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                       How To Curb Bully And Gangsterism Culture In School
Of late, it is quite worrying to see bully cases happening in the school and the appropriate authorities must monitor the development. This gangsterism culture is spreading in school like wild fire and this trend is dangerous. Some students are reprimanded and arrested by the police. Therefore proper and systematic steps have to be taken up to prevent this unhealthy activities from spreading. Both the teachers and parents need to work hand in hand to curb gangsterism in school. The schools reputation is at stake and the public will lose their confidence. Some may withdraw their children from those affected school and enroll to another school which is crime-free. There are many ways to curb bully and gangsterism culture in school.

Firstly, if you see some senior students using aggressive or provoking methods toward junior students, do not hesitate to report to the displinary about this matters. But make sure there is enough evidence of bullying and gangsterism before you make a report. Normally those who lie to bully and mix around with gangsters are those whose family background are broken or parents passed away. Probably the bully themselves have their personal problem. In such circumstances, the counselor or displinary teachers have to be very sensitive in dealing with them. Moreover they are living with a very uncomfortable life, poor and depressing.The counseling must be done regularly until the school is satisfied that the effected students have repented and allow to mix together again with other students.

Furthermore, Parents and teachers must work hand in hand to update on the development of the problematic students such as checking attendance record , academic record or personel assesment by the teachers themself. This is to ensure boths side can monitor on the students behavaviour  and  tantrums.
Some students tend to slack off during class activities and absent themselves from the classroom by loitering at other places such as the shoping mall , the cyber café and vice versa. So , monitoring these actions would quickly put a stop on all these.

Indoor activity is another efficient way in curbing bully and gangsters. Calling the experts to present their views and using power point presentation with video clips and others are very effective.This motivational presentation are geared for those bullies and gangsters. Video clippings of latest issues  on gangsterism may effect bring a lot of information and knowledge for these groups.On top of that, Personnels from the prison department should also be called to present a video- clip on life in prison and other situations that the prisoners face in their day to day life routines. Thus, the students are exposed and understand the reality of life that those faced in prison.This prisoners may include those involved with bullies and gangsterism.

 Majority of the students will start develop this fear naturally.They may have second thought then to get involve with bullies and gangsterism.

In addition, the school got to think fast and organize activities for students so that they can get involve with club societies or school authorities. By ensuring the students be preoccupied with plentiful activities, the lesser the risks of them to be involved with gangsterism . Activities such as jungle trekking. rock climbing , beach outing and other recreational activities will help in improving the friendship between students.These activities make them more flexible, strong ,understanding and patience.

I hope the measures that I have mention will suffice for the students to avoid these negative issues.Remember to use our time to the fullest potential. Let say no to bully and gangsterism culture.


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