Thursday, 10 July 2014


Sir ,this is my first time I am writing narrative essay and I must admit this essay is nothing extraordinary-it is my first experience and I hope to improve.


I pulled out my duvet. Then my cellphone sounded.I was awakened by this beautiful song exactly at 6.30 a.m ."Demi Lovato's song is real rock!” I whispered. I dashed to the restroom and after a quick and cold shower, I  put on my school uniform.Then I glanced at the mirror and told myself, today is gonna be another good day.Without hesitation, I  quickly walked down the stairs.

My mother greeted me, "Good morning, dear". I replied her with a charming smile.Then I took a piece of sandwich.As usual my mom gave me the morning kiss and went over  to  my birthday’s car.This car,a stunning red, Honda swift, 2014 model was a birthday  present from my beloved parents.Yes, I drove myself to the school. As usual, my mother advised me to drive the car carefully.I turned on IKIM's station which is my favourite.The journey to school is only less than half an hour but  I must passed several traffic lights to avoid the jam.So I drove carefully and this morning a small mishap happened  at Jalan Hang Tuah and  the road was slightly jammed.Luckily  a beautiful melody from Maher Zain's song entertained me whilst I was caught in the jam.I reached my school at 7.55 am and guess what,the prefects were getting ready at the gate to record the names of latecomers.I explained what happen to them and it was  a close shave.I was let go this time.

My best friends, Anna and Maria searched for me during  recess time. As usual, we laughed out loudly, gossiping about many things.Then Anna sounded,"Girls, I am going to go to Mid Valley today". Anna  was serious about her plan.Then she quickly suggested, "Why don’t today we let our charming princess to take us round the KL city ?” I said, “Why not but everthing has to be on dutch” Anna agreed and she prepared to bear all the expenses.
In the evening,everything was well set and Anna and Maria were waiting anxiously." Come on, Dania, We are in a hurry!"So I quickly drove on and  turned on  the hot 'Fly'station.We started to sing along and  enjoyed ourselves."Jammed again!, girls, you should know how much I hate jam!" I told them. Anna just looked at me,and told me that she had to  be in a  hurry as her boy friend was waiting, and she asked me to take a shortcut. " You can go through this short-cut  and will meet a junction connecting the  Mid Valley about 500 metres from here".I swerved  my car and turned right  suddenly, a lorry came and 'Banngg'!! I could not control the car and it went up the divider.

I opened my eyes slowly, and I found I was in a hospital.I turned my head  and saw my mom and my family were surrounding  me.They were all sobbing. I asked my mom, "Anna and Maria,where are they ?” “Today is the fourth day and  thank god,you make it.”My mum refused to answer my question.I pleaded to  my mum again and asked her, “Where are Anna and Maria?” My mum with tears in her eyes  replied softly, “ They have gone my dear, Anna loss too much blood while Maria was seriously injured and she could not make it until yesterday.”.I could not control myself and tears rolled down my eyes.I had lost my two  best friends in just seconds.Thank god, the nightmare is over.Yes, "this was the worst day in my life and  I shall never forget it"

  Nasuha Ezani -Maahad Muhammadi Perempuan kota bharu

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