students may have different behaviour when they are at home and school. They are not brave enough to show their real attitudes at home because they are afraid that their parents would punish them. Actually the act of bullying and gangsterism is one form of rebellion. By asking the teachers, parents will know their
children's behaviour, so they can take an earlier action to prevent their children from being involved in bullying and gangsterism. Apart from that, school can also organise motivational talks regularly. From the talk, they will know the effect when they involve in bullying and gangsterism. They will also know how to avoid themselves from being bullied. A good talk will affect their values, behaviour, thought patterns and  xpectations. School can also play a vital role by inviting the experts to make sure that the talks given will give a good affection to the students.
 Parents can also send their children to any religious classes  during weekend.The best one is when parents can spend time attending the class together with their children and not only sending them.
Moreover, organising more programmes for student during holiday is one good methods to curb the bullying and gangsterism culture. There are so many programmes that can be held that give benefits and advantages to the students. For example, they can enjoy their leisure time with their friends by participating in jungle trekking and beach outing that are organised by their school. So, these activities will help the students to foster closer relationship among themselves. This enables the students to instill  good manners when dealing with their friends which will help them to avoid from being involved with a group of friends who give bad influence to them. This is because another critical factor which make the students involve in bullying and gangsterism is the influence of friends or known as peer pressure.

Last but not least, heavy punishment should be imposed on those who repeat the same offenders. In that case, students will not repeat the same crime because they feel ashamed by their own action. The schools has the authority and right to call the parents to school to inform them about their children. Senior students who bully their juniors have to be taken action by giving them a heavy punishment such as suspended them from school. By doing this, the other students will obey the school laws and they will feel afraid to go against the school laws.

     To sum up, eliminating the bullying and gangsterism culture among the students completely is impossible, so it is important to keep it in a minimum level. Teachers,parents and all the community members have to take the responsibility to ensure that this culture in our beloved country is not going to be increased and arised. I am sure, the student's hope is to live in a safer environment,peaceful surrounding and harmonious condition in the school. So the gangsterism and bullying culture should be reduced to minimum or perhaps zero level.