Saturday, 5 July 2014


How to curb bully and gengsterism culture in school.

There have been many reports in the newspapers about the increase of bully and gengsterisms cases  nowadays. It is quiet worrying to see bully cases happening in the school and the appropriate authorities must take stern action and then monitor the development thoroughly. The school’s reputation is at stake and some parents  may withdraw their children from those affected school and enroll them to another school which is bully and  crime-free. Every cloud has a silver lining, so every problem,there must be a resolutions.Thus,there are many ways to curb bully and gengsterisme culture in school and it is up to the authorities on how they see the problems and settle them without any hesitation.
First and foremost, parents and teachers must work hand in hand to update on the development of the students. For example, checking their attendance record, academic records and then  most importantly the  personal assessment by teacher himself. This will help their parents to know more about their  children’s attitudes and performances in school. Normally, those who like to bully and mix around with gangsters are those from family backgrounds which are  broken or their  parents passed away. In such circumstances, the counsellor and the disciplinary teacher have to be very sensitive in dealing with them. Moreover, they are living under poor,uncomfortable and depressing situations.
Other than that, the school needs to call the experts to present their views.Power points presentations and video clippings on repercussions of being involved with gangsters. Personnels  from the prison department should also be called to present their side of the story.  For example,a video clip On life in prison.
In addition, parents and teachers must organize activities for students over the weekend and school holidays so that they can get involved in the programme. The activities such as bowling, playing badminton or other friendly games need to be done by the club, societies and the school authorities. This will help students, teachers and parents to build an excellent teamwork,fostering their relationship  and strengthen up their ties.
Moreover, the school should organize closed door dialogue in school calling the experts to express their thoughts. Last but not least, the school also should impose  heavier and stiffer punishments such as referring  to Juvana court and higher penalties for the serious and repeat offences.
In a nut shell, bully and gengsterisme culture cases should be curbed. Proper and systematic steps have to be taken up to prevent this unhealthy activities spreading.The saying, there’s a will, there’s a way. Keep in mind that prevention is better than cure.

Nurin Syazwina bt Mohd Zawawi-SMK MELOR

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